Meet the Paranormal Housewives!

We are a group of professional paranormal investigators who have come together to form a first-class team. We go to the most haunted places in Southern California and uncover the secrets behind the stories and the sites. We each bring a unique perspective to our work, but we agree on the basics: we work primarily with hard data, we check each other’s audio, photos, video and ITC communications and we don’t post findings here unless we have vetted the evidence first. We use the latest and best technology, but we are not primarily interested in gadgets. We are seeking the truth behind paranormal activity and the answers to age-old questions: what happens to the spirit or the soul after death?

We are:

Marsha Covert-Garcia

My name is Marsha Covert-Garcia. I am married and I have 4 amazing children. I have been interested in the paranormal ever since childhood. I can remember being in grade school and reading books on haunted houses and spirit activity. However, it wasn’t until I started experiencing paranormal activity at my own home that gave me that ultimate drive to really find the answers I knew I always wanted. I am an investigator in training with 3AM Paranormal, which has been such an amazing experience. I love to investigate “haunted” locations, I would say that my heart is in it for any “child spirits.” I don’t know if it’s because I am a mom, or if it’s because it is my true purpose of being a Ghost Hunter, but I will say that I definitely feel drawn to places that have “child spirits.” I do take a scientific approach while investigating, however my mind is open to all possibilities. I am so excited to be on this adventure and passionate quest to find and share evidence with the whole human race that Paranormal Activity does exist.

Erin Potter

Erin has a rich history with the paranormal. She grew up in a haunted house, and her mother still shares her home with a spirit. Erin has worked with several investigative teams in the Orange County and LA County areas as a case manager, investigator and sensitive.

Erin has been involved in paranormal research for several years, and when she is not investigating active sites, she is tap dancing, doing musicals around the Southern California area, raising her adorable 6 year old son Erik and her new daughter Rylee and working at home with her loan processing business. She is multi-talented and has a great sense of humor, bringing a lightness and joy to paranormal investigations that is sorely needed!

Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D.

Best Kitty Nov 12

Kirsten received her Ph.D. in Spanish literature and culture from Yale University. Since then, she has worked as a professor at Lawrence University, Loyola Marymount University, and currently, Pierce College. Her primary goal and mission is her students’ success. Kirsten has always been fascinated by the supernatural and its connection to Hispanic/Latino culture. She is bilingual Spanish/English, and lived for many years in Spain, where she experimented with Catholicism but did not find the answers to her questions about the human spirit and soul, and what happens to us after death.

Numerous personal experiences with supposedly “deceased” relatives led her to believe that there was something happening that deserved to be explored. She tried faith and multiple religious paths, but never felt at home in any particular spiritual practice. A few years ago, she took the leap and joined the Southern California Society for Paranormal Research, and later co-founded the Los Angeles Paranormal Association.  Kirsten is one of the original founders of the Paranormal Housewives, a team that believes in the power of women to form a unique and powerful bond with the spirits in the afterlife, and paranormal phenomena in general. She founded, a website dedicated to exploring the research behind survival of consciousness and personal stories of the paranormal.  One of her passions is uniting the paranormal community, so we can pool our resources and make the strongest case possible for the reality of survival.

Kirsten has appeared as a Linda Vista hostess and tour guide for Japan’s most popular variety show; was interviewed for the “Linda Vista” episode of Ghost Adventures; recounted her best paranormal experiences for Ghost Stories and has appeared, along with the other ladies, on local news (K-Cal 9) and in several newspaper articles including the Los Angeles Times.

Kirsten lives in the Santa Monica mountains with her husband (lawyer and videographer/photographer for investigations) Ty, her darling Mosca, two strange cats and a crazy green-cheeked conure. You can contact Kirsten at:

Jennifer Storey

Jennifers Profile Pic

The Paranormal Housewives’ newest addition is investigator Jennifer Storey. Jen teaches Jazz and Broadway dance to kids and teens and is herself a veteran performer around L.A. & Orange County theaters. At home, she plays the important role of “mom” to a very energetic 8 yr old daughter.

Jen has always had an interest in the paranormal. As a child she loved hearing ghost stories from friends and as a young adult, had her first real experience. While vacation with family in France, she experienced a night in a hotel room where she heard voices, furniture being moved, constant footsteps and finally something invisible climbing up her body. This was enough to scare her….and intrigue her! She was hooked!

Kimberly Demmary


Kimberly Demmary has been fascinated with the paranormal since she was a child. She grew up with ghosts in her childhood home, and with a family that openly accepted and loved the spirit world!  She has been actively investigating for several years.

Kimberly is also a produced playwright and is now trying her hand at Screenwriting. She plans to someday write the ultimate ghost story, hopefully autobiographical.


  1. Great job on the website. Have fun and always BE SAFE!

  2. Amy Kokis says:

    Erin rocks!

  3. Lizeth Martinez says:

    Yay! Love the website!

  4. eddy says:

    you guys are very interesting. keep up the good work!

  5. I think it is so cool that you all formed a ladies only Paranormal team. I always felt women have more of a natural intuition when it comes to paranormal investigations.

    I have had the pleasure of going on an investigation with both Marsha (Linda Vista) and Erin (Star of India and Linda Vista). Both very professional and great investigators.


  6. Curran Smith says:

    Marsha Covert-Garcia is my aunt. Tia Marsha when are we going goast hunting again

  7. rachel says:

    Yay! Were an all girls research group as well. Good luck with ur show! R u on twitter? Our name is paranormalXPED

  8. Sgt. Kevin A. . . says:

    So when will your new “arresting” location be aired on TV?

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  10. jennifer dohn says:

    Hi I met you (kirsten) at Bella Ancora! I told you i have some connections at the comedy store=== i will do my BEST to get you in there… I also do love the Bella Maggiore if you do ever rent out the top floor i would love to participate/ observe on that night! and whatever cost is involved let me know it would be an honour! So great meeting you and your investigation site! Really excited…

    Jennifer Dohn

    • parawife says:

      Jennifer, it was wonderful meeting you and I can’t wait for you to join us the next time we’re at the Bella Maggiore! And it would be amazing for all of us to investigate The Comedy Store together. Stay in touch, and let’s make this happen!

  11. NOPS Jim says:

    Great lookin site girls!!

  12. Patricia Runcie says:

    Hi Lizzie:
    Very nice website, thanks for directing me to it. Nice picture by the way !!! You look FABULOUS !!
    See you at work, but without the ghosts…. I am scared of the unknown BOOOOO !!!

  13. Andi says:

    Hi guys! My friends and I are starting to get into ghost hunting (definitely still amateurs), but we live in the Redlands, CA area and we are being let into the Fox Theatre on Thursday (June 16th) night for an hour to conduct a short investigation. The woman told me that you guys were the last people to do that. I was curious if a. you found anything when you were there and b. you had any tips on that building and paranormal investigating in general. My e-mail is parnella Thanks!

    • Kimberly Demmary says:

      Hi Andi, That place was very interesting. Since you only have an hour I can at least let you know what we feel the hot spots might be. The owner has a studio apartment on the top floor. We found that place to be very interesting. We got some interesting and relevant hits on our Ovilus.

      Also, I would try to get ther before the music from the bar next door starts up and you might want to hit the theater itself first. Once that music starts you won’t be able to do any EVP sessions in there at all. Even though the music was too loud we spent some time in the balcony area and we did see some amazing lights while we were sitting up there. Enjoy that location and please keep us posted on how your evening went. We would love your thoughts on the place.

  14. mary jane says:

    ok there we go………..hey I want to acknowledge you ladies on your trip here, I think its great. my friend lives in ventura i’m just down the road in Santa Paula……….lets get together! MaryJane tell me how….when are your meetups? MJ

    • parawife says:

      Hi Mary Jane, are you the Mary from Diana and Mary? If so, I got your messages and replied!

      • mary jane says:

        yes! I am that Mary. In fact we just had brkfst and discussed all of this. I showed her your article. She said she wrote you. We tried to call the number in the paper and it said it has been disconnected. We thought maybe you got too many calls and stopped that number. We’d love to hear from you!

  15. parawife says:

    Yes, Kimberly and Liz are both in the Ventura area. If you get a chance, call the phone number that appeared in the Ventura Star article–it does work, I tested it yesterday–you might have called right when someone else was? Anyway, we could set up a coffee/tea chat when everyone is available. Have a great day!

    • Diana Pizzuti says:

      Regarding Mary and Diana (me) – That sounds awesome parawife! Look forward to meeting with Kimberly and Liz. They can e-mail me at to perhaps set something up. Diana

  16. parawife says:

    Wow, this reply function is completely not working. Call the number from the Star article–it does work, you might have called when someone else was calling–and we’ll set something up through Kimberly and Liz, who both live in the Ventura area. Looking forward to meeting you both!

  17. Dave says:

    Nice idea and nice website. I will be including you on my ghost investigators website.

  18. Come visit us in Downey!!!!

  19. Connie says:

    Wow, would love to tag along on an investigation and pick your brains!

    • parawife says:

      Well, we ARE putting together an investigation on the Queen Mary in January . . . you could pick our minds then! Details will be posted on our home page!

  20. GOPACH says:

    You guys are so incredible. You’re the man. Facing the impossible, No guts, No glory. Every hunt is a good hunt. What I am trying to say ” YOU GO GIRLS!” ; – )

  21. Whats up ladies??? HAP here stopping by to say hi!!

  22. Lizeth says:

    Welcome Jennifer!

  23. Cynthia says:

    This is awsome ladies! I grew up in a house that I personally think was haunted by a demon so I know first hand the scary stuff that is REALLY out there. I have a strong bases in the Bible and try and keep my mind in the light but I know there are a lot of people who are bothered by this kind of stuff. So you go girls!
    (I always wondered what it would be like to be an investigator lo,l LOVE the web page)

  24. Thank you so much for the comment, Cynthia! I would love to hear more about the house you grew up in . . . I hope you’ll write more about that!

  25. Anna Davis says:


    I’m Anna Davis, my nickname is Raven. Aside from my own past paranormal experiences running a wide gamut in type as well as (moderate) volume, I’m a paranormal investigator hailing from San Diego and Orange County. I would love to collaborate on sharing, investigating and exploring the paranormal with you all.


  26. MizMarcelle says:

    Hello, I just found this tonight, great blog! I live in Camarillo, I had no idea that there were paranormal housewives checking out all the local spots! I’m looking forward to catching up on all your past entries.

  27. Victoria Reimers says:

    Interested in speaking with someone regarding paranormal. I am a Paralegal for past 10 years. Lived on haunted ranch owned by aunt. Many experiences. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • parawife says:

      Hi Victoria, thank you so much for writing. I will send you our official form for anyone interested in an investigation of your property. As soon as we get it back from you, we can arrange to meet face-to-face and talk about the possibility of a full investigation.
      Looking forward to hearing back from you and meeting you,

  28. Hello, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but when
    opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted
    to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, terrific blog!

  29. Susan Zaks says:

    how do I contact you to “read my house” to see if my sons are hanging around – we were in touch long long ago and I’ve waited for a date

  30. […] pretty easy to contact a group that will look into your apparition. I know one of the ladies on the Paranormal Housewives, so say ‘hey’ to Erin if you contact […]

  31. Hello please allow me to introduce myself my name is Patrick I am 59 yrs old and I live in Albuquerque NM I am a former Redlands resident and graduated from RHS in 1976 I am a ghost hunter and researcher I grew up in Redlands in the 60s and 70s I will be coming to Redlands possibly around Christmas time and would like to do some investigationstuff possibly with your
    Team if some one would be kind enough to contact me if would really appreciate it my
    Email address is contact is 505 221 7491 hope to hear from you soon

  32. Brittney says:

    Please I’m dealing with a paranormal situation call me at 424 223 0209 please i need help I live in Los Angeles

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