Mystery on Myosotis Street

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Myosotis (forget-me-not)


DATE: November 5th, 2011

TIME: 8:00—11:00 PM

INVESTIGATORS: Erin Hayes-Potter, Kirsten A. Thorne, Lizeth Martinez, Jennifer Storey

CLIENTS: Requested to remain anonymous

General observations: The home is one of the original structures on the block. It was built in 1926 and had two owners. Some records show the home as a four-bedroom, two-bath property with two bonus rooms. Others show three bedrooms with 1 ¼ bath. The home currently has five bedrooms and two baths. Clearly, this house has undergone permutations over time, but nothing in the records show remodeling permits. The house was sold in 2007 to the current owner who rents the home to our clients. Prior to that, the home was appraised at $34,000 the last time it sold, so the previous owner probably bought the home in the 1930s or 1940s (the date was not available). According to the clients, the previous owner died on the property in 2006 or 2007. We have not yet located county records to confirm that.

Clients’ claims of paranormal activity: Three of the women living on the property have suffered physical injury of unknown cause. This includes bruising on the legs and arms (“handprint” patterns); feeling pushed down the stairs; and the sensation of someone choking one of the women; she woke up the next morning with a thumbprint-like bruise on her neck. Other claims include a door in the upstairs bedroom popping open and moving back and forth; in the same room, a CD player spontaneously shutting off on several occasions; again in that bedroom, the occupant finding herself waking up with her head next to a particular wall (unusual, since she never falls asleep that way); the sound of people walking and talking upstairs when no one is there; and shadows in the hallway moving from one room to the next.

The Investigation: After discussing the claims with the residents of the home and asking questions designed to determine other factors that could be causing the activity, we focused on the following areas: the upstairs bedroom where most of the claims currently originate; the master bedroom; the bedroom where one occupant felt smothered and later discovered the bruise on her neck; and the basement.

First Bedroom: We started in the bedroom with the most claims of paranormal activity. Immediately, we discovered unusual K-2 readings. Some of the highest readings, hitting all the way to red—were on the wall under and near a bank of windows where the client claims to wake up, having changed her original position in the bed. Although this could indicate bad wiring in the room, it seems unusual that wiring would affect the K-2 meter by a window. The K-2 activity seemed to follow the client in that room, not displaying any particular pattern. The room itself is slanted towards the street and creates a “fun house” effect, causing several members of the investigative team to feel dizzy and “sea sick”. The room was small with an unusual ceiling; it’s doubtful that it was always used as a bedroom. The entire house has been altered from the original footprint, judging by the size and odd placement of certain walls, ceilings and windows.  The door popping open would make sense given the unusual angle of the floor, but it’s more difficult to explain the door moving back and forth. From this room, we caught two EVPs. In the first, the occupant of that bedroom asks, “Would you be happier if I cleaned my room again?” and there is an unintelligible response from a male voice (there were no men in the room at the time).  In the second clip, Jennifer asks, “Do you like that we’re here now?” and there is a very faint “no” response which I hear in the room and upon which I comment:



Second Bedroom (Master Bedroom): The occupant of this room decided not to attend the investigation. The same group—Erin, Kirsten, Liz, Jennifer, a photographer and two female members of the household—joined us for an EVP session in the master bedroom. Erin and I both felt that this room was darker and heavier with a more “male” energy; Erin got the impression that this was a meeting area for groups of men, suggesting “roundtables” or conferences of some sort. After thinking that perhaps this had something to do with mechanics or industry, I realized that Erin was on a different track as she continued to receive the image of a gathering of men in discussion. I then suggested “Freemasons,” and she immediately recognized the name as matching her sense of what happened in the room or in that general area. At this point, one of the girls living in the house gasped. Apparently, one of the male housemates had been seeing flyers for the Freemasons all around the neighborhood and it had become a topic of discussion in the house. The Freemasons were on their minds for the previous two weeks. There was an old Freemason building a few blocks from the house, and two other meeting sites in the neighborhood without addresses. After some Internet research, we discovered later that the name of the street, “Myosotis”, referred to the “forget-me-not”, one of the main symbols of the Freemasons representing freedom from Nazi oppression in World War II.

The K-2 activity was intense in this bedroom. Again, it didn’t seem to follow any pattern and at times reached red in the middle of the room. The unusual K-2 activity in the two bedrooms was not duplicated anywhere else in the house. However, since we can’t prove that this wasn’t related to wiring issues or electricity leaks in those areas, we can’t claim with certainty that the K-2 was picking up paranormal activity. It is possible that the strong energy leaks were allowing or contributing to the experiences in those rooms (spirit energy can ‘use’ such leaks to manifest or create physical disturbances). We picked up one response in our EVP session.


Third Bedroom: This is the room where one of the female residents felt that she was being strangled or choked and awoke to find finger-sized bruises on her throat. Oddly enough, there was no K-2 activity whatsoever. The room was freezing cold, but we did not determine how much colder it was than the other bedrooms. We conducted an EVP session with the same team members and residents as before. The “Ghost Radar” from the iPhone was particularly active. Typically, we don’t take these readings too seriously unless they are very meaningful and/or occur in conjunction with other phenomena. Such words as “darkness” and “identity” popped up, and then a possibly meaningful string: “family,” “killed,” and “need”. At this point, independently of what the Ghost Radar was reporting, I felt nauseous and frightened and decided to leave the room and sit in the hallway. The general consensus was that this room was the most disturbing in terms of people’s emotional/psychological reactions. There were several EVPs from this bedroom. At the moment I was about the leave the room, there is a voice that says “don’t go”. I reveal the voice, because it’s a Class A EVP not requiring interpretation:


Other EVPs appear below from the same room. They are not as clear, so I am leaving them to you, the listener, to decipher:



Basement: The basement was quite large, with a footprint equal to the first floor. It is used as a recreation room, with bicycle storage, pool tables, couches and tables. When we first toured the area, it felt ominous and dark; upon investigating the area, there was no sense of oppression whatsoever. Something had shifted completely by the end of the evening. The iOvilus emitted some interesting responses, answering some questions quite well, and spitting out nonsensical responses to some questions which were quite funny. Jennifer and Erin both felt that there was a playful, male presence in the downstairs. At one point, the iOvilus stunned us all. I was counting the number of people and I get to the number eight; right then, the iOvilus states, “ate”. Of course, the spelling is wrong, but the homonym is right on. There were, indeed, “ate” of us. We thank it profusely and it states, “anytime”.


Conclusions: During the investigation, one of the residents was using professional audio equipment to record the EVP sessions. She uses the equipment on a regular basis as a journalist. During our investigation of the second bedroom, the recorder deleted the entire file right after I noticed odd K-2 activity and commented that something was moving through me and next to her. The deleted file incident was so upsetting to her, that she opted not to continue the investigation with us. She has never experienced anything like it before or since. As I was writing up my conclusions and remarks here on this site, I also experienced the strangest alterations in the text I have ever seen; as I attempted to post this entry, most I what I wrote was deleted. That has never happened to me before.

Something or someone, it appears, does not want this story told. I will try later to repost my original conclusions; that is, if the mystery at Myosotis street allows it.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D./PHW

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