Are You There, Grandma?

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Paranormal Housewives investigate lots of haunted homes and buildings. Every once in awhile, we question whether or not to hunt for ghosts in our own homes. Do we want to know if we also live with the paranormal? Would it be another exciting adventure, or . . . really creepy?

 I live as a divorced, single mother in an old home with my 8-year-old daughter. For now, I’ve chosen not to investigate my own home.  But, this week, I took the PHW to a place not as close, but still extremely personal: My Grandma’s house. This was a fascinating thought, but there were also some questions: Was this case too personal for me? Would I possibly make some sort of connection? What If I didn’t? Would I let emotions take over? Would my family even approve?

My beloved Grandma was born in 1917 and was with us until she passed in early January in the home. I know that after my Grandpa died in 1992, she never slept in the master bedroom again. My mom told me that for five years, she thought she heard him coming home when she would hear the sound of a key jiggling in the front door.

 I spent my whole life there every holiday. We had a wonderful blessed family life, and I have the fondest memories of her cooking with her white apron and sparkling clean house. It boasted gorgeous antiques dating as far back as 1750, and she had the most beautiful flowers arranged everywhere.

At 95, she had lived a full life. She was born during the Depression in the “dustbowl” of America. She was raised poor in Missouri and Kansas. She lost both of her siblings as children to diphtheria and pneumonia, and her father left the family to find work and never returned. She traveled to California with her Aunt and Uncle and on her way, experienced Speakeasys and illegal prohibition alcohol. Through it all, she maintained her innocent morals and values.

 She got a respectable job at a soda fountain, went to school, became the Rose Queen of Pasadena, and married my Grandpa. He was a wonderful, handsome and witty man. Together, they lived the “American dream,” along with the three children and white picket fence.

 This wasn’t exactly a sad or angry case. I had no idea what we would find, if anything! I always thought the house was happy and beautiful, but I do remember being afraid of the back master bedroom and middle hallway as a child. Was this because I had a big imagination, or was I experiencing something more? Is something else in the house? Could there be an attachment to some of the furniture? Could the previous owners still be hanging around? Questions, Questions!!

In the picture below, there appears to be a face above the ‘light line’ in the bathroom (Kirsten).

As for my family, they turned out to be very supportive. My mom even joined us at the investigation. We both came in with an open mind, and the investigation turned out great. What we experienced was actually a surprise! Here are some of the experiences and clips of EVPs. I definitely want to go back!

 -Jennifer Storey-Graham


Summary: The EVPs from this house were responsive and generally consisted of bangs, taps and other audio phenomena that were heard by the entire group. We caught all of these noises on audio. We are all familiar with the sounds of  houses “settling” and the noises that wood makes when expanding or contracting due to heating and cooling; these, however, did not strike any of us as belonging in that category. There is a resonance to these sounds that give them a “created” or intentional quality. Please listen with headphones and the volume turned up. Any feedback would, as always, be appreciated.

03 17 2012 Jen1tapafterquestion

03 17 2012 Jen2 Pool Tap

(In the EVP below, there was an incredibly loud bang in response to my question. As it turns out, Jennifer’s grandmother did not allow anyone into the back bedroom after her husband died and would have been quite upset that all of us–strangers to her for the most part–had set up camp there.)

03 17 2012 Jen Grandma Big Bang

03 17 2012 Jen4 Whisper   (If you can make out what this whisper says, let us know!!)

03 17 2012 Jen5 Strange Noise  (Unidentified sound)

03 17 2012 Jen6 Front Door Opening  (This is a fascinating story. We were sitting in the hallway, when I heard the sound of footsteps, the jiggling of the front door latch, and then saw the door open wide, very slowly and deliberately. The other ladies saw this, as well. Jennifer and her mother both assumed that the sister had come over and walked in. It turned out that no one was there at all. My thought on this was that Grandmother was disgusted with all of the activity in her house, and she simply walked outside. Perhaps there is another, better explanation; but this episode ranks up there with some of the best phenomena we have experienced as a team.)

03 17 2012 Jen8 Dining Room Tap

03 17 2012 Jen9 Bang after ITC   (There seemed to be some relief when we finished the ITC session)

03 17 2012 Jen 10 Dresser Bang  (This dresser was the locus of much responsive banging. Attachment?)

03 17 2012 Jen 11 Man Talking   (This is rather faint, but it’s a man’s voice. There was only one man with us, Ty, and he was filming, not speaking.)

Can we answer the question of the title, “Are you there, Grandma?” I don’t think any of us can, but it certainly seems that at least for the first half of the investigation, Grandma was indeed there. After the door incident, it was the general impression that someone else was there . . . but it wasn’t Grandma. We may never know who it was, or why they were there.

Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D./PHW

All photos property of and The Paranormal Housewives

In the picture below, you see a very large orb. OK, we know that orbs are not paranormal; however, this one is pretty huge and rather interesting (Kirsten).

  1. Patrick says:

    I think this must have been a really cool experience for all. I had some similar knocking experiences in one of my EVP sessions here in my home just last week. I recorded daily for 2 weeks and all of a sudden in one session (about 20 minutes) there were so many knocks and what I believe was attempts to communicate. It was only that one day. Did you go in ready to use knocking as a way to communicate or did it just start happening?

    Great case!

  2. Kimberly Demmary says:

    Hi Patrick, it just started all on its own! This was by far the most knocking I’ve experienced on an investigation. It was startling and exciting at the same time. Sometimes it would be down the hall or right by our heads. I was constantly wondering when and where it would strike next. I can’t wait to go back.

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