Leaving the Spirits Behind and Moving On: A Residential Investigation

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Paranormal Housewives investigated the home of Nyqolas (20) and Natalie (18) on Thursday, October 11th, 2012. They live with their mother Mary and their little sister who were not present that night. The entire family has been experiencing paranormal activity for some time. They are in the process of moving; that kind of upheaval can often exacerbate spirit activity. In Nyq’s words:

“My family and I have been living here for about 15-16 years. My father, we believe, might have brought along all the bad spirits to our home, even to the point where I was attacked by one who I believed to be a positive spirit about 5-6 years ago. Seeing as that I was sadly mistaken, I’ve been blessing my house ever since, but there are still weird things that go on. For instance, the cabinet doors still open when everyone is asleep and I’m the only one awake. I wind up hearing rustling coming from my kitchen along with a voice here and there, but nothing like the entity 5-6 years ago, luckily. So far, though, it just seems like my house is a resting spot for traveling spirits.”
The Paranormal Housewives conducted their investigation from about 9:00 to 11:00 PM. We had some profound experiences.
1. The house appears to have three entities, possibly four, inhabiting different spaces. One of these is a small boy who makes noises in the kitchen and likes to play. One of us saw a little hand come around the wall. That night, there were  rustling noises coming from the kitchen and the general impression that this child wanted to be part of the action and get our attention. That is what Nyq, Natalie and their mother report. The opening of all the cabinet drawers is attributed to him. He occupies a ‘lighter’ space in the kitchen and by the back door. We thought we heard his voice that night, and we might have a clip of him on audio (see below).

2. The second entity might be a family member who passed away about one year ago.  Erin sensed him repeating, “it’s not right, it’s not right.” I sensed that he was trying defend the members of the household from something darker. Erin actually saw a dark figure in the mother’s room and was startled.

3. There is (or was) a darker, more threatening energy in the house that may–as Nyq states–result from the negative impression that their father left behind. It could also be a threatening being that the deceased family member is trying to keep away from the family. Whether or not this entity is ‘real’, a true threat, is debatable. It could be that this family member has created the threat from his own guilt and pain; in any case, we felt him to be in “watchdog” mode in the house, something that Nyq and Natalie confirmed.
4. Jennifer sensed a female presence standing in the doorway to the mother’s room. We may have caught her voice on audio. We don’t know who she might be at this point. Erin and I had a couple of big “hits” it terms of our impressions of the night. Erin kept getting a figure from the “Goonies” movie showing up in her head and was confused by this. Nyq stated that this came up at the bridal shower for the daughter of the deceased: the “Goonies” was her favorite movie growing up, and she communicated that fact to everyone at the shower as part of a bridal shower game. This was, for the family, confirmation that the person in question was validating his presence in the house. Also, near the end, after Marsha asked what we could do for him, I received the strong image of a piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on it. This was this family member’s favorite dessert, and his wife often made it for him. It was also something that brought the family together at holidays. Evidently, homemade pie was a symbol of family unity for him. We took this to mean that the family needs to stay united and continue with the celebrations that were always so important.
We ended the night with a series of questions from Marsha and a prayer for those entities in the home to go to the light and release themselves and the home of any negative energy. Everyone noticed that by the end of the investigation, the house felt much, much lighter and more welcoming. The darker energy that we felt and the strong emotions of sadness, anger and fear had dissipated.



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