Notes from a Residential Haunting

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

The old railroad station from our client’s hometown; it was a hub of agriculture and industry with a rich immigrant history dating back to the 1800s.

Before I delve into one of the PWH’s most fascinating investigations, I want to make sure our readers know two facts:

1)          This post is mostly about my (Kirsten’s) impressions of the evening. I don’t pretend to speak for all the women involved; my hope is you will all hear from them directly in future posts.

2)          I was given permission by the client to post the data from the investigation on this site. The PHW respect the anonymity of this and all clients who seek our assistance with what could be evidence of spirit activity.

Now I can say it: the audio that we captured from this investigation is the best—in my opinion—to date. At the end of this post, please take a few moments to listen to the voices we caught and let us know how you interpret them.

This client has a long history of disturbances in her home: objects moving in front her children’s eyes, dark shadows forming in a hallway, apparitions near the entrance to the bedroom, voices in the middle of the night, the sense of being observed while in the house, and even reports of something dragging her youngest child from her bed. Since the children are affected by the occurrences in the home, this made the case seem all the more urgent. On a fairly regular basis, her children are terrified by something that has moved a toy or a book, touched them, or appeared to them while in their bedrooms. The client herself has had too many experiences to enumerate. Some incidences have been quite dramatic, such as when she and her husband were outside and something jiggled the doorknob as if to gain entry to the house.

The night we investigated was cool and cloudy, with no wind. There were four investigators and one cat, who stuck with us the entire time, except for short breaks to eat kibble and rest in a windowsill. We used K-2 meters, digital audio recorders, infra-red video cameras and digital cameras. The investigation began at 8:30 and ended around 11:00, when the client’s husband and children returned home.

What struck me about the evening was the visual activity in the home. I personally saw the shadows form in the hallway, near one of the children’s bedroom. That was confirmed by another PHW, Lizeth, who witnessed the same effect. In spite of the fact that all lights were off and we had done an EMF sweep of the house, the K-2 meters frequently lit up in response to questions. The client reported that she had a full conversation with one of the entities through the K-2 meters when all electricity to the home was cut due to a power outage in the area. Other odd occurrences had to do with what appeared to be attempts at manifestation—“building” shadows and forms that could not quite fully appear. This seemed to happen most often in the bedroom and in the hallway by the second bathroom. In fact, it was noted that the direction that the entities travel seemed to be consistent, through the door leading to the backyard, through the bedroom (pausing, notes the client, to observe her at night) and the hall leading to the kitchen and then out the front door. Other “hot spots” include the children’s bedrooms. It seems that the entire home is inhabited by these “travelers,” who appear to wander through the house rather that fully occupy it.

There was one murder on the property, in the kitchen—although as of now, we are unable to definitively prove it. Another two family members were living on the property when they became ill and later died at or near the same hospital. There isn’t much else we know about the history of the house, except that it might have been, at one point, located near a general store that has been converted to a home next to the client’s. The surrounding area was mostly agricultural and industrial, which a rich history of immigration and farming. Some of the surrounded buildings date back to the turn of the century, but the oldest house in the neighborhood appears to date to the teens or twenties. We don’t know yet if the land was once inhabited by native California Indians, but we plan to find out.

Our investigation yielded a few personal experiences, but nothing astounding or 100% evidential of a haunting . . . that is, until I listened to the audio (I still have another hour or so to go) from that night. What I heard was nothing short of unbelievable. The low, male voice that you will hear in clip #2 could not have been any of us, since there were no males in the house. Also, upon review, only Lizeth heard anything similar (and she heard this voice twice), indicating that this was not an ambient phenomenon, but truly paranormal. In the third clip, I am about to turn off my audio recorder, and a female voice appears to protest that action. It isn’t clear exactly what she says, but everyone who hears this has an opinion. I am including as well some odd noises—one electronic in nature, another that sounds like mechanical breathing—so that you can appreciate the full range of what we picked up that night. The mechanical noises are quite similar to what one of the children complained of hearing in his room. I also include the voice of a child, but I must make this caveat: not all of the PHW agree that any of the children’s voices are paranormal, since there were children outside at the time of the investigation. I include these only because the client told me that the female child next door speaks Spanish, and these voices are clearly speaking English. Also, in my opinion, these voices sound quantitatively different from the voices outside, which are fairly easy to identify. However, I do not represent that the children’s voices are necessarily paranormal. I will leave that to the discretion of the listener.

When I listened to the audio from that night, I was frankly astounded. What better evidence is there for spirit activity in a home? I have never heard anything like this, and for me, it is yet more evidence not only that this client has a serious case of ghost infestation, but that there REALLY IS SOME KIND OF LIFE AFTER DEATH. Every time there is actual evidence to support that claim, I am beyond excited; but I am also rather confused and hesitant to celebrate the fact. If the female voice that speaks after I announce that I am turning off my recorder is any indication, there is something infinitely sad about the state of the spirit that finds itself trapped in a house or floating through the same space. I am not comforted by what I hear in the audio—not at all. I’m actually concerned, since I don’t wish to end up like that. I also realize, yet again, how little I really understand about this “spirit world”, if that’s the right terminology. Are these souls of real people or just fragments of consciousness that remain behind after the body has died? Our client seems to think the latter; these are bits and pieces of what was once an intact mind. I have to ask, then, what happened to the intact mind? Does the afterlife mimic a state of confusion and memory loss similar to what we see in dementia sufferers? Is there some moral dimension to your fate in the afterlife, as most religions claim? Are these the voices of the damned? Is there, perhaps, another version of these “people” that is complete and whole, existing somewhere else or in someone else?

Of course, I’ll never be able to answer these questions while I’m alive, or that is what I fear. I’d love to be able to define this issue more clearly right here, right now. All I can offer at this point in my life as a questing individual and a member of the best paranormal team in the entire world (I actually mean that literally) is some data, some voices on an audio clip, some strange photographs and a few theories. For now, that has to be enough; although I already know that it will never be, and that is what drives the mystery and fuels the imagination.


 The first clip I am posting was in response to questions posed to a child. We were attempting to make contact with what the client suspects is a child spirit in the house. During that questioning, I captured this voice. After you listen, you can choose to hear my interpretation of what she says, or don’t read it and tell us what you think you hear her saying. *Caveat: there was a child outside the house at the time. However, she was speaking Spanish and the voice on the audio sounds “inside”.


WHAT I HEAR: “It’s lonely out here”. Remember to listen with headphones and turn up the volume.

The second clip is vastly different. I caught this voice and so did one other member of the team, but other members of the team did not. We had not started the official investigation when we heard this. We were eating, talking, enjoying ourselves–hardly the context in which we expect something like this to show up. I have no interpretation of what is said here, but if you do, please let us know.


The next clip is very odd indeed. In it, you will hear me state that I am going to turn off my recorder. A female voice at the end makes a statement. Again, I have no official interpretation of what she might be saying. Let us know what you hear.


The following clip contains no clear words, but it is strange enough to warrant inclusion in the post. What do you think this is?


Next we have what appears to be a child stating her name. What name do you hear? Please tell us, because I have a definite answer for this one!


Indeed, the next clip is NOT the fridge. We don’t know what it is, and a search of the house did not reveal its origin. Does anyone have any theories about this one?


In the next clip, you will hear a strange, “robot sounding” noise that the client’s child occasionally hears in his room. The K-2 was active during this part of the investigation. Any idea what this might be?


Again, the child’s voice; maybe from outside, maybe not?


  1. Kimberly Demmary says:

    I really enjoyed this investigation and I think it’s one of those that warrant several more visits. The K2 hits were great and I did see what looked like something trying to form right in the kitchen. I also remember hearing a male voice just as we walked back into the house after taking a walk around the neighborhood. (I have not had a chance to check my video yet, but I know it was running at the moment) And the EVP of the male voice really sounds like he is trying very hard to communicate. That is great audio Kirsten! Now that we have listened to all the audio, we sort of have an idea of who we are dealing with and can now go back there with an even more insight. It seems intelligent to me, not residual. I would love to try some real-time EVPs, where we record for a few minutes and listen back to the audio right then and there. Hopefully we can start a dialog with this older gentleman or child. I also have the feeling we are dealing with more then just former deceased home owners at this location. I can’t wait to run some history on this entire area. I think we are in for a big surprise.

    • parawife says:

      I think you are right–there is a whole lot going on there that we don’t understand. I can’t wait to go back and keep communicating with the entities that seem to want to express themselves. I like your real-time EVP idea!

  2. Joanne Kennedy says:

    I would love to go with you guys on one of your investigations. Do you ever take others along?

    • parawife says:

      Joanne, I’m so sorry that I didn’t see this when you wrote it!! Or if I saw it, I suppose I still don’t have an answer. We’re trying to figure out how to accommodate the people that would like to be guests on investigations. Could you do me a favor? Send the PHW a list of your free dates and places you might be interested in. We’re in the process of setting up investigations for the summer. Our email is: Thank you, and sorry for the long delay!

    • After “I’m going to stop my recorder” it sounds like “where….why”. Have you guys been out to the former Camarillo State Hospital? I realize it’s now a university but there are still quite a few abandoned buildings. I was there recently for my nephews graduation and had goosebumps passing some of the buildings. I’m sure that’s typical around older buildings but it would be interesting to see an investigation. p.s. I’ve lived in Camarillo for 20 years and that was the first time I have been on the University/Hospital grounds. I want to go back again!

      • parawife says:

        Thank you for listening to our EVPs! I’ll check that one again and see what I hear. We have all been to Camarillo more times than we can count. It’s a very, very scary place on many levels. I’ve never felt much positive energy there, but boy something is definitely going on there. We have amazing EVPs from that campus. Check out the university at dusk–it seems to be most active then. Happy hunting!

  3. Susie Harper says:

    I had to laugh…. the ‘deep and scary’ voice absolutely sounds like he is saying: ” ghost hunters…hmmm!” !!!

    And the voice after ‘I am going to stop my recorder’ sounds like she is saying : “Don’t…Liar!”

    Intelligent ghosts? Well, yeah! Except for the ‘Liar!’ part.

    I am a ‘sensitive’ and know for a fact that this life we are in is not the end, and I can’t wait for the next great adventure and to be reunited with my loved ones. I’ve been seeing ‘ghosts’ since I was a child and when I was 43 years old, my 6 month old kitten saw the same thing I did, at the same time! My dearly departed 22 year old solid white kitty! It scared my kitten half to death, but it confirmed without a doubt that there is ‘life’ after death and it isn’t a bad thing!

    Oh, how I wish that I had video of “Baby” walking toward us down the hall and turning into the laundry room…. just like she still lived in our house! My kitten totally fluffed up and had a look of terror in her eyes. I told her: “That’s just Baby. She won’t hurt you. She just came to visit.” My kitten slunk off the bed and creeped out of the bedroom and into the laundry room. I peeked around the door into the laundry room and it looked like my kitten was sitting, listening to some kind of lecture from a mentor, completely calm. I no longer saw Baby. After a few more seconds, my kitten got up and came right to me just as happy as could be, and from that day on, she never again scratched her claws on the big white leather chair in the den…. which had been Baby’s ‘chair’ in life, because it was white… just like her. A ghost that can modify behavior in a 6 month old kitten… whoopee! How do I bottle THAT?!?

    • parawife says:

      Susie, what a wonderful comment! Thank you so much for writing. I have to go back and listen to those EVPs again, since we never really figured out what the “deep and scary” guy was trying to communicate. Would be hilarious if he were making fun of us! I’m glad you took the time to listen to our clips. After everything I’ve been through–especially the last few years, “ghost hunting”, it’s very hard to deny that we survive death, or some part of us does. I also have a cat that walks around the house a lot, in spite of the fact he’s been “dead” for 3.5 years. My husband has a cat that still hangs out here at home, even though he too supposedly “passed on” a year ago. Our current two cats see them all the time–it’s pretty strange, and sometimes hard to get used to. And yes, it raises more questions than it answers.
      Take care, and thanks again for writing.

  4. Kellie R. says:

    My daughter and I were listening to all the evp’s, and we both think that many of the voices are a child, specifically a little girl. When you say you are going to turn off the recorder, it sounds like she says “Good!…Bye!”, in a sarcastic tone.. Also, in the one where you sigh, it sounds as though a little girl mimics your sigh right after you. The work you do is so cool, we would love to come along also, if you ever take people along. My daughter finds this kind of research fascinating, as do I. Do you guys need any apprentices? Thanks for sharing your work here.

    • parawife says:

      Hi Kellie,

      We do occasionally take people with us! We’ve had a lot of interest lately, so we’re thinking of setting up an investigation just for our guests and us. We are going to talk about that at our business meeting this week, so as soon as we have a good location for those interested in joining us, we’ll be back in touch. Watch this page for announcements! Thank you so much for listening to our EVPs. We got some great clips from our last residential investigation. Now we just need to do some research to see if we can discover who is trying to communicate with us. I’m glad you both enjoy our work. We certainly do!

  5. Kellie R. says:

    Thanks for the reply! I come from a long line of Irish women who consider themselves fey.. My granny called it the knowing. It usually manifests in dreams, but sometimes its just a feeing I can’t shake. Despite this, I have a healthy dose of skeptcism, which i think is key in doing things like this. Can’t wait to hear from you.. We are stoked to have a chance to do something like this..

    • parawife says:

      Kellie, if you’re local to So Cal and here of a great place to investigate, let us know and we’ll do all the legwork to get us all in. We’re working on it at this end!

      • Kellie R says:

        My daughter and I will definitely keep our eyes out.. We would love to be a part of an investigation. One place that we thought would be cool if you hadn’t gone before is The Big Yellow House in Summerland, off the 101. It was originally a private residence built sometime near the turn of the century, and ended up a restaurant, which is now closed. There are stories about it being haunted.. when my hubby and I took our girls there to eat, I could totally feel a female presence lingering.. Let me know what you think!

      • parawife says:

        Kellie, I have always wanted to investigate the Big Yellow House ever since I ate there with my husband a few years back. It had such a strange vibe that I was convinced something was going on before I even heard the stories about it. Now, however, it’s empty and undergoing renovations. I’m not sure who owns it, but a couple of months ago I tried to look around there and wasn’t able to get past the construction site. I’m guessing it won’t work out unless one of two things happens: 1) construction stops and it sits there abandoned, 2) they finish the project and the new owners are open to a paranormal investigation. I also wish that I had been able to investigate the Wagon Wheel Restaurant when it was still sitting there abandoned (it’s now demolished). So, we continue to scout out locations. With enough people on the lookout, we should be able to put together a fun investigation. I’m considering taking all the “guests” that have expressed interest in coming out with us to the Bella Maggiore Inn in Ventura–with enough people, we could rent out the entire place and investigate to our hearts’ content. Stay in touch!

  6. Kellie R says:

    I would be completely stoked with the Bella Maggiore. There is also the Dudley House on Loma Vista and Ashwood in Ventura.. Very old house, with a rich history. I will keep looking for places locally that might work, and thanks for always answering!

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