Are We Ghosts?

The Paranormal Housewives came out to the Los Angeles Supernatural Summit and had the opportunity to meet up with fellow paranormal investigators and friends.  Dawn Gomez, Frank Beruecos and Dan Guthrie did an awesome job pulling it together.  While we were there, we listened to great speakers, sang our hearts out at Karaoke Night, danced the Harlem Shake, indulged in fabulous food and of course did a little ghost hunting!

 We met up with a couple of nice guys (Jim Wingate and Chris Salisbury) who were fascinated by and interested in learning about what we do. We decided to take them along to investigate Kirsten’s room and their room (This is more innocent then it sounds).

While there, we experienced a few knocks here and there, and Erin and Jim saw a shadow moving in the bathroom.  I caught the most amazing EVP at this time.  Kirsten had already gone back to her room. It was just me (Jen Storey), Erin, Jim and Chris. This is what I hear in the recording:

Erin says, “Is anybody here?”  Right away you hear a woman say “no”.

Then Erin asked if there was a Maria. There is a long pause and you hear a man say, “Yes, I missed you”.

Almost immediately you hear the woman say, “Then we’re probably missed too” (there’s a knock).

She then says, “Are we ghosts”?   

I thought this was one of the most amazing EVPs ever caught. She asks if she’s a ghost!! That is one of the biggest mysteries of the afterlife. Do we know we are dead, or are we literally in the dark?


The other EVPs consist of knocks and whispers. On the “Response to Erin,” there is an immediate response and then a whispered word near the end of the clip.

–Jennifer Storey


Glen Tavern March 9 2013 Knock

Glen Tavern March 9 2013 Response to Erin

Glen Tavern March 9 2013 Scary Whisper


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