Cross Correspondences: Erin and Kirsten Solve a Mystery

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ty in Pine Cove

Erin wrote the following email after I asked her to help me figure out who broke into my cabin (see for the full story). When she wrote this to me, she had no idea what had happened and had no knowledge that I had written a post about the break in:

Hi Kirs!

OK so I have been thinking about what happened in the cabin and here are my impressions:

I think it was a couple. A man and a woman. They are in their mid to late 20’s. They are not related but I’m not sure if they are boyfriend/girlfriend. I think they have slept together though. I got more impressions on the woman and a few on the man.

The woman: She was not thin….but not fat. I guess she was kinda like me. It feels like she usually has enough food but I think she eats crappy….like a lot of taco bell. I don’t think she is homeless but I do think she “crashes” at people’s houses…so she doesn’t really have a home. I get a child with her….but not with her. Like she has a child but that child lives somewhere else. Somewhere safe. She has long dark wavy hair and I think she is Hispanic. I see darker skin but not black.

The man: He is thin and has greasy gross brown hair. He hasn’t showered in awhile but he doesn’t care about that. He has an agenda but I’m not sure what it is. If he was the only person that had broken into your house your house would be THRASHED!

I feel they broke in for 2 different reasons. They broke in to find items of value that they could sell or pawn for money (check the pawn shops both local and any within a 50 mile radius) and the other reason I can’t quite figure out. I get the drug feeling but you don’t have drugs in the house so I’m not sure what the drug connection is. Also the woman made sure that the place wasn’t ransacked. She has a conscience. She feels bad but her addiction to drugs I think overwhelms her feeling bad. I think the items in your house (Family pictures, religious icons etc) made her feel worse so she wanted to make sure that nothing was too screwed up. I also think there was a spirit (one from your Marmora house) there that maybe spooked them…or made them feel uneasy about being in the house. I don’t feel they stayed long.

That’s really all I get. I know it’s kind of general and confusing. I was hoping I could get more!!

Here is my post on the break in and burglary. I wrote this before I had read Erin’s email. Note the similarities:

Last night, I saw her. She was with a man wearing a hood, his face dark. They were in their thirties, or perhaps late twenties. Something was wrong with the lower half of her face; either she was missing teeth, or her jaw was caving in. Her lips were very thin, her nose slightly beaked at the tip. Her face was very pale. She wore a light-colored sweatshirt, not enough to keep her warm. She wasn’t thin, but was losing weight. She was slightly taller than me. I can’t see her eyes. I can’t see her hair. She is telling her partner, who doesn’t give a damn about our property and would happily take an ax to all of it, she is telling him to leave things alone, to not make a mess, to not touch things they don’t need. She sees the Virgin Mary on the wall; she feels bad, she feels watched. He doesn’t care; he doesn’t see anything or feel anything. Her job is to keep him in check.

He is the one responsible for kicking the door, for prying the locks, for tossing the rock through the window. She stands back, her hands in the pockets of her sweatshirt. He keeps his hood up. All I can see of his face is a broken nose, the face of a boxer. He is very, very dark. Something in him broke and died a long time ago. I’m afraid of him. She is taking things they need. I can’t see what they are taking, but I know that they have a definite and specific purpose. This isn’t random; this is part of a larger need, a project, a plan. Upstairs, she is frightened. She hears something, or she sees something, but whatever sends her away is powerful. I don’t know if he feels it, too, but they leave very quickly. It’s night. They used a flashlight to see into drawers and storage spaces. They didn’t find everything that they wanted; but they had to leave.

I see her face all night. She is addicted to methamphetamine. She lost teeth and has jaw problems from the effect of the drugs. When I wake up, the first thing I say to Ty is: I saw her. She’s an addict. So is he, but it’s more in control. She is losing all hope. They are cold and living somewhere with no heat. It’s winter; she’s desperate. He’s working on something. He needs . . .

The glass. The tempered glass in the door to the wood-burning stove. That’s it. I look up the shopping list for meth production. First item needed: Tempered glass. I’m thinking, thinking that something else was missing from the kitchen and the bathroom, and then it hits: cough syrup, gone; Sudafed, gone; all drugs in the bathroom cabinet, missing. In my altered state over the weekend, I noticed that there were gaps in the medicine cabinet and in the kitchen shelves, but I couldn’t place it. It hits me. The blender is gone. I look at the methamphetamine shopping list: tempered glass, blenders, Sudafed, aspirin, cough syrup . . . my hands feel light and shaky, my head is floating off my shoulders, the world is unreal.Kirsten in Pine Cove

I made a list of the commonalities between Erin’s vision of what happened and my lucid dream about the incident. Here they are:

1. Couple
2. Late 20s
3. Not related; boyfriend and girlfriend
4. More information on woman that man; man ‘blocked’, or hard to see/read
5. Woman not thin, not fat, carrying some weight in hips/thighs
6. Not homeless, but moves from place to place
7. Child connection, but weak; child not living with her
8. They have an ‘agenda’
9. He would have trashed the house if she hadn’t stopped him
10. They are looking for items to sell, pawn
11. Drug-related motives
12. Woman made sure the house was not ransacked or damaged
13. Woman has a conscience; feels guilty
14. Addiction issues
15. Religious icons and family pictures made her feel terrible about what they were doing
16. They were scared by something spiritual or paranormal; ghost from Marmora pushed them out, or spirit of family member(s)
17. They didn’t stay long

There were some differences. Erin’s physical description of the man and woman didn’t match mine. The similarities had to do with motive, life situation, feelings while in the house, and addiction issues. Even if some of these common threads can be attributed to guess work or coincidence, taken as a whole, the evidence that Erin and I were ‘seeing’ the same thing is overwhelming.

I do not yet know from the police whether or not we have hit the nail on the head. Whatever we have done is life changing for me; more proof that something very mysterious is happening within our group. We are not simply picking up spirit activity, we are able to visualize past events and coincide in our descriptions of a scene. This is amazing; if we can ‘see’ the past, then everything I thought I understood about how time, information and consciousness work has been turned upside down.

It’s one thing to read about people with these skills; it’s quite another to be in a group of women who actually possess these abilities.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

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