Remembering Those Who Have Left Us Behind

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
Little Bear from Amargosa Cemetery

Little Bear from Amargosa Cemetery

The cemetery blew my mind. As soon as I stepped foot into the cemetery, I humbled myself and felt instantly connected in a spiritual way. My whole intention in going back to Amargosa Opera House and Hotel was not just to experience paranormal phenomena within the walls of the historical site; I felt drawn back to the little cemetery which sits about 1/4 mile away down the desert road in Death Valley Junction. I even managed to sneak away for a few minutes in the morning and went directly to the cemetery; however, I wasn’t ready to go inside yet. I got out of the car and just stood there staring at the little cemetery. I said out loud, “Hello desert and hello cemetery! I’m here!” I can’t even put into words how magnificent the sky was! There were dark, heavy clouds that hung low in the sky, and about 2 or 3 bright yellow rays of sunlight beaming through some of the holes in the clouds. It literally took my breath away, it was so beautiful. I know this may sound strange, but I felt like I was meant to be there in that exact place at that exact time.

I remembered the first time I investigated the cemetery with the Paranormal Housewives/sisters. As a matter of fact, even to this day, I can still say it was one of the most amazing and memorable moments of my life. We were investigating the cemetery, doing the usual thing. We had our equipment out, and we started an EVP session. My husband Vee was holding the K2 and standing near the entrance of the cemetery. Kirsten, Erin and I were sitting down about 15 feet away, and all of a sudden the K2 started reacting to an EMF (electromagnetic field) and Vee commented on it. So we were all looking at Vee and wondering how in the heck is there any electromagnetic field out here? We all had our phones either off or on airplane mode, and there certainly wasn’t any electricity in the cemetery; and then the most unpredictable thing happened! There was a figure that appeared next to my husband. It was white and filmy. There were absolutely no features or clothes that I could see. It was just the outline of a human. I said, “Oh my God! Look at that!!” And Erin said, ” Oh my God, I can see it too!!” Then the figure faded away and another figure reappeared on the other side of him. And this went on and on. The whole experience lasted about 2 to 3 minutes at the most. The last figure to appear was a taller man, and he turned and looked down at my husband and then faced us and slowly dissipated. We were so excited!! I still don’t know what it was that we saw that day, and when I returned to the cemetery later that night, I had no idea what I was in for!

So, on Saturday night we walked to the cemetery, and boy was I excited. As soon as I entered the cemetery, I knew what I wanted to do. I went and knelt at each grave; I put my hand on the earth above the grave and closed my eyes. I promised each person in that whole cemetery that I would appreciate my life more, and that I won’t take my life for granted; I will be a good wife, a good mother and a good friend. I also told each one that I was there to remember them. I won’t lie–when I was touching the headstones and the graves, there were a few that felt different. One in particular felt very strong and warm. I have been reminding myself of the promises I made. I hope that when I pass, people will take a moment and remember me, even people I didn’t meet in this life. What I mean to say is that I get a joyfulness when I remember people who have left life behind.

I’ve just come to realize the driving force behind my love for the paranormal is honoring the memory of those who have passed. I had a daughter who passed away when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy. She had something called Turner’s Syndrome, and her heart just couldn’t keep up with the fluid build up in her tummy and around her heart. She had a heart attack. My baby passed away November 7th, 2003. When they told me there was no more heartbeat, and my baby had died, I couldn’t believe it. I felt my heart fall out of my chest, and I closed my eyes. All of a sudden, I felt a peacefulness come over me and I opened my eyes. Standing in front of me was my late grandpa, Colin Scrymgeour– he was smiling at me, and he was holding my daughter who was wrapped in a pink blanket. And then it hit me! She is safe in the arms of my grandpa. Even though it hurt me to my core, I knew in my soul and spirit that Samantha was ok.

Because I was so far along in my pregnancy, I had to go through the birthing process. The doctors wanted to medicate me very heavily so it wouldn’t be too traumatic for me, but I wanted to have a clear mind! The whole thing was very sad. They asked me if I wanted to hold her, and I said, “Of course! She’s my baby! Give her to me!!” I held her. She was so pretty. She had bright blue eyes and long fingernails. Agony tore through my entire being. Her eyes were open, and I left them that way. I put her in a pretty pink dress and booties, and I just held her. The nurses were so nice to me. They brought a little bedside crib incubator for her, and when I was finally too exhausted to keep my eyes open, I lay her down. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I looked over and she was still lying there. She was in the same position I had left her. I just rolled over and cried. I cried and I cried and I cried. I reached over to hold her hand, and it was cold. It wasn’t just cold, it was freezing. My baby was really, really gone. My baby wasn’t coming home from the hospital.

I named my daughter Samantha Rose Covert. Now that you have read this, you know that a little girl named Samantha Rose Covert once existed. She was my daughter, and I loved her. Her memory is all I have left; talking about her helps me feel closer to her. In that way, we are all connected. So when I can take a few minutes and honor the memory of someone, it helps ME to remember not to take life for granted. I need to appreciate all the blessings God has given me. I know that one day, I will see my family again. Trust me, one day I will get to hold Samantha in my arms again. Until that time comes, all I can do is pass along her story to you all.

This takes me back to the little burial ground outside of Amargosa, and all the stories that must lie silent there. Kirsten, Erin and I wanted to recreate the experience we had last time in the cemetery with the figures appearing and reappearing. Vee went to stand in the exact same spot and held the K2, when all of a sudden the lights started going off, detecting high amounts of EMF. And there again, next to my husband, appeared a figure. It looked just the same as last time: it was the outline of a human figure that appeared white and had a filmy substance to it. We all saw it happening at the same time–it was amazing. I don’t know if it had something to do with my husband or not, but I will never forget my experiences at that little cemetery and the memories and healing it brought to me. Thanks to my parawife sisters for being so wonderful! I really love you ladies!!

With Love,
Parawife Marsha


  1. Susie says:

    Your post is beautiful, Marsha. I’m so sorry for your loss, but happy that you know that Samantha Rose is on the Other Side waiting for you! And Grandpa Colin is, too.

    You are not the only one that kneels at graves and touches the ground or the headstone to talk to the dearly departed. I did that at my great grandfather’s grave a few years ago and had a vision of what he would look like when I finally get to meet him…. I had only seen his Civil War photo and one taken when he was about 30 years old. He showed me what he looked like around the time he died at age 54 and I was very surprised that he had snow white hair, but I would have known him anywhere. A year and a half later, someone found an old photo taken about a year before he died and there he was…. exactly as I had seen him! I don’t know what ‘it’ is, but ‘it’ is beyond wonderful that these types of things keep happening! Keep the faith, Marsha!

    • Susie, thank you so much for sharing your story. I feel very spiritually connected with my grandpa. I can sense him around me all the time. Out of all my family members on the other side, I feel his spirit the most. Even when he was alive I always felt very calm and safe in his presence. Ha! Now that I think about it, my grandpa baptized me. Wow, ok Im just putting 2 and 2 together here, could there be a connection? My grandpa baptized me when I was 9 years old into the Church of Ladder Day Saints. I think I’m onto something here, how thrillling! ~ParaWife Marsha

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