Casa del Mexicano: The EVP Evidence

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Halloween investigation of the Casa del Mexicano was extraordinary for a variety of reasons. There were several incidents that marked a first for our team. Let’s start with the clip of the Frank’s Box while we were engaged in asking questions to whom we believed was a female soul lingering near the staircase. Listen to the following audio with headphones on and volume up:

Casa del Mexicano Halloween Radio Goes On

This feels like a direct response to my question. Imagine the energy it takes to turn on a radio. Frank Beruecos and Dawn Gomez, our hosts for the evening, confirmed that the Frank’s Box had never turned itself on before. I’m not sure how it’s physically possible for that to happen; but happen, it did.

The next clip was caught shortly after the Frank’s Box started on its own. There is an agonized voice–either a child’s or a young woman’s–in the background behind the noise of the Frank’s Box. You will hear Erin say ‘thank you’ to a response she hears on the Frank’s Box, but she does not hear the voice in the background. Erin wrote to me about this clip, saying that it affected her greatly. I think you will understand why.

Casa del Mexicano Halloween Echo Voice

The next several clips you will hear are from the basement of the Casa. The basement has an entirely different feel from the rest of the building. Erin saw the apparition of a woman down there, and Marsha was ‘kissed’ by a spirit in the restroom area. This is where we have all heard rattling and banging from the kitchen and felt a darkness and oppression that is not felt in other rooms or floors. The consensus is that something traumatic must have happened in the basement that either has left an energy imprint or unhealthy and destructive entities are still very much alive and active in that location. Some of us think that a group of people were involved in illicit–possibly illegal–activities there, or that a woman was attacked on one or more occasions. The feel is one of tragedy and conflict. There also seems to be a tremendous need for establishing contact; there are competing energies of victim and abusers. A note of caution here: we have no proof that anything illegal or illicit occurred in the basement; these are impressions from the sensitives on the team.

Something of that disturbing dynamic comes through on audio. “Scary voice” is a direct response EVP that speaks for itself.

Casa del Mexicano Halloween Scary Voice

In the clip below, Erin hears something in the distance, clearly audible to us all:

Casa del Mexicano Halloween That Sounded Like Somebody Went

The “voice under Marsha” showcases two odd, breathy voices that she didn’t hear at the time. This clip is notable for how close to the recorder it sounds. Remember, our audio recorders are placed on the table or in other areas of the room, so close, breathy sounds are not originating with us.

Casa del Mexicano Halloween Voice Under Marsha

The “table hit” is one of everyone’s favorites. The bang under the table was quite strong and felt by everyone. None of us had moved. It was an impressive display of physical phenomena that is rare to experience on an investigation. This, along with the radio incident, tells me that some very strong spiritual energy is trapped in that building.

Casa del Mexicano Halloween Table Hit

This next clip is more difficult to hear and requires, again, good headphones and the volume way up. In the original clip, you can hear clear talking before one of us asks, “what was that?” It sounds like a woman speaking, but not to anyone else; she appears to be talking to us or to someone who does not respond. This ‘talking woman’ has shown up many, many times on my audio. It’s faint, but worth listening to several times. If you can make out anything she says, please let us know.

Casa del Mexicano Halloween What Was That

This next one was not picked up by the other ladies, so I only include it in case someone picks up the “hmmph” sound right as I ask “are you still here”. What makes this clip interesting is the fact that Frank heard this voice from across the room in the basement and comments on it; we ask where he heard it, and he says it was over by us. In the original clip (before I converted them to .wav extensions), you can hear the male voice close to the recorder. It continues to fascinate me that some people can hear voices in the room in real-time and others can’t; it’s interesting as well that sometimes we will all hear a voice that the recorders don’t pick up, and many times we think that nothing is happening at all, only to hear several EVPs quite clearly upon audio review. How and why this happens is one of the great mysteries during investigations. There must be some relationship here to the mindset and unconscious receptivity of the person or persons experiencing the phenomena.

Conclusion? We have no definitive answers, only impressions that become stronger and more distinct each time we investigate Casa del Mexicano. We are most definitely interested in a third visit, in the hope that the tenuous contact we have established so far can be strengthened and clarified.

Casa del Mexicano Halloween Voice Under Kirsten LONG

Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D./PHW

  1. Hortencia says:

    On the voice that say Marsha is telling you in a mean mad voice ” to get out ” it was a male voice he didn’ want you there he give a warning

    • Efrain says:

      The echo voice is speaking in spanish. I can’t tell what she says in the beginning but at the end she is saying “it is for the girl”

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