SCARE FEST 2014!!!!!

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

photo (20)

I walked into Scare Fest last Saturday (August 8th, 2014) at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles and lost my mind. I was so excited, that I literally started shaking, like a two-year-old that had consumed far too much sugar and hadn’t taken my nap.

photo (13)

photo (16)

Scare Fest showcases vendors selling everything from Steam Punk jewelry to movie-quality props and masks, bakeries that sell zombie cakes, production companies specializing in horror movies, comics, odd antiques, Gothic art, sculptures, vintage Halloween items, creepy clothing, and pretty much anything else dark or scary that you can imagine. All of this is punctuated by scary monsters, vampires and walking corpses who attack you from behind while you shop, making for a very ‘interactive’ experience.

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photo (24)

photo (27)

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In addition to all of this merriment, there is an entire floor dedicated to seminars, talks and theater performances by Zombie Joe’s Urban Death troupe. This is theater in the “Grand Guinol” style, and it deserves another post. It was highly disturbing. Yes . . . highly disturbing.

photo (32)

Yes, my husband loves me a lot. He stayed all day, even though he wasn’t feeling terribly well. We are planning our tenth wedding anniversary (we were married on Halloween, of course) and this was the perfect venue. Why do I love Halloween so much? I suppose because there is a spirit of unbridled creativity with no rules, boundaries or limits. You can be whatever you wish to be, and you can explore the dark side of your nature. In the process, there is a kind of purification of your fears. It’s liberating and exciting. Christmas forces us all into happy land, and we don’t always feel that we belong there.

But we ALL belong to Halloween; you can indulge every human emotion and nobody looks askance.

Make sure to go next year, everyone! ALL the Paranormal Housewives will be there in 2015, probably with our very own booth!!

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

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