The Mansion at Culver Studios: The Most Haunted Site Ever?

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Erin, Marsha and Jennifer conducting an EMF sweep

We were invited by the Ricki Lake show to investigate ‘The Mansion,’ a sprawling structure that served as the Tara Mansion in the ‘Burning of Atlanta’ scene from “Gone With the Wind” and is currently used as offices. Actually, the Mansion always housed movie executives and staff and boasts some of the most beautiful woodwork we’ve ever seen. There is a private “boat room” in the back of the Mansion that looks like the interior of a yacht. Thomas Ince (studio executive and founder of the Culver City Studios) must have spent considerable time in his executive suite, since he occupied not only the boat room, but had a private living room, kitchen and several meeting rooms.

The paranormal activity in the ‘Living Room’ or ‘Wood Room’ was astounding. The responsive taps and bangs were almost too loud and specific to be believed; however, we did our due diligence and made sure that we were not hearing a heating system (it was off), pipes (there were no pipes in the area we were hearing the taps) or air conditioning units (the air was not running). The area below us were offices; there was nothing down there to explain what we were hearing.

The Paranormal Housewives were so honored to be invited to investigate “The Mansion”!

Even the audio crew were unable to understand the origins of these noises, and the strange activity interfered with their work. They had to pause at times to readjust their equipment–attempting to figure out the source of the interference–and were often quite perplexed at what they were picking up. They had not, they said, heard anything like this before.

In the theater area, Erin captured what might have been the best EVP of the night. It sounds like “is this a break out,” which might have something to do with movie lingo: “Is this a break out hit?” When she caught this EVP, one of the audio team felt “creeped out” by something behind the curtain, and everyone was uneasy, thinking that we were hearing whispering.

I personally felt as if someone or something stabbed me in the side when we were in the boat room, asking questions of Thomas Ince. The pain was intense and has not reappeared since the taping. At the time, we were asking about Ince’s death. There are, of course, rumors that he was shot to death by William Randolph Hearst. Perhaps he was attempting to communicate what he might have felt the night he died.

Jennifer was able to capture a woman’s voice in the third floor hallway. It seemed to her that this woman worked there, and was wondering why we were invading her space. Marsha saw a young boy standing in the doorway of the ‘Wood Room,’ and we might have caught his voice on one of the clips. All in all, this was one of the most–if not THE most–active sites we have ever investigated. There are many, many spirits in that Mansion, going about their business as usual, perhaps slightly unhappy with our interruption of the daily routine.

The only problem is, that daily routine is on course to last all of eternity.

Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D./PHW

These EVPs are self explanatory, but a note of caution: PLEASE LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES and the volume turned way up. If you hear something that we don’t, then PLEASE write to us with your impressions. You can contact us at:

Culver Studios Erin I am telling my parents

Culver Lot Mansion Tapping Room Male Voice 10 13 12

Culver Lot Mansion Tapping Room ResponsiveTaps 10 13 12

Culver Lot Mansion Tapping Room Not A Heater 10 13 12

Culver Lot Mansion Tapping Room Shave and a Haircut 10 13 12

Culver Lot Mansion Tapping Room Voice 10 13 12

Culver Lot Mansion Tapping Room What can we do for you 10 13 12

Culver Studios Erin Sneeze wood room

Culver Studios Marsha Boat Room tapThomas Ince

Culver Studios Erin Whispering close to mic Theater


  1. Patrick says:

    Very cool opportunity! Thanks for posting about it!

  2. No, it did not serve as Tara. And even if it had, Tara was not located in Atlanta so how could it have appeared in the burning of Atlanta scene?

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