Angels In Our Midst

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Editor’s Note: The Paranormal Housewives were asked to audition for a show about angels. As part of the process, we were each asked to write something about our experiences with angels or angelic encounters. Marsha wrote this beautiful and very moving piece in response to the request. She wanted to share it with everyone who follows us, and I am honored to reproduce it here. –Kirsten

MARSHA for blog post

Hello there; my name is Marsha Covert and I am a co-founder of the Paranormal Housewives.

I feel so honored to be a part of this project, so thank you in advance for taking the time to hear my story. I have always been a believer in angels and spirits. I have a pretty religious background. I was raised Mormon and baptized by my grandfather.I’d like to add that I’ve always felt a spiritual connection with my late grandfather. He was the only man living–or deceased, for that matter–that has ever made me feel safe. This may sound crazy to some people, but I continue to have a relationship with my grandfather even though he’s been dead for 15 years. I believe that my grandpa is my guardian angel.

I’d like to share a story with you. It’s the story of my daughter Samantha Rose. I don’t mind sharing this story with you, because in doing so her memory continues to live on. Samantha Rose was my daughter; I fought so hard for her. When I was pregnant with Samantha, she was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome. I was 5 months pregnant when she was diagnosed, and it was devastating. The doctors told me there wasn’t much that they could do to help her. She had swollen limbs and fluid around her heart. The doctors told me I could have an abortion, but there was no way I could do that. You see, I already loved her. I had already connected with her. She was my baby. And she was sick.

I made up my mind to do everything in my power to help her live. The pregnancy was very difficult. Samantha didn’t move too much in utero. I asked the doctors if my baby was in any pain, and they told me they couldn’t know for sure… that was the most difficult part: Not being able to comfort her. When I was 8 months pregnant, I was lying in bed and I started to feel erratic kicking and convulsing coming from my stomach. I called my doctor and she asked me to go immediately to the hospital; that was a very long ride. When I got there, they performed an ultrasound and that’s when I got the horrible news: my daughter was dead. They could not find a heartbeat.

I felt my heart fall through my chest. It was surreal. It was the most devastating moment of my entire life. I had prayed to God to please keep her safe. I had prayed to God to please let her be born healthy. I had begged for a miracle, and now she’s dead? So, in that moment when the doctors told me they couldn’t find Samantha’s heartbeat, I put my hands over my face. I closed my eyes and felt the world fall away.

When I opened my eyes, my grandfather was standing in the middle of my hospital room holding my daughter in a pink blanket. He didn’t say anything to me. He just looked at me and gave me his crooked smile. And I knew, I just knew, that he was there to greet my daughter on the other side. The entire experience lasted for about 20 seconds. The most miraculous thing happened: instead of feeling completely hysterical and full of sorrow, I was given the miraculous gift of comfort, knowing that my baby was safe with my grandpa in heaven. My grandfather’s appearance gave me the strength to get through the rest of that day; and when Samantha was silently born into this world, I had the strength to hold her, to dress her.

Holding a baby in your arms that doesn’t move is gut wrenching. The doctors were very respectful, and I think they were mildly surprised at how calm I was during and after the delivery process. That was all thanks to my grandpa. My angel.

I hope that by hearing my story you too can believe in angels. They say that everything in life happens for a reason. In the Mormon religion, we were taught that the whole purpose of life here on Earth is to make choices. God sent us here to make choices. Some of us make good choices, some people make bad choices. Based on those decisions we make it to heaven or not. I was taught that God’s most beloved spirits on Earth are often born with physical or emotional handicaps, rendering them unable to make bad choices and run the risk of not making it back to heaven. Maybe Samantha was just really special….

I hope that by hearing my story, you will think of Samantha. Part of the reason I feel so compelled to learn the truth about those who have passed from this world is because I am able to learn about who they were. I get to honor their memory.

–Marsha Covert-Garcia

  1. Susie Harper says:

    Beautiful, Marsha, just beautiful… I remember you writing about Samantha before, and I left a comment then, too. I don’t remember if I said so then, but my great-grandfather is one of my angels, even though he died in 1897. I can’t wait to get to the other side to be able to talk to him. I saw a vision of him a few years ago as an older man when I was at his grave in Central City, Colorado. I had only ever seen 2 photos of him: one in the Civil War when he was 18 and the other as a man of about 30 years old. In my vision of him, he was very happy and somewhat bemused to be communicating with his great granddaughter. A year and a half later, a photo was found by the people that bought his cabin in 1934. There were about 20 people in the photo, but right there was the exact image of my great grandfather that I had had in my vision. My other angel is my older brother who died in 1978 and he has been my guide in so many ways in my life that I can’t begin to count the ways…. but I usually recognize that it is him almost every time. Sometimes I actually hear him speak to me, other times he comes to me in my dreams, along with my dad….. they actually told me what kind of new car to buy one night and I got up the next morning and went and bought it and have been totally happy with it ever since. I know you know, but just to say it here: our loved ones are on the other side, they will come for us when it is our time, they are our guardian angels in this life, and help us in ways we may not be aware of…. yet. The bottom line for all of this, at least for me, is simple: God is love. We may not understand why someone is taken from us way too soon, but there has to have been a reason why God took them and I feel that it was out of love. I know that someday you will be reunited with Samantha and your grandfather, and all of your loved ones….. but they are still with us now, just on the other side, guiding and helping us, and waiting for us. Samantha was just that special, and she is an angel.

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