Three Creepy Growls and One Scared Homeowner: Is This House A Haven for Lost Souls?

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since our client requested confidentiality, I’m not posting any pictures of her house or any house, for that matter. This is a wonderful image Ty took at the San Fernando Mission. Our client liked it so much, she insisted we use it in the post even though it’s not a haunted house picture.

This client is not thrilled about the results of our investigation.

It was early June; a nice, quiet evening; just three of us, Kirsten, Liz and Kimberly. Our client said that her house had a long history, dating back to the 1920s when it was used as a hunting cabin for Los Angelinos looking for a rustic and wild vacation. Rumor has it, back in those days, the Santa Monica mountains were home to large cats and other game that attracted hunters to the area long before it became a Topanga-like neighborhood.

The Girard Cabins still exist here, all of them at least 80-90 years old. There are many stories of hauntings in this neighborhood, ranging from the mild (apparitions and strange scents) to the horrid (a bathtub filled with blood). Our client related that her own house had started off with activity, mostly the sound of heavy boots pacing the wood floors at all hours of the night. Her husband, even though hardly inclined to believe in ghosts, had a sense of foreboding and “being watched” as he brushed his teeth in the bathroom attached to the bedroom, part of the original cabin. There have been many strange occurrences since then: the front door jiggled as if someone were trying to come in, but no one was there; strange perfumes have floated through the bedroom in the wee hours of the morning; odd sounds of fabric rustling in the bedroom, along with the sounds of something being dragged across the floor; unaccountable movement of books and other heavy objects; voices and strange noises in the living room; electrical disturbances; and a general feeling of someone watching or observing the activities in the house, especially in the original area where the kitchen, dining nook and bedroom are currently located.

The downstairs was a relatively new addition, probably constructed sometime in the 1970s. Since there had been some K-2 activity in that area during the initial visit, we decided to start there. Right after we descended the stairs and settled in with our recorders, the stool at the computer desk started to turn, slowly and deliberately, right before our eyes. Then the lamp on the other table flashed on and off in a very unusual pattern (the client assures us that this had never happened before and has not happened since). I have to admit, I rather lost my composure at that moment. We were all terribly excited by this display, or greeting perhaps; we eagerly asked questions and attempted to entice the spirits into a repeat performance, but the rest of the evening was quiet, with the exception of shadow figures that appeared to be moving from the kitchen into the bedroom.

Upon audio review, the three of us caught the same breath in the recorder. It is clearly none of us, and no one else was in the house at the time. This was the first time that three Paranormal Housewives all caught the same EVP:

creepy breath Kirsten

creepy breath KIM

creepy breath LIZ

By now, you should be rather intrigued: just what IS THAT? I find myself using capitals to express the sheer amazement of something like this. Ah, but there was much more to come, as we reviewed more audio. I will post a few of the most interesting, with a brief commentary for those who want to know what to listen for.

The answer is no

In the above clip, the client is wondering if perhaps the stool spinning and the flashing lamp might have something to do with the spirits of her deceased cats. Clearly, the answer is “no”.

Little laugh LIZ

Lizeth caught the little laugh in the above clip; it sounds like a child’s laugh. It is certainly not any of us, as you will hear.

is this Liz

The same clip from a different perspective. We have determined that this is not Liz.

the answer is me KIM

In the above clip, we are all upstairs and Kimberly asks a question, to which the clear (if faint) answer is, “me”.

Response to KIM

Kimberly asks a question, and receives a clear reply.

sick to stomach LIZ

The above clip is difficult for me to believe, but upon careful review, it really isn’t any of us stating “I’m sick to my stomach”. How that is possible is beyond me; however, I’m not %100 convinced on this one. What do you think?


SPOILER ALERT: There are a couple of interpretations of what this voice says; it sounds like someone saying “do it.”

I (Kirsten) had an interesting experience while investigating the downstairs. Just after I insist that the spirits STAY AWAY from the client’s child at all costs (she is only 9, and doesn’t need to be afraid of anything in her own house), going so far as to threaten to “kick spirit butt” (I know, that wasn’t terribly professional), I immediately felt a hand run across the exposed part of my lower back. I reacted *strongly* to that provocation, to say the least.  Kimberly heard voices upstairs and odd noises downstairs; all in all, it was a very successful investigation.

But what to tell the client about the activity in her house? She didn’t much like to think that a child was trapped there, and didn’t like the sound of the creepy breaths. In spite of all we found, we couldn’t offer her a coherent explanation for what she was experiencing. It seems fairly clear that the heavy footsteps across the floor upstairs were residual in nature, a replay of a hunter walking in and out of his cabin, perhaps. Erin strongly feels that it’s a “grumpy old man”, responsible for torturing the family bird. That is quite possible, since their bird has a definite reaction to something or someone in the room when no family member is close by. The little girl’s voice is more difficult to pinpoint. She appears to respond, but the feeling is one of loneliness and isolation. There is no good explanation for the “creepy breath,” at least none that any of us is willing to entertain. I prefer Erin’s version of events, that a family member is downstairs protecting the child.

This is the problem with EVPs in general. They tend to be isolated snippets of voices or sounds that do not tell a story or even speak in sentences. Since there is no narrative, there is no cohesive message or communication possible. We end up piecing together theories based on very little information. We can’t say to anyone with any certainty WHO is occupying their space, their home. We can’t even guarantee that these are voices of the deceased, “spirit voices,” or anything that’s even human. We assume that, since it makes sense given our experiences during multiple investigations; but we don’t know for sure.

To invoke something like quantum physics to explain EVPs will only get me into trouble with anyone who is academically trained in the sciences. However, I will say that the “multiverse” theory does explain something about where these voices might originate. In another post, I hope to delve more deeply into this issue. The Reader’s Digest version is this: the quantum universe is one where all possibilities exist, and perhaps occupy their own dimension. This would allow the future and the past to co-exist “next” to each other, in space/time dimensions separated by the filmiest of membranes. This would allow voices from the past and future to occasionally slip through to our reality. Since “dead/not dead” are categories that quite possibly co-exist in the multiverse, we might be listening to live people who are speaking to us from a place where they have not yet died, or never did die.

This is too complex to tackle here; suffice to say I hope to continue exploring this possibility in future posts, since we really do need a place to go with our EVPs beyond their collection and display. I want a debate, a dialogue, at least a conversation about the significance of what we are finding in homes and buildings where none of these voices should exist. As for our client, she accepts that something inexplicable has happened in her house, and probably will continue to happen. However uncomfortable she seems with this reality, she seems content that we believe her and have been able to document some of what she says she has experienced.

And, like most people who live in ‘interesting’ houses, she is not leaving: the spirits, ghosts, or the multiverse be damned.

–Kirsten A. Thorne

  1. Ryan says:

    It’d be quite interesting to install infra-red cameras and microphones throughout the house, have no one in it for an entire 24 hours and then review that information. I am using BOSE headsets and heard a few sounds you didn’t mention hearing. I heard that clicking like a grandfather clock in, I believe the laughing clip… or was it the breathing clip? I also have very sensitive hearing, meaning I hear high, high, high pitched sounds that most people can not for the life of them hear. I hate dog whistles, they’re so painful! That clicking sound… the beat is rhythmic enough to sound like an old fashioned grandfather clock. Theoretical physics makes it clear that there is a very high chance of infinite amount of parallel dimensions, so it makes sense that we are all residing in the same spot, but in different dimensions. The best way I can put it is like this, Dimensions are spot A and our geo location is spot B. If all spot A’s share the same spot B, then of course we are going to “hear” each other now and then, because we are overlapping one another. Do I believe in voices of the deceased? I don’t rule anything out, but I am very logical and will go over every scientific reasoning, theoretical physics reasoning, heck I’ll take the time to put several together and come up with a new sound theory that makes perfect sense . Aspergers makes me this way. Logic must prevail or chaos will descend. You have a P.H.D, so I am sure you’ve thought of this and many other possible answers as well. One thing that I am interested in knowing is if this house has any technology hooked up in it? wifi? computers? Any technology could interfere with what we are hearing. It’d be interesting to do two different sets of recordings. One with all technology hooked up as usual and one with all of it unplugged and see if there is a difference.

    • parawife says:

      Hi Ryan, thanks for writing! The house has a couple of computers, but both were shut down that night. The ticking you heard was a clock–the house has more clocks than I can count, but I think you were hearing the clock that was closest to the recorders, an old mortuary clock that flips down with the passing of the minutes. As far as voices of the deceased, it’s so hard to say. We do get “intelligent” responses from time to time, indicating that whoever is hearing us is capable of responding–but that doesn’t prove the identity of the responder or the origin of the voice. It’s all very vague, frustratingly so. For the homeowner, as you can imagine, it’s unsettling. I doubt she wants us investigating again anytime soon, since there is another phenomenon at work here, namely, the increase in activity after we conduct an investigation. It appears that once that channel is open, everyone wants to use it! Unless, of course, we are successful in convincing either the spirits or the neighbors in the next dimension to stay away for the sake of peace and quiet. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. By the way, my Ph.D is not in the sciences, but the humanities–Spanish literature and culture, to be exact. What I have learned about physics is purely from the time I’ve put in reading popular books on the subject. I don’t understand the math, however, and probably never will!

  2. Ryan says:

    Have you read books by Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, or Albert Einstein? I’ve heard that hawking is good as well. I haven’t read hawking yet, because he is disproved or disproves his theories, thus making it hard to keep up on what’s accurate. Your evps are quite interesting. The idea that you are getting intelligent responses is amazing and makes me want to explore the scientific reasoning behind it. The increase in activity after you visit is strange, unless no one else attempted to communicate with the phenomenon. The owners may be paying more attention afterwards thus making it seem like more activity… Unless that by communicating with the voices lowers the veil between dimensions… I am not sure if you’d call me a skeptic, because I fully believe something is happening I am just trying to look at it as logical as possible trying to prove or disprove all possibilities. Something unexplanatory always has some answer, it just is sometimes very hard to find the answer. Keep up the awesome work! I’d love to come along sometime! It’d be cool to do hands on research.

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