When You Don’t Know What the Heck You’re Hearing: Tales From a (Possibly) Haunted House

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kimberly Demmary and Kirsten Thorne–two of the three investigators for the following residential case (missing: Jennifer Storey Graham).

Anyone who tracks spirits, souls, ghosts, or other ethereal creatures who have crossed the space/time barrier knows one thing above all else: you don’t really know who, or what, is contacting you. You may have a hypothesis, a working theory, or just a hunch, but in the end, the interpretation of your data is a very daunting task. Usually, I end up with the same conclusion from most, if not all, of our investigations: I have no idea who this is. Sometimes, I can’t even say for certain that this is a “who”; it could be a “what”, which makes it more difficult to classify.

So what do we say to the homeowner who wants answers? Well, you end up qualifying much of what you can affirm. In this investigation, not everything we heard made sense. Perhaps I should start with some EVPs and then offer my commentaries; then, dear reader, you can decide for yourself if there is a coherent picture here, or a random collection of oddities.

The home had reports of shadows, moving fans when they were switched off, all manner of noises (bumps, thumps, conversation), full-bodied apparitions (witnessed by the client’s children), cold spots, and a general sense of ‘being watched’. Her hope was that this was a grandparent, or at least someone watching over the home. The client had experienced paranormal events in the past, usually involving her grandmother. Other family members had been in contact with the (deceased) grandparents, so it appears that this ability runs in the family. Our hope was to find some evidence that a family member was indeed attempting to make contact, or at least be able to offer a coherent, overall picture or pattern of activity.

The house was built in the 1990s and is part of a tract of homes all built on old farmland. According to the homeowner, the land on which the newer tract homes were built was a place where gangs would bury (or deposit without ceremony) the bodies of their victims. We were unable to confirm this, but we have no reason to believe that such barbarity did not occur in the area, since there was a fair amount of gang activity in the general vicinity of the property.

The day of the investigation was sunny and calm. There were no atmospheric conditions that would interfere with the investigation. The client’s husband had taken the children out for the evening, and the homeowner stayed with us. At times the investigation became quite emotional, especially when the discussion turned to spirits who might be seeking out the homeowner for comfort or solace. Although I can’t say exactly what her current job is, I can affirm that it involves intense emotions and undeniable human drama.

We didn’t capture anything on video or in photographs. We did, however, catch some odd and interesting audio. Without further ado, here are the EVPs. The following are from Kimberly Demmary’s audio:

EVP 1: Kimberly residential EVP 1

SPOILER ALERT: clear male voice

EVP 2: Kimberly residential EVP 2

A “bump” in response.

EVP 3: Kimberly residential EVP 3

A click that we all heard that in daughter’s room

EVP 4: Kimberly residential EVP 4

Kimberly is walking from son’s room to daughter’s room, Kirsten is crawling. Is there another mans voice? (note: this is precisely the area where the daughter claimed to see a man standing in the hallway)

EVP 5: Kimberly residential EVP 5

Is there a breath or a whisper here?

EVP 6: Kimberly residential EVP 6

Kimberly just sits down on the floor and we hear this noise. It happens twice in the clip.

EVP 7: Kimberly residential EVP 7

This one gives me chills. Who is this woman? It almost sounds like she is talking backwards.

EVP 8: Kimberly residential EVP 8

I had gotten off the floor to open the son’s bedroom door and you can hear Kimberly notice that her bag was in there. Whose voice is this?

Kimberly residential EVP 9

No idea what this noise might be.

Kimberly residential EVP 10

These are definite bangs on the floor! We asked for responses, we got them!

Kimberly residential EVP 11

SPOILER ALERT: This is very faint. After Kirsten says, “This is a place of light “ I think I hear a “Get out”

Kimberly residential EVP 12

We are asking questions about the farmers who we think lived on this land. We get an answer from the Ovilus!

The following are the only two audio clips of mine that are worth listening to, since my recorder sounded muddy that night (I figured out the problem and have since fixed it). I include the extended and isolated clip that correspond to Kimberly’s EVP #7. This sounds like a woman speaking backwards. I offer no explanations for this one. It’s very strange and rather disconcerting.

Kirsten August 13 11 EVP 10 extended

Kirsten August 13 11 EVP 10 isolated


We are not, unfortunately, able to confirm the identity of these voices and noises. I don’t know if there are family members attempting to make contact, or victims of gang violence attempting to communicate with us or the family. I will venture a guess that we are dealing here with both residual phenomena and intelligent spirits who respond to questions and requests. There seems to be something of a darker nature, a more traumatic imprint, in the home as well as another presence or presences that seem benign and perhaps comforting. This is an impression, not hard fact; I do not speak for Kimberly or Jennifer, who may have different opinions on how to best interpret our experience there.

A return trip is warranted in this case, since we have rather contradictory evidence and were not able to track down the source of the activity in the home. The iOvilus, if one takes it seriously, was sending out a multitude of farm related vocabulary, suggesting a strong connection to the land. If the home is indeed built on a burial ground of victims of gang violence, that would create the proper environment for a haunting, especially with a client who is empathic and possibly “mediumistic”.

In the absence of answers, we have more questions. When the client is ready, the Paranormal Housewives are prepared to tackle this mystery once again . . . and however long it takes to provide some peace of mind.

Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D./PHW

  1. Dave says:

    Compelling evidence. Especially the “seeds” EVP.

  2. Kimberly Demmary says:

    This investigation was great. The homeowner was a lovely woman, very sweet and the house was beautiful, friendly, and inviting. So it was a little deceiving since it didn’t seem to fit the typical “haunted” profile to me. Which is what I love about this business. You never know what you are going to step into when you go to a location. Some of the EVPs are faint, but I love the ones where you can hear a mans voice, considering it was only women in the house that night. The house was full of bumps and knocks in response to questions. And sometimes the Ovilus really works. And sometimes it just tosses out random words. I am glad in this case it seemed to work with us and communicate. The location was built on what was once farmland so it only makes sense that we were picking that up. Who was communicating back? I have no idea. A farmer maybe? Or, like Kirsten mentioned, a possible victim of gang violence? All-in-all, I’m not sure how I feel about the place. I’m not so sure I feel any negative energy. Sadness, maybe. But I must say the experience was fantastic, we made a new friend, and I really hope we get a second chance to investigate again.

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