What Dramatics Happen at the Pasadena Playhouse When the Lights go Dim?

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I was thrilled to get the opportunity to investigate the Pasadena Playhouse. I grew up near the landmark theater and being myself a performer, theaters in general are like ‘home’ to me. 

 The place was extraordinary!  It’s beautiful and has a fascinating history. We were lucky enough to have many places we were allowed to investigate. We decided that night to concentrate on the Big Theater’s balcony, the little theater, the library, the woman’s shower room and the sewing/wardrobe room.

In the little theater , we had a couple of personal experiences & caught a few EVP, the same in the other areas, but it was the sewing/wardrobe room that affected me. I have heard & seen people get sick on investigations, but it never happened to me personally.


I should say first that all the girls have their own ways to ‘protect’ themselves from dark entities or spirits attaching themselves and following them home.  Marsha usually leads a prayer, Kirsten carries all sorts of religious relics and Erin does her own personal ‘shield’.  I haven’t figured out my ritual yet, so I’ve relied on Marsha’s prayers for protection. Well, Marsha could not make the investigation that night and I completely forgot about doing anything. I was totally ‘open’……


I have experienced feeling teary and emotional when I walk into a room, and this usually tells me that it’s a hot spot for activity. The girls have told me that I may have empathic abilities (the ability to feel a person’s or spirit’s emotion). I was feeling completely fine in the little theater and even the woman’s shower room,  but everything changed when I walked into the sewing/wardrobe room at the theater.


I suddenly experienced this extreme feeling of nausea, and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I sat down and drank water hoping it would pass. I decided not to turn on my audio recorder, and I just sat in the dark quietly while the girls led their EVP session. As time went by, I felt sicker and sicker. I looked around for a trash can or something to throw up in. I could feel my throat closing, and I doubled over in my chair – hoping with all my might that I would NOT throw up on this beautiful theater floor (I wanted to be invited back)! I kept drinking my water and didn’t want to say anything to distract the rest of our group. At the same time, Erin was touched by something. She said that she felt something like a needle brushing up against her back. She flew up out of her chair, and when we lifted her shirt, we could see a few scratches.  I tried to sit back down, but then decided instead to go out to the hallway. I felt a lot better out there. Erin said she’s never seen me look so bad, and she’s seen me look really bad! I then went outside to get air and in about 10 minutes I was no longer nauseous.

The next day I woke up with a terrible ‘hangover,’ even  though I had nothing alcoholic to drink that night. Now, It’s been a couple of days since our investigation, but my face feels puffy and I have dark circles under my eyes.  It’s been a strange recovery.


Now, I sit here and think of these questions: Did I have a mental or psychosomatic response? Was the EMF (electromagnetic field) in the room too heavy? Was I having a serious allergic reaction to the costume area (there were no costumes out)?

Did I have a fast version of the flu? Had I left myself open and unconsciously gave the spirits an antenna with which to communicate? I guess that’s why I became a paranormal investigator in the first place: to explain the unexplained. Of course, I can’t wait to go back to investigate the other rooms and finish our investigation!  I have learned my lesson and will definitely put my personal, protection ritual in place! Just in case……

Jenn Pasadena Playhouse 1
 –Jen Storey

  1. Hortenencia Quintero says:

    Hello I been trying to email you but I dont have the luck to talked to you on the picture of the door outside on the wood there is a about 5 different  faces not human but skeleton on the top of the chimeny and on the top of the girl with the red dress there is a face of women with a hair about in the 1950 she is smiling on the entrance there is a young girl with black hair on the floor she looks very thing


  2. Patrick says:

    My team started a protection ritual after some research I did… I hate to admit it… but it does seem like a hassle, and I’m not always excited to break out the mystical woo woo in front of clients or others. And when it’s all over I’m just focused on getting packed up and out of there to go to sleep. So we haven’t done this as a group officially, or even when I’m on my own in a while. This is probably a problem, huh? Whatever it was, hope you’re better!

  3. Patrick says:

    Are your posts disappearing tonight too? I now can’t find your recent post. My post from today disappeared but it ended up as a “draft” and I had to reformat it and publish again.

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