The Paranormal Housewives Paint the (Ghost) Town Red

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

SILVER CITY!!! Thank you, Jay, for inviting us to host a fun-filled and spooky investigation at Bodfish’s famous Silver City Ghost Town.
This was an important trip for us, for many reasons. We bonded more completely as a team, shared some fascinating paranormal experiences (especially in Jen’s haunted building at the ghost town–the Marshall’s office, I believe) and ate very, very well. Here are some pictures from our adventures:


  1. mARIA says:

    on the third picture you looking at the camera on the water I see a death man floating on the water he is death a male on the fourth picture there is a lady with blue capris on the left side I see two women in a white figures one is walking down into the water the other Is walking up the little hill but she is holding a umbrella but their clothing is from the area 1800

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