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There is a haunted bathroom at Serrania Park in Woodland Hills. Every time I walk in there, I feel the strange and disturbing energy, so I quickly pee and run. Sure, it sounds silly and funny, but if you’re an investigator, you know that there is something about bathrooms that seems to hang onto trauma or negative emotion. We all have our theories about this. Mine is simply this: bad things happen in bathrooms. People are vulnerable. They have their pants down. Predators and unbalanced individuals lie in wait in bathrooms. There are too many opportunities for the unhinged and the violent to attack people who are half naked and trapped in a stall.

I don’t like using the restrooms in public places. I always feel like a trapped animal, always on alert for someone about to lock the main door and drag me out of my hiding place. Horror movies play on this fear all of the time. The hapless victim (usually a pretty girl) thinks she’s alone in the stall, her pants around her ankles, when a horrid hand grabs her leg and drags her out kicking and screaming. In the next scene, all you see is blood pooling on the floor and dripping from the walls.

If you have investigated any state hospitals, then you know that the bathrooms carry the heaviest and most traumatized feelings. I suspect many rapes happen in bathrooms, along with other forms of abuse and molestation. That is why I limit my time in those areas of buildings, especially buildings with a sad, violent and painful history. However, this does not explain what is going on the women’s restroom at Serrania Park.

I have learned not to speculate too wildly on what I think happened in a place, so I won’t pretend that I know anything about this particular restroom. But I will say this: I have become very good at picking up stories and feelings emanating from places, rooms, buildings, sites and areas. My entire being is like one, giant antennae for distressed feelings. Marsha, Erin and Jennifer are exactly the same. Those ladies are like psychic sponges. I haven’t yet dragged them to investigate the restroom. It’s too small, for one.

So, investigators, if you find yourself in Woodland Hills, go check out this place and maybe let me know what you pick up. I have some ideas, but I’m keeping them to myself. Please write to us if you do manage to find yourself there with some equipment, because I would like to know if there is a story we can all put together.

Thank you for reading and happy hunting.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

Haunted bathroomHaunted bathroom 2

  1. Maria says:

    See a big face from a man with a big nose and a child beside the face

  2. Shari Hagewood says:

    I see much the same Maria, but would need to go there and feel it.

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