Rancho Camulos: The EVPs

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Members of the Del Valle Family

Unless otherwise indicated, these EVPs came from the room next to the “Book Room,” where books from the property are currently for sale. The room was once used as a bedroom for one of the Ruben girls (and surely, one or more of the Del Valle family). In the first clip, you will hear Kimberly ask, “Is this your bedroom?” The iOvilus responds, “mostly”: A nice, direct answer!

Rancho Camulos 6 30 12 Mostly

The next clip was captured by the chapel on the property. There is a sigh, whisper or moan near the end:

Kimberly Camulos EVP 1

In this clip one can hear a whisper under Marsha’s voice:

Kimberly Camulos June 30 Whisper Under Marsha

The next clip was recorded in the basement of the property. The noise is unidentified, but has much in common with other recordings we have uploaded; it sounds “other worldly,” almost metalic or mechanistic. Nothing in our bag of tricks sounds remotely like this:

Kimberly Camulos EVP 5

Next we have Kimberly’s best clip. This was recorded in the house nearest the road. She was with two investigators from other teams, and they confirmed that the person that says “house” was neither one of them. This is a “class A” EVP, since it is so clear anyone can easily identify exactly what it says.

Rancho Camulos Kimberly HOUSE EVP 7

The entire night was characterized–at least for Marsha, Kirsten, Jennifer, Ty and IMS–by physical sensations, best described as electricity running up the spine to the back of the neck and around our heads. Some of us where directly touched on our legs and felt that we were surrounded by energy. This responsive energy was concentrated in the bedroom and the book room, where some of us saw shadows and fleeting, whitish forms. The line of questioning that was provoking the most response centered on questions to the girl who used to (still is?) living there; every time we directed questions to her about her whereabouts, how she was feeling, what happened in the house, what she used to enjoy, and so on, there were physical sensations that affected most of the investigators experienced the same way. Especially significant to me was the fact that my husband–arch skeptic–felt the same electric sensations running up his back to his neck as the rest of us felt.

This is a great example of “clairsentience,” or “clear feeling”. Someone truly wanted us to know that she was still there in some form, and was trying to communicate her feelings. Jennifer believed those feelings were primarily of sadness and loneliness, and at many points at least three of us felt as if we were about to cry. No one said that the proverbial “Other Side” was necessarily a place of peace, comfort or resolution of past pain. Perhaps this is not so surprising, considering how many people lived out both their joys and their profound sorrows at Rancho Camulos.

Kirsten A. Thorne

  1. Efrain says:

    The second one says something like “hey” or “hi”

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