Wild Times in Idyllwild: The Most Scandalous Retreat Yet!!

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


The Paranormal Housewives—all six of us—headed off to Pine Cove and Idyllwild for our second annual retreat at Kirsten’s cabin! Imagine: six women, one bathroom, two bedrooms and an abandoned cabin less than five minutes away, walking. Combine that with pink wine for Marsha’s birthday and an altitude of over 6,000 feet and you have: insanity and more fun than should be legal. Below are the ladies’ favorite moments from the weekend:

“My two favorite moments of the weekend were: 1. On Friday night when Kirsten,
Marsha, me and Jen were at the cabin and Jen got a hold of the camera. She
was crazy camera lady taking all these pictures of us! I have never laughed
so hard in my life!! I love how we all feel so comfortable with each other
that we can all just be ourselves and we don’t feel like we have to “put on
a show”….even though we kind of did for the camera! 2. On Sunday morning
after we made breakfast and everyone was there together at the dining room
table eating, talking and laughing. We were one, big, happy paranormal family.”


“I had such a blast and many favorite moments. I would have to say my favorite was playing games and drinking wine in front of the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music.  It felt like I was with family. So warm & cozy! From Erin and me singing familiar movie songs, to Kirsten drinking her tea from a tea pot that sounds like a train when it boils to saving spiders, Marsha rushing out the door with a broom to save us from the coyotes, to Kim trying to drive with that big leopard coat, to Liz playing with her squirrel finger puppet next to me. This all confirmed that family feeling. Love you girls!!!”

“My favorite time was driving up to the cabin with Liz and she tells Marsha on the phone that we are passing (the city of) Narrow Bridge! I laughed so hard I was crying.  I loved that we got to spend Marsha’s birthday with her. It’s such a special day. We had six ladies and only one bathroom and we managed that without any hair pulling! Also, playing checkers with Kirsten was fun (fantastic one-on-one time) even though I didn’t know I was playing with a professional!  I really loved playing games and taking our walk/adventure to the empty cabin (Giving Jen a camera is a dangerous thing). Making breakfast with Erin, eating at the table as a team or family was really wonderful. We have this bond that I had never thought possible. . . .

Oh yeah! I forgot about Jen trying to sleep in the closet like Harry Potter! You are crazy girl.”

–Kimberly Demmary

 Hi everyone! I miss you all! Thanks for such an amazing weekend, and for all the gifts! A few of my favorite weekend moments was when we first arrived at the cabin and Kirsten was twisted up in the pink streamers she used to decorate the cabin. I couldn’t help but smile as she opened her arms wide and said, “Ta da!” I so love Kirsten!! Another favorite moment was when Jen was taking all the pictures of us! The Paranormal Housewives really know how to rock a photo shoot!! I can’t forget how happy I was to see Kimberly and Liz! Sunday breakfast was so wonderful! I love all my Paranormal Housewives!!


My favorite moments were when I asked Marsha to use the Icy Hot spray on me, and I screamed and everyone thought there was something wrong.  Also when I found the cute squirrel at the store and Kim was ready to kill it even before I bought it; and also when Jen was getting ready to sleep in the closet.  Sigh… those were great moments.  


And my favorite moments? There were so many of them, that it’s truly difficult to choose. There was one point when everyone was on their phone, and I was finishing up the dishes. I came out of the kitchen into the living room with handfuls of knives that I had been drying. I told them all (not seriously!) to get off their phones, we’re in the cabin, no technology allowed, etc., when Jen grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of me. The combination of wine, altitude, four knives and a camera was too much; I kind of lost my mind. I think that the pictures speak for themselves.

Also, there is this ongoing joke about the spiders at the cabin. Kimberly and Erin have a true spider phobia, which is unfortunate, because the cabin is FILLED with Wolf spiders (they are, by the way, totally harmless). I try very hard to capture them with a plastic cup and release them into the wild, but every now and then I can’t stop a PHW from crushing one with her slipper (Marsha!) because “it was attacking me,” (Puh-leeese) or someone else using Icy Hot to immobilize and suffocate them in the guest bedroom (you know who you are). I defend my Wolfies, but freaked-out PHWs are not always in their right mind and destroy them without mercy.

We were kind of cranky and tired by Saturday night (mostly me), but I still loved playing “The Worst Case Scenario” and finding out that I would probably survive a centipede bite and figure out what to do if an assassin were following me in his car. I also have to mention how much I love “Rubber-Toe” at La Casita in Idyllwild. He is kind, sweet, caring and was thinking of us the very day that we were driving up. Mostly, however, as we sat around the breakfast table on Sunday morning, I was thankful that after so many years of only having acquaintances, I finally have real friends.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

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