Photo Gallery: the Colorado Street Bridge and JAWS at Hollywood Forever!

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Suicide Bridge Marsha May 2014

Photo credits: Jennifer Storey for Colorado Bridge, Erin Hayes-Potter for JAWS

The PHW planned a couple of events this last May: an investigation with Gerald Reynolds at the Colorado Street Bridge (known colloquially as the ‘suicide bridge’ in Pasadena) and a screening of “JAWS” at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The investigation at the Colorado Street Bridge was fascinating. Gerald used a promising application for paranormal investigations, the “Echovox”, which I have subsequently downloaded. It seems to imitate the function of the classic “ghost box” or “Frank’s Box” with the very clipped, quick fragments of words (or phonemes, for those of you into linguistics, like yours truly) picked up from across the AM radio frequency spectrum.

We had some information on a death that occurred at the bridge, someone that Jennifer knows. The story is too sensitive to discuss in public, as there is a private investigation ongoing. Suffice to say that we heard relevant information from the Echovox quite clearly, and it was compelling evidence that someone was attempting to tell a story or correct a story. I have a great deal of audio to review from that site!

It is interesting to note that of the four investigators that night (Kirsten, Jennifer, Marsha and Gerald), three of us suffered some degree of uncharacteristic anxiety over the next several days. The intense emotions imprinted upon the surroundings and the possible need to communicate with the living regarding the circumstances of one’s death affected almost all of us. One of us felt as if someone had followed her home, impressing her mind with images of people jumping or falling off the bridge.

Suicide Bridge Jen and Kirsten May 2014

This has become something of an occupational hazard for the PHW. We regularly visit sites that leave us feeling drained, anxious or dealing with emotions/thoughts that do not always seem to belong to us (if you’re interested in this topic, I wrote a post on this pseudo-channeling issue on This is quite serious business, so please don’t be offended by our “fun” photos–we try to keep the mood light in between EVP sessions so that we don’t have to deal with depression later; this is one way we protect ourselves from the energy of these traumatized areas. We certainly mean no disrespect!

Suicide Bridge Marsha 2 May 2014

Jennifer arranged a ‘just for fun’ outing with Marsha and Erin (I was sick) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where they were treated to “Jaws” and lots of merriment.

Jaws PHW May 2014

JAWS movie PHW May 2014

Here’s a super pretty picture of Jennifer, just because!

Jen New Photo

Yours truly in the paranormal and the normal and the abnormal,
–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

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