Erin’s Haunted Amargosa Pictures and Paranormal Biography

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Erin has a new camera, and she took some interesting photos from the Amargosa investigation at the end of January. Also, I wanted to include something about Erin’s past for those of you who do not know her. She has a long history with the spirit world!


1. Mist 1: The first one was taken in one of the railway houses. There was no fog, no mist, no smoke anywhere. 


2. Mist 2: This one was taken in a different railway house, the one where the story is that a woman drowned her child in the bathtub. 


3. Blank doorway: This was after our guide went to bed and we all went back to the Sun Room in Spooky Hollow. 


4. Jack in doorway: This one was taken within a minute of the “Blank Doorway”

Erin’s Story

My whole life, I have been sensitive to the spirits and ghosts that are around me. I can feel if there is a ghost in the grocery store with me or walking through the park, and one walks past me going the other direction. It was just my way of life. When the “Ghost Hunters” show came on TV way back when, I really thought that maybe there was something to what I could feel that very few people (or so I thought) could feel. When I joined my first team, I was excited about the prospect of learning more and more about who these ghosts are/were and where they came from.  As I started to explore my gift of sensing the dead, I truly didn’t expect what I would find.

 During my childhood it was all surface stuff. I was not interested necessarily in the feelings the spirits were experiencing, nor did I try to understand why and how they died. I just knew they were there. Really digging in to finding out the why and how has opened up my emotional side to the spirits. I am affected much more than I thought I would be. Because I have been able to sense the spirits for so long, my “shield” was very easy to put up and keep up for long periods of time. Now that I am working with my shield down, it’s like I am meeting new friends…. with all their emotions and problems.  I have had to relearn how to use my shield, so that I could still be able to communicate with the spirits but not have them affect me so much. I know my journey is not over and will never be. There is ALWAYS more to learn and more to explore. The amazing part of this whole journey is that I now have a team that allows me to use my gift to its fullest. I do not feel the need to suppress my gift, as I did in my past. I am loved for who I am and who I can become. 

 –Erin Hayes-Potter

  1. Cori M says:

    Hello. How do you shield yourself? How do you block from Spirits following you. And if they do follow you, since they have no boundaries at times and just go with you, how do you get rid of them? Just unrefined by all this 🙂

  2. parawife says:

    Hi Cori! We each have our own way of “shielding” ourselves. Some of us pray, some of us have items we carry with us, some of us visualize an actual shield. It just depends on what you feel will protect you. But you do need to make sure you protect yourself before an investigation every single time. As for going home with one for me personally I have my shield that protects my body from a “hitchiker” and I also ask them to stay where they are. If for some reason one follows me home I have my house cleansed a lot! Just in case 🙂 Parawife Erin

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