How Hollywood Helped Us Define Our Personal, Spiritual Journeys

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Marsha, Jennifer, Erin, Kirsten

Marsha, Jennifer, Erin, Kirsten

The Paranormal Housewives now have almost three years’ worth of involvement with producers, directors, writers and agents fascinated by what we do; however, it can be a challenge to meld our world with theirs. Throughout these meetings with entertainment professionals, there are some common questions. The big one is, “why do you all do this?” In answer to that question, we offer some reasons and explanations for what Kirsten, Marsha and Jennifer have learned from telling our stories many times.

Why We Do This

Kirsten’s Journey:
When this all started in June of 2010, the answer was much more dispassionate and detached: “Because I want to know if there is life after death,” I used to say, but I wanted to accomplish that through the scientific method, even though I have no formal training in that method, and I’m a literature professor. Many ‘ghost hunters’ have very little scientific training. I no longer claim that our data is hard evidence of anything (it is suggestive of survival, but not proof), nor do I attempt to convince others through my EVP or photographs that life after death exists.

I believed, at first, that I could change the world with my audio clips and weird personal experiences; then I realized something that the other ladies knew all along: you don’t do this to convince the world that consciousness continues after physical death, you do this for personal reasons. It took me a long time to understand and accept that. As a professor, I wanted to teach others about what we were finding. Instead, I realized that other paranormal investigators were involved in their own personal quests and didn’t need me to prove anything to them. When speaking with professionals in the entertainment industry, I now focus on the intensity of the personal journey as opposed to the gadgets we use and the creative ways we have developed for establishing contact with what we assume are spirits of the deceased (although the gadgets are cool).

When we met with the Lifetime representatives, we all had to explain in detail the reasons behind our interest in, indeed passion for, the ‘paranormal’. I find that the more times I am asked to confront the “why” question, my answers become clearer and more spiritual—even religious—in nature. After confronting what was, for me, the literal reality of the demonic, I started to think about Catholicism in a different light. I found that I needed a structure that would anchor my expanding spirituality and provide me with a direction and a purpose, because after so many investigations where amazing, life-altering experiences were practically the norm for us, I knew that there was life after death. I just haven’t quite figured out what the next step is, once you have accepted something that was once impossible for you to fully embrace. All of the reading that I have done (covering, generally, NDE, OBE, religious experiences, apparitions, reincarnation, hauntings, clairvoyance, telekinesis, survival of consciousness research and arguments for the existence of God) has changed me forever, as well. It no longer seems like an option to believe in survival after death, but the only really logical belief to hold. The preponderance of evidence points to that hypothesis being true.

Now, when explaining myself to people who are curious but might know little about what paranormal investigators do or believe, I understand how far I have come from the beginning of my journey. Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular are now powerful forces in my life (I do not agree with much of their social policy, and I most definitely a liberal who finds herself at odds with the political leanings of the Catholic Church, but that’s not what I am talking about here), even thought that is an outcome I never would have predicted. I am not only spiritual, but I am now see myself as a Christian. It was the reality of the spirit world that led me the Church; I could no longer remain on the fence about the immortality of the soul and the need for guidance, protection and forgiveness while we are wandering through this world.

Marsha’s Journey:

Marsha always believed in the existence of spirits and knew that they could inhabit this world. After years of paranormal investigations, her interests have changed. It used to be the “excitement of exploring haunted places and the adrenaline rush of making contact,” she says, but now it’s more about helping troubled spirits and learning how best to communicate with them. She has discovered that “spirits contact us telepathically, through our emotions; it’s through our feelings and impressions that we can know them.” She is fascinated by the idea that we only use such a small proportion of our brain on a daily basis and wonders if spirit communication is taking place in the brain’s unused or under-utilized areas.
In terms of religion, she thinks that “religion changes peoples’ views on the paranormal. When you feel that there’s a prohibition on contacting spirits or you’re afraid of Hell, then you won’t attempt to figure out the big questions on your own.” She now knows that consciousness continues after death, and she is at peace with her intentions on investigations. “I feel closer to God and the Other Side, and our investigations have changed my feelings about Heaven. We have a goal now: what we do is for the benefit of the spirits, to help them in any way we can.” Marsha was always taught that God answers you through your emotions; this is what happens when she contacts the spirits—they affect her through her emotions.

Jennifer’s Journey:

“I have now been a paranormal investigator for two years, and already my thoughts on the paranormal have changed. I grew up, ironically, very afraid of ghosts. Other kids were afraid of the boogie man or monsters. I feared ghosts and spent many nights with the bathroom light on – or at the foot of my parents’ bed. I was terrified that I would look in the doorway one night and see a ghostly figure staring at me. I have no idea why I felt this way. My favorite show was Scooby Doo, and I couldn’t wait for slumber parties where I got to hear ghost stories……how weird is that? I guess the whole paranormal thing for me could be compared to that scary thrill amusement park ride that you keep getting back in line for! I wanted to know if they were real.

When I got invited to go on my first investigation, I admit – I was a little scared. I had obsessed over ghost hunting shows on T.V and wanted to be part of the investigative world so much, but what would I see? What would happen? Would I run? Would I scream? Well, I was surprised at how much I wasn’t afraid when I actually went; I felt almost calmness. With my personal experiences, I felt an excitement and sometimes emotion for the spirits I was connecting with. It put my mind at ease, and I was forever changed. I have yet to have any sort of ‘bad’ experience, so we’ll see about that. I have heard that you need to be careful and not keep yourself too open and vulnerable….. So far, so good! I can’t wait for the next chance to investigate!

I live alone in my house and now have no more fear of the dark. I almost welcome their company. With my own personal proof of life after death, I have developed more spirituality and a more personal relationship with God. I’m so lucky to have had this opportunity to pull back the ‘curtain’ of the unknown.”

–Jennifer Storey

We are in the unusual and very fortunate position of helping those working as writers and producers in the entertainment industry to understand the complex reasons behind the search for a spirit world here on Earth. We can abolish stereotypes, clarify intentions and bring some positive energy to a field that deserves more respect than it sometimes receives. Whatever we can do to promote spiritual growth and understanding for a wider audience is all for the good.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW


  1. Patrick says:

    Very cool to hear about this new adventure and also to hear your personal journeys! Thank you!

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