Silver City and the Traveling Ghosts: Spirits of the Gold Rush

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J. Paul Corlew is in the background; I’m not sure who is in profile here.

Silver City is an odd, unsettling place; fascinating for its history and intriguing for the many reports of ghostly activity in and around the town.

Silver City is actually a collection of buildings rescued from surrounding ghost towns. In the late 60s and 70s, the Mill family began the process of moving the structures–which include a jail, a church, a saloon and a hotel, among other public buildings–to the current site. J. Paul Corlew and family took over in 1990 and opened Silver City to the public in 1992, after extensive renovation and repair. It includes a museum and antique store, filled with relics from that time period. For more complete information including hours of admission, special events and directions, please see:

Evidence of paranormal activity has been captured on film (apparitions and the ever-controversial orbs) and in audio recordings, such as the clips below that the Paranormal Housewives caught the night of our investigation. Many people report personal experiences, but what made Jay a believer was watching a heavy miner’s lunchbox fly across a room. In my case, I must say that the entire town has an eerie feeling, as if one were being constantly watched from the dark corners. Our investigation included the jail, the church, the Apalatea/Burlando house and the saloon. The jail and the Burlando House manifested the most activity, including long conversations through a blinking flashlight and the occasional disembodied voice and responsive taps.

The evening’s personal experiences paled in comparison to the EVPs that Kimberly caught later. It seems that whoever is still lingering at Silver City–either attached to the buildings or drawn there by the atmosphere–is definitely interested in communicating with us.

The following EVPs were recorded the night of our investigation. As always, listen loud with headphones.


The above EVP should be self explanatory. It was recorded in the Burlando house. If you don’t hear the response, let me know, and I’ll send you our interpretation.


This one is interesting, since none of us have a high-pitched voice like the one you will hear in the clip. We have no idea who–or what–is speaking here.


Should be, again, self explanatory. Captured in the church.


“Wormie Annie” was the nickname–albeit not the most flattering one–of a large and–ahem–loose woman who used to sell bait from this house.  Her image has been captured on film, reflected in a window–make sure to check it out on Silver City’s web site. Here, she apparently responds to a question.


A response to a query captured in Wormie Annie’s house.


The above audio clip–and the next two–were captured on the iOvilus (an iPhone application that purports to use algorithms to track ghostly activity and turn them into speech). This one gives the appropriate name in the appropriate place!


This was captured in the house where Johnny Burlando once lived. The odds are quite high against a relevant name popping up in the appropriate place, and when it happens three times–something strange is going on!


This name appeared during an EVP session; it happens to be the name of Jay’s house ghost!

The Paranormal Housewives were impressed with the stories, the personal experiences, the overall “feel” of Silver City, and the audio evidence. We’re pretty sure this town has more than its share of ghosts, but just to be COMPLETELY sure, we are planning a return trip on October 15th, 2011. Here is the information, copied from Silver City’s Facebook page:

“News flash: Our first ever “Paranormal 101” event! Public Lantern Tour/Paranormal Investigation Oct 15th. 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Intro & tour by J Paul Corlew (as seen on “My Ghost Story”). Featuring “The Paranormal Housewives” Team conducting a LIVE investigation & teaching ethical ghost hunting techniques & tips. Learn from the pros: what will you find? Special prizes & surprises! Tickets $12.00 ea.all ages on sale at 8:00 pm that night at gate. Proceeds to the Apalatea Burlando House & Wormie Annie Saloon roofs. Upcoming Lantern Tours Oct. 28-29-30-31st with an amazing line up of Paranormal Investigators! Help us stop the leaks! Don’t miss these historic events!”

So come and join us and see for yourself what–or who– lurks in the dark corners of Silver City’s artfully decaying past.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D./PHW

  1. Craig says:

    The High Desert Paranormal Society was thrilled to be able to Investigate with you guys. We had a blast and look forward to speaking with you further.

    Craig, H.D.P.S

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