All the Proof You Need: The Holy Grail of Paranormal Investigations

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Imagine that in one investigation, the following things happen:

Your psychic impressions are validated.
You receive responsive taps and bangs whenever you ask for them.
You witness a light glowing and growing in intensity over a huge cross and find out later that the switch was off–and there is no dimmer and no timer–meaning that what the three of you saw was physically impossible.
The Ghost Radar gives you answers to the causes of a mysterious fire that burned part of the church years back that you are able to verify with the priest.
You experience frigid breezes, physical contact, see a shadow person, hear voices and clear footsteps.
Your capture voices and entire sentences in some of the best EVP you’ve ever heard.

You would have to say that you just experienced the ideal investigation. All of the above happened in just over one hour, leaving the three Paranormal Housewives involved (Kirsten, Erin, Jennifer) completely and utterly drained and exhausted. For me, however, it was the all-elusive proof of the afterlife that I have sought for so long. There comes a point where further “evidence” is completely unnecessary, since how could you ask for more? Well, of course we want more. We want to know who we met at the church that night, and we hope that when we bring Marsha, they might have some more to reveal to her, as well.

Where to start . . . let’s start with Erin, who did an amazing job of picking up on the people in the church, especially the spirit of a “very large woman,” who later was identified by the priest as someone who was very involved in the church for decades and who passed on two years ago. Everything that Erin said about her turned out to be correct. Here is an EVP which might possibly be the voice of said woman:

You hear “yes” to my statement that the original church used to be very small. There are affirmative noises or possibly sighs after that.

Next you hear a sample of the intensive activity in the sanctuary itself. Yes, I know that wood can expand and contract with changes in temperature, but this was coming from EVERYWHERE and was responsive to requests. Also, I was at this same church the next day for services, and much of what we heard was the sound of people settling into the pews or moving around in them.

We also heard footsteps walking down the aisles. In this clip, you can hear the sound of high heels walking towards us:

There were voices, as well. Here is one that says “Cool”:

Here is another one that says something like “Holy”:

Now, at a certain point in this investigation Erin notices that the light over the cross gradually brightens. She watches this happen. There are only three of us in the church. Here is Erin:

We clearly are amazed at this. While we are discussing this, something “tinks” the light above Erin’s head, as if to confirm what we are saying:

I am so overwhelmed that the light went on without anyone near the switch, that I call the priest to see if that light could possibly be on a timer. While I am on the phone with him, you hear an intense bang:

But things are about to get even more amazing. Later, when I am reviewing my audio, I hear a clear voice right before Jennifer says “light”. A male says, “It’s the light,” and then Jennifer repeats the last word, as if she had heard him at the time; however, she didn’t. Somehow, she subconsciously repeats the word “light” without knowing that I would catch it later in this EVP:

And finally . . . we record the voice of a man speaking in a strange voice. We do not all agree on what he might be saying, but Erin thinks that this might be Joe, a man she picked up on in the church. His voice is exactly how she heard it at the time in her head.

As if all this weren’t amazing enough, the Ghost Radar reveals the cause of the church fire. There are a series of words that we present to the Father, wondering if he could make any sense out of them. He laughs, and says that there was a rumor that the fire started in the fashion the Ghost Radar indicates. There are five words on the GR that reveal the true reasons behind the blaze quite clearly, but since repeating them here might possible identify the church (and, for obvious reasons, they wish to keep this anonymous), we are simply leaving this to your imagination.

There are some investigations that you expect to be quiet, but you go because something pulls you there. Erin and I went to see “The Conjuring”, which, if you don’t know, is all about demons, hauntings, the Church and God. How odd and appropriate that we were heading off to investigate the church that night. Even though Jennifer couldn’t originally make it, she showed up at the last minute. We missed Marsha very much that night, but maybe she wasn’t supposed to come for reasons we can’t know. The priest has promised her, however, that he will set up another night for the four of us. My point is, you simply can’t know what is going to happen in a place you assume will be calm. What we witnessed and experienced that night was a message. What we do with that message is a challenge for us three.

Expect more on this investigation, as yours truly is still processing it over one week later.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the most haunted church of all time, Borley Rectory (sorry, it burned down decades ago):

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW


  1. Patrick says:

    As always, you guys rock! Congrats on great work! I’m ready for an investigation… ready and waiting. It has been months. I suppose I should go searching for one. 🙂

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