We Are ALL Sensitive, But We’re NOT All Crazy!

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Uncategorized


One of the questions that people ask me the most is this: Are you a sensitive? Or: Are you psychic?

You all know me pretty well if you’ve been reading this blog. You probably already know how I’m going to answer this question. I usually like to look at the question itself, examine its underlying assumptions, and figure out what the person actually means when asking such a question.


“A sensitive” assumes that there exists a category of people who pick up spirit activity and receive impressions (via visions, emotions, and auditory channels or occasionally via smell or touch). There are people who do this very well; Erin receives ‘pictures’ in her mind that provide her with clues and symbols about who is communicating and/or why. Jennifer has often said that she ‘feels’ people and is guided by her emotions. Marsha tends to base her impressions on both emotions and images, combined with data gathered from audio and devices designed to measure changes in the environment. I began this journey relying only on audio, photo evidence and whatever our devices were pointing to; however, I changed over time. Now, it seems that all manner of impressions come pouring in, mixed and confusing, but mostly affecting my emotions in ways I still do not understand.


We are ALL sensitive, but not all of us in the general public are good at it. Most people ignore or downplay their impressions, thinking that others will judge them as ‘crazy’ or weird if they describe something that they couldn’t know via ‘normal’ means. The Paranormal Housewives have become very adept at picking up activity from the conscious and unconscious entities that have passed into another state of being. We have different strengths, but when we walk into a house now, it takes only a few minutes for the pictures, the sensations and the emotions to come flooding into our conscious minds.


When outsiders criticize paranormal investigators, it’s because they’ve lumped us in with cheating mediums, storefront psychics, crystal-gazers, and all manner of New Age weirdness. The negative reactions have followed me at work and in other areas of my life, but those reactions are based on faulty logic and negative associations. So, I thought I might take a moment to explain what paranormal investigators do, why we do it, and our understanding of what we’ve found.


  • We don’t assume that every time a device registers a change in the environment, we’ve ‘found a ghost’. Alterations in temperature and the electromagnetic field are noted as possible indicators that something anomalous is happening in the environment. We will later check to see if those changes correspond to personal experiences, odd voices on the audio or anomalies in photographs or video.
  • We take our impressions seriously, all of them, whether they are emotional, visual or auditory in nature. We write these impressions down to see if they can be corroborated later or if they correspond to changes in the environment that we recorded before, or if they back up voices caught on audio.
  • We don’t declare a site “haunted”, but rather “active.”
  • We don’t pretend to know with certainty who might be creating the energies, impressions, or data. We can make educated guesses, but we will not certify the identity of an energy—or consciousness–that is usually only capable of limited communication.
  • We combine all techniques and don’t define ourselves as “scientists” or “psychics”. What we do is more of an art than a science. Our work requires creativity as well as careful analysis of data. We don’t pigeonhole ourselves as specialists in only one area of paranormal investigation.
  • We’re not terribly fond of tons of gadgets, preferring to focus our attention—in an almost meditative way—on the spiritual manifestations of the site. However, we are open to any gadgets that might assist us in understanding the nature of the activity.
  • We don’t investigate sites with intense negative energy. We don’t perform exorcisms, explore anything demonic or open ourselves up to anything that seeks to harm others. If we encounter something evil or harmful, we protect ourselves and our families from exposure to it and find a team that specializes in that area of paranormal investigation.
  • We always seek the light of understanding in all that we do. If we are able to help a distressed spirit, we will do all in our power to do so. If there is lingering trauma in the environment, we pray or find other ways of clearing the negativity, sadness, or fear that remains there.
  • We can’t always help. We don’t pretend to be able to send anyone to the Light who does not wish to go there. We don’t have the power to send someone away. People possess free will, both here and in the afterlife. An individual’s decision—either a person in the flesh or in the spirit—is more binding than anything we can do as a team.

We don’t profit from investigations. If someone needs help, we will find a way to help that person. That will always be free.

However, if you want to feed us dinner or make us cookies, that would be just fine.

Jennifer Storey

One last thought: you, reading this, are ‘sensitive’, too. Have you ever felt the hairs rise on the back of your neck when you enter a certain building or home? Have you ever known that you were in danger before you were actually in danger? Have you ever been thinking of someone only to have that person immediately call you? Have you ever sensed that something was wrong in the environment and you decided to move away? Have you heard of police officers who develop a sixth sense or “gut instinct” regarding a case? You can call it intuition, sensitivity, instinct or sixth sense, but it is all the same thing. We can pick up information that goes far beyond what the material world provides us. We can either honor that knowledge and information and use it to protect, help, guide or learn, or we can ignore it and make our worlds smaller and much less interesting.

Whatever it is you do to find the Light is alright. If you need us, you know how to find us.

With love and respect,

Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

possibly paranormal marsha at jail

  1. Maria says:

    I do go to estate sale and feel the energy might be sad or happy or mad one lady that die she was sad and crying to see her beloved stuff just laying there she didn’t want to leave her room told the man of the state sale before they go and next morning burn a whithe candle and pray for her that room was super cold it was in Camarillo he told me to come back on Sunday I did and the lady wasent there no more the temperature was warm she left the man from the sale thank me and show me the picture of the lady I almost felt the lady on the pucture was in my dreams and told me to help her was my dream or real ? And the man give me a small piece of jewelry same one that I saw her wearing I got it went into the yard and buried in a huge tree I pray for her and left I felt in peace you go to a sale before buying ask permition to take the item in your mind make a small prayer pay respect or you might come back with a guess 👀👻

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