Kimberly’s Ponderings on the Paranormal and the PHW

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been a year since my life changed completely, and I was introduced into the wonderful world of Paranormal Investigation.  It started with the worst storm of the year, an extremely rainy night, the beloved Queen Mary, and two people who changed my life forever, and for the better.  I had wanted this all my life more then anything and it was finally happening.  Someone pinch me!  I am one of the lucky few, whose door happened to open just at the right moment, after trying for over 10 years.  As much as I wish it had happened sooner, it was meant to happen when it did.  I believe that with all my heart.  Had it been any other time, I would have missed out on meeting the four women, and their families, who I hold so close to my heart every day.  Funny how things work out, right?

So the first few months were a crazy whirlwind of experiences. I remember learning so much in such a short amount of time.  Paranormal boot camp!  I couldn’t have anticipated anything better. It was fantastic. It’s like my life was playing catch-up all in a matter of months. How lucky was I!!!  The most unforgettable locations, all the different styles and techniques of different groups, and all the amazing technical gear! (Actually seeing them work, or not work, first hand and not on TV)  And of course, meeting all the folks in this huge paranormal community and the massive amount of new friends who love doing this as much as I do.

I knew, right from the beginning, how lucky I really was.  So I didn’t want to blow it.  I tried so hard.  But I remember in the beginning being so anxious or excited, and sometimes scared on locations that I could hardly help myself from stumbling over my own two feet!  But I wasn’t going to miss out on any opportunity to learn something most never do, so I had to toughen up and settle my wobbly legs and dive in. I knew I was protected and in the best hands, but it’s the exploration of the unknown that gets the blood flowing to the top of your head!  You just can’t help the adrenaline; it comes when it wants to.  But now, a year later, I have become a more seasoned investigator, and I am now very comfortable in my own skin, more secure with myself (and my own two feet), and my abilities during investigations.

It’s an amazing feeling when your heart finally climbs down out of your throat, settles into its normal location and into a steady rhythm, and your brain and body are in the zone, during an investigation.  I love it when my brain kicks in and says “ready Kimberly, lets go!”

I love how our team thinks outside of the box, and our questions, although relevant to the location and situation, may not always be standard, or traditional.  But the responses we receive validate that spirits sometimes like the non-traditional questions as well.  I can honestly say that I sometime feel like I am having a true one-on-one conversation with someone long gone; although, sadly, it never lasts long.

I am so grateful to be in this field.  I feel when we are investigating, we ARE connecting, even when we don’t hear or see anything.  Just by being there and talking to whomever is listening, we are providing them company and true conversation in what may be a very lonely existence.  It’s just how I feel.

I am with a team that I trust 100%. I can feel comfortable enough with them to say what I truly feel without feeling stupid or dumb, while we sit in some pitch-dark hallway, completely vulnerable and open.  And because of that, I believe my participation and questioning during our sessions are becoming more interesting and powerful every time we go out.

You need the trust and security of a good group and of EVERYONE in that group. It’s crazy how just one rotten apple in the bunch can ruin that.  We are fortunate though–no rotten apples–nothing but respect for everyone’s abilities, fears or insecurities, and knowing no matter what, we stand as one and look out for each other.

I want to thank my PHW sisters for allowing and encouraging each of us to explore and grow within our investigations.  Thank you my dear friends of the PHW.  Your patience and support is amazing.

–Kimberly Demmary

  1. grendlx says:

    I’m honored to be part of the family.

    Now we need to get that tape from Armagosa, of you and the K2 meter, back from the producer we lent it to!

    • Kimberly Demmary says:

      That K2 incident at Aramgosa was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had. Again, another example of how excited I was, and the adrenaline pumping through my body, but I was surrounded by my family so I felt safe enough to stand my ground with the spirit that was pressed up against me in that hallway. Good times!

  2. Erin says:

    Kimberly I know I just had a baby so crying is a daily thing for me now but this made me well up almost immediately! We are so fortunate to have you on our team! You are so awesome and wonderful and bring so much to our little team. Love you lots!!!

  3. Miguel Lopez says:

    Hello PHW crew, I would like to say that you ladies are great. I would have to say Kim, that they also welcomed me on these investigations and I learned alot. I know that we are your new found brothers (Los Angeles Paranormal Detectives). I can say that our group have spoken to other police officers and city entities that talked about strange things that happen or they have seen, what they would say is a ghost. They have never spoken about these things until we advised them of our group and how we investigate these things. I would just like to to say, we had fun in the investigations at Loma Vista Hospital, Pico House and the Church and wish to continue on others. I would have to say that we other locations that the public will never get to go to. So don’t forget us and happy hunting.

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