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The Walker House in San Dimas has a restless little spirit, a boy about 10 or 11 years old. The historic building has been converted into a beautiful restaurant, and the wait staff know that they have a ghost.


He seems to spend much time in the basement, although he has been seen on the third floor in and around one particular room, which three of the Paranormal Housewives identified independently of each other. We can feel his presence very strongly.


We lured him with a teddy bear, equipped with motion detectors and other sensors. He ‘answered’ our yes and no queries in a very logical fashion, giving us as much information as he could via our technology.


There was a particularly sad moment: I asked if he was with any friends, and the bear lit up like a Christmas tree. Then Marsha asked if he was in Heaven: no response at all. It was the only question he did not answer, and his silence made us realize, yet again, how little we understand about the afterlife, and how mysterious these contacts truly are.


He answered more questions later, but his silence regarding Heaven made me wonder: is “Heaven” a concept that has no meaning to him? Is “Heaven” a purely religious concept with no meaning in the afterlife?


The Walker house has more than one child roaming the building. They have been spotted in the restroom, running around corners and wandering through the dining room. The staff has heard many odd, unexplained noises, and when we were there, the lights flickered on and off for the duration of our visit. They said that had never happened before.


As of this writing, I do not know of any reason that the Walker House would have child spirits inhabiting it. It was not a private residence; however, there is no way to know who might have spent time there over the many, many decades of its existence.


And there is no way to know, of course, who may have died there and why they consider the Walker House their version of Heaven.


–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

  1. Brent Davis says:

    I am a Walker descendent my grandmother read this article and was extremely curious to who this little boy is since there were 0 deaths of children in the house my father and uncles grew up there I played in the house by myself when I was a child and never experienced anything the house is not haunted it is my family’s home and a place I hold extremely dear to my heart if you have any questions about the house or would like to speak to someone who actually grew up and lived there feel free to email me

    • S Fern says:

      The Walker House WAS a residence and home to Walkers and many of their decendents. Originally built as a hotel, it never housed one single hotel guest. Check your facts here: http://www.cityofsandimas.com/ps.aboutus.cfm?ID=2458

    • thupancic says:

      For some reason, I missed your comment when you first sent it! Thank you for writing; the staff was misinformed about the house’s history, as they had given us that information. In any case, I so appreciate you writing to clear up that mystery. I would love to talk to you more about the history of the house and the possible identity of the boy. There is no need for a child to have died there in order for his spirit to find peace at the house; it’s possible that the house was his favorite place, and he has returned there out of love for it. Then again, we don’t know the exact mechanisms that allow such things to happen, and we certainly need more than one investigation to find out!!

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