Strange Voices and Noises in the Basement: Notes from EVP Review for Church Investigation at Olvera Street

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Data review takes a long, long time. It’s difficult and tiring listening to hours of recordings where you have to filter out our voices, noises we may inadvertently make, outside sounds, inside sounds that are due to various electronic devices, and the random squeaking and creaking of old buildings. Coming to a consensus on what is “paranormal” is equally difficult. It is rare for all of us to agree on what we hear; however, there are times when the group simply cannot explain away a voice or sound for which there is no natural explanation. Even though we cannot tell you definitively what you are hearing, we can be reasonably sure that we have captured evidence of something operating beyond our limited, sensory-based world.  Do we have voices from the dead? How do we define dead? Perhaps we’ve recorded “fragments of consciousness” for which there are many more questions than answers. Below are a collection of EVPs from the Methodist Church at Olvera Street. Most of them come from the basement, which has a history of odd activity and “feelings of being watched”. Listen to them, and then check out the various commentaries/interpretations. I have not included all the comments, but a representative sampling. This should give you a window into the process. Sometimes the answer is simple (YES!!); other times, there is uncertainty and debate.  As always, we invite you to weigh in with your interpretation of the clips.

Olvera Kim Basement_Possible_Voice_1

Olvera Kim Basement_Possible_Voice_2

Olvera Kim Basement_Possible_Voice_3

Overa Kim Basement_Stairs

Olvera Kim Basement_Table_Bang

Olvera Kim EVP_1

Olvera Kim EVP_2

Olvera Kim EVP_3

olvera Kirsten_May_2011_another_sigh

Olvera Kirsten_May_2011_doors

Olvera Kirsten_May_2011_hey

Olvera Kirsten_May_2011_sigh

Olvera Kirsten_May_2011_weird_laugh

Olvera_Street Kirsten_may_2011_tell_us

Kimberly’s Analysis of her EVPS


This seems to be a response to a question.


I am sitting up in the back chairs, upstairs, where something was touching Miguel. I ask a question and the chair next to mine creaks.


This seems to be a response to Liz’s question. Sounds like a woman to me.

Marsha’s Analysis of Kimberly’s EVPs

EVP1 – I do hear what seems to be a response to your question. I say yes on this one!

EVP2 – I can tell by your reaction to the chair creaking that something unexplained was going on. Yes for this one!

EVP3 – I wasn’t able to make out anything on this one, maybe I need better headphones?

EVP4 – I can hear a strange sound but I can’t make out what it was…

EVP5 – This is an amazing piece of evidence, love it!


Marsha’s Analysis of Kirsten’s EVPs

Kirsten, I listened to your EVPs too!!

EVP1 – I can definitely hear a woman saying, “tell us!” Good one!

EVP2 – This is a good one too!

EVP3 – This is sooo weird, I don’t remember this happening! I don’t think this is when the doors slammed. Did you hear the doors slamming later on your recorder? Maybe it didn’t record?! Okay, that’s just freaky!

EVP4 – I hear the “Hey”, and to be honest it sounds like a very upset woman.

EVP5 – I think this was Kevin imitating Jason from Friday the 13th. It sounds like at the end of his imitation someone laughed…


Here is Kimberly’s analysis of Kirsten’s EVPs. My original comments are in italics.

Hi Kirsten,

 Here are my thoughts.

 For EVP “tell us”, that voice sounds nothing like any of us. It seems almost inhuman to me. Can we hear the rest of the statement after? It doesn’t sound like us but that’s happened to me before, where the start of my comment sounds like a spirit but really it’s me. I don’t know how that happens. But if that’s not us…it’s good!

For EVP “another sigh”, you will hear a sound that runs throughout the entire audio. Something sighs and whispers in a strange way; by that, I mean it doesn’t sound like any of us, and again, seems almost not human? It sounds like a sigh, but it’s so noisy it’s hard to say really what it is.

For EVP “doors”, I am wondering if the sound I captured was the original door sound. We spend a lot of time commenting on it later. Is this the original door clip, or have I captured something that is not paranormal? It almost sounds like someone put something on the table, or opened something and shut it; I’m not sure it’s paranormal. You sound far away. Was your recorder on the table in the basement?

For EVP “hey”, again, this doesn’t sound like us. I hear a whispered “What” then a “Hey”. Do you hear the “What”? At first I thought “HEY” was Marsha. If you bring the volume down a bit it sounds like her, but if you put it with the other whisper, the “WHAT”, it might not be. If it’s not Marsha, I like this one for sure!

For EVP “sigh”, it’s the same, strange breath that seems from “another dimension . . .” or not. I’m on the fence on this one. It kind of sounds like us but I’m not sure.

For EVP “weird laugh”, tell me, does this sound like any kind of laugh any of us would make? Not to me!!! That sounds really creepy, but since someone else laughs after, it almost makes me think it’s one of the boys trying to laugh quietly?????

  1. Ryan says:

    Hello paranormal HouseWives,
    I am what would be called an amatuer Physicist, that is I read every physics book that I can get my hands on and have proved one theory. I am trying to disprove the existence of ghosts, well, the ghosts that people see in movies. What you are hearing may be voices from the past, well not really voices from the past but it has to do with the fifth dimension of time. I believe it is possible to capture voices from the fifth dimension, and what you are hearing could be “holes” in time and space that allow the replay of the past… well, that is a very simplified version of what I am trying to say. I would like to do a ride along with you and video tape everything and then put it on youtube. This is highly interesting to me, and if you are correct, well, this will change the view on the scientific community forever, if I am correct it will also change the view of the scientific community and the physics community. Please email me so we can talk about this further.

    • parawife says:

      Hi Ryan,
      I’ve often thought about that possibility–that what we are hearing might be the voices of people in another dimension, which could be the future or the past, or another dimension of the present. The “what” of all this keeps me up at night. As far as joining us, we are planning future investigations and might be able to bring you along on a particularly promising one. We are hoping to get a group together sometime in August or September. We’ll keep you posted, but please keep checking back occasionally for updates; and thank you for writing!!

      • Ryan says:

        Thanks! I’d love to come along. I want to prove what ghosts are without a shadow of a doubt.

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