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Mission SJC Ruins With PHW

One would think that the longer you investigate paranormal phenomena and the world of spirit, the less afraid you would feel. One might even think that it would be business as usual, occasionally boring, but certainly nothing to fear anymore. One would be wrong.

Boredom is only a factor when you’re not paying serious attention to what’s going on around you, either because your devices are all-consuming or there are too many (human) distractions. If you are truly tuned in to the worlds you can’t see, then your fear can escalate over time. It can become, sometimes, overwhelming. I should say here that I am representing my own feelings–Kirsten’s–and not necessarily how Erin, Jennifer or Marsha feel. Maybe they would have a different opinion about this.

For me, the recent news of two investigators’ violent deaths comes as a warning and a wake-up call. I cannot say for sure whether or not their investigations had any effect on their emotions, behavior or the tragedy that ensued; but if they were anything like me and others I know in the paranormal field, those investigations certainly impacted them on many levels. Investigators routinely live in more than one world, and we have little idea who we are reaching on the “other side” from us; we can hope that those voices are human and kind, but we are often wrong. Just as we run into many unsavory characters in the material world, I imagine that there are just as many souls that are lost and corrupted who take the time to communicate with you. In fact, I often wonder if the impure of heart and the hopelessly lost form the majority of the spirits that answer our inquiries.

Otherwise, I doubt that they would have time for us. Anyone imprinting his voice on my audio or using my mind and emotions to communicate with me is probably in some sort of spiritual trouble. I leave out of this equation family members who desire to reach out to loved ones with the intention of relieving their worry or grief. For everyone else, there are probably darker motivations for communication. When I enter a building with a solid, haunted reputation, it takes me less than a minute to pick up the emotional content of the place. That has come with years and years of experience. That immediate impact affects me more deeply now than it did five or ten years ago. Now, when I walk into a troubled building, I almost lose my breath. It hurts.

One thing I noticed about agreeing to home investigations where the activity was strange or upsetting: afterwards, I would feel drained, with the characteristic headache at the base of my neck. That headache usually extended into the next day and sometimes into the next week. I would feel ‘off,’ slightly out of control of my emotions and exhausted to the point of feeling physically ill. Many paranormal investigators don’t have great boundaries, a characteristic that makes them effective at picking up spirit activity; however, it also leaves you vulnerable to the emotions and intentions of some very troubled and angry people. I also noticed that listening for EVP for hours on end can damage your well-being in many, subtle ways. Paranormal activity would spike all around me while I listened to my audio because I was connecting myself to another reality. That reality is one that none of us understand well.

Investigators often fight intensely over ethics, good practices, techniques, how to publish results of investigations and where investigations are conducted. What we don’t talk about enough is how what we do affects our emotional and spiritual life. In some cases, it seems to be all for the good; in others, it leads to tremendous pain, conflict and loss. Most paranormal groups fade out in about three years or so. The ones that don’t are careful, very careful, about where they investigate and with whom. They have particular, individual practices for self protection. They also know when it’s time to take a break from that world and focus on something else: our families, our lives in the here and now, our friends.

The PHW have learned when to take a step back and when to jump in with both feet. Right now, it seems the paranormal community needs to love, respect and take care of one another more than anything else. We have all proven to ourselves that, in addition to the great joys, there are great dangers in the spirit world. Let’s remember to protect ourselves and each other. If we don’t, then more of us will be lost to that world we only see through a glass, darkly.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD



Are We Ghosts?

The Paranormal Housewives came out to the Los Angeles Supernatural Summit and had the opportunity to meet up with fellow paranormal investigators and friends.  Dawn Gomez, Frank Beruecos and Dan Guthrie did an awesome job pulling it together.  While we were there, we listened to great speakers, sang our hearts out at Karaoke Night, danced the Harlem Shake, indulged in fabulous food and of course did a little ghost hunting!

 We met up with a couple of nice guys (Jim Wingate and Chris Salisbury) who were fascinated by and interested in learning about what we do. We decided to take them along to investigate Kirsten’s room and their room (This is more innocent then it sounds).

While there, we experienced a few knocks here and there, and Erin and Jim saw a shadow moving in the bathroom.  I caught the most amazing EVP at this time.  Kirsten had already gone back to her room. It was just me (Jen Storey), Erin, Jim and Chris. This is what I hear in the recording:

Erin says, “Is anybody here?”  Right away you hear a woman say “no”.

Then Erin asked if there was a Maria. There is a long pause and you hear a man say, “Yes, I missed you”.

Almost immediately you hear the woman say, “Then we’re probably missed too” (there’s a knock).

She then says, “Are we ghosts”?   

I thought this was one of the most amazing EVPs ever caught. She asks if she’s a ghost!! That is one of the biggest mysteries of the afterlife. Do we know we are dead, or are we literally in the dark?


The other EVPs consist of knocks and whispers. On the “Response to Erin,” there is an immediate response and then a whispered word near the end of the clip.

–Jennifer Storey


Glen Tavern March 9 2013 Knock

Glen Tavern March 9 2013 Response to Erin

Glen Tavern March 9 2013 Scary Whisper