The Spirits at the Estate Sales

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estate sale 4

My husband and I are rather obsessed with estate sales. They offer bits and pieces of one’s personal history that we interact with at a very material level. For me, there is that desire to know someone through their personal belongings and the ambiance of their house. It’s a bit voyeuristic, to be sure; but I also feel that it gives me the opportunity to know someone who is no longer physically present in his or her home. These glimpses into someone’s life broaden my understanding of who we are and what defines us; for some, their possessions and decor create a personality. For others, the stuff that accumulates in their house has little to do with their identity. As a paranormal investigator, these estate sales provide me with a wealth of information on life after death, or simply on life: what it was, what it is now, what it might be in the future.

Estate Sale 3

A week or so ago, Ty and I saw the sign at the same time: Estate Sale on Ruston!!! I almost killed us getting there, because we didn’t want to miss that treasure, that unknown item that was waiting for us under a pile of old Playboys. Ty was out of the car before it stopped moving, and I jogged to the front door. That’s when my intuition and “sixth sense” went into overdrive. The emotions in the house—not of the living, this was a professional estate sale run by people unrelated to the former occupants—were very heavy, a mixture of sad, shocked and angry. As usual, I attempted to brush this off as a typical reaction to an estate sale. The feelings intensified as I walked upstairs.

I didn’t like how I felt. I started to creep around like an uninvited guest. When I arrived at a small bedroom, I found Ty looking through the male decedent’s clothing. I had a weird moment of dissociation and time slip, and then felt the full blast of emotion that investigators experience on active investigations. The male in the room (the invisible one, not Ty) did NOT want us rummaging through his clothing. He was angry about the whole situation, but he especially did not want us touching his personal things. I felt that he was particularly upset with me, didn’t like women much, and had much more sympathy for and interest in Ty. He had something downstairs that Ty would like, but he didn’t give a crap about what I might like.

I told Ty about all of this. The other odd area was the little bar downstairs. I made a note of that, as well. We left that bedroom, headed into the garage, and Ty found some treasure that he hadn’t seen before. He purchased various and sundry office items, and we left. The encounter upstairs left me exhausted and drained, but we soldiered on to the next estate sale.

estate sale 2

As soon as we walked in to the next house, it was obvious that this was a warm and happy place. Everything seemed to glow with a soft, white light. In spite of the fact that this was an estate sale, I was sure that the lady of the house was still alive. Turned out, she was; she had moved to assisted living. Her son had passed away before her, and her husband; yet, she remained in the house as a loving and happy presence. I sat down on the master bed and started to talk to the estate lady about my previous experience. A lady and her daughter listened in. The conversation went like this:

Me: “I just went to an estate sale that really creeped me out.”
Lady with daughter: “Do you mean the one on Ruston?”
Me: “Yes, that’s the one!”
Lady: “Oh my God, I hated that place. The upstairs bedroom had such bad energy! And the bar area was really bad!”

This declaration sparked a long conversation with the estate seller, her daughter, and the lady with the kid. Turns out, we had ALL experienced the same thing at the same house; this led to a fascinating story about the estate lady’s experience at a sale in Camarillo, where she watched boxes move around of their own accord, and was physically attacked by the spirit of the bipolar and violently angry lady that had died there. She left the place with a black eye and no profits. No one wanted to spend any time in the house, so she sold nothing.

I talked all about the Paranormal Housewives and what we do, and this led to a small crowd of people all sharing their stories about living in haunted houses and seeing ghosts. The daughter of the estate lady said that she had recently lost her father, and at that moment their song—the one he dedicated to her–came on the radio. She felt him in the room, and so did I. She wanted to know if I could contact him for her, and the lady with the daughter wanted something similar; I explained that the PHW don’t really do that, because I believe that each individual can do that for themselves. But that’s another topic for another post . . .

What was supposed to be just another Saturday shopping for treasures from the past turned into an intense and profound discussion on the afterlife, spirits, energies in homes, and the love of a father for his daughter from beyond this world.
This is why I investigate the “Other Side”—it is right next to the world of things, but teaches us that the real hidden treasures are not in a box that someone left behind, but in the hearts of the people that they loved, and will love forever.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

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  1. mARIA says:

    hello couple of weeks ago I went to a estate sale in Camarillo on mission drive nice house a lot of item to sell when I went into one of the bedroom I could feel of sadness when I enter the room it was a mess item throw in the bed I stood there suddenly I turn around and I saw a senior lady with short white hair crying big time I wasn’t scare because I knew it was the owner of the house I told her sorry about the mess in her house but people now in days they don’t care for your item told her you want me to take something from you give it to me I will take care what ever you give me. I went to the living room and saw right away this really vintage chair with a blanket on the top like the chair was talking to me saying take me as you know first day sale the people are doing the sale wont let you the item cheaper until the end of the last day. I talk to the man and told him how much he wanted 50.00 I told him give you 25.00 he was going to say no when on my mind told her you want me to take this chair brain watch him to give the chair cheaper and then suddenly he said ok 25.00 got the blanket too really blanket it was like the one the Indian from Arizona make the rocker very vintage rocker I never seen those and I am 60 years old been in many state sale also there was another vintage chair that would be a stepping stool but at the same time become a ladder and later a seat. I didn’t feel like the rocker was calling me I got it home wash the blanket I seat down to do my homework from school but every time I seat down I feel like the lady is there and feel a warm feeling. The last day went on went to the same room it was way different room the feeling it was different like the first time I went was walking in the living room and saw the lady in the picture I ask the man is this the owner he said yes the same lady that I saw crying before I left the house told her don’t worry I will take care of that chair until I meet you in the other world I heard a voice from a lady saying thank you I turn around I saw very happy with a smile and disappear. sometimes I do feel creepy in some state sale and I don’t buy nothing because you never know what you will bring to your house but what a experience that was for me.

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