Odd Voices in the Pico House Basement . . .

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last month the PHW investigated the Pico House with members of the Los Angeles Paranormal Detectives (yes, they really are LAPD members interested in the paranormal, and we are their ‘sister’ team) in the freezing cold. It was beautiful and mysterious in the Pico House, a place steeped in history that, for some reason, has remained in reconstruction limbo for years.

I thought the place was mysterious and strange, but not necessarily haunted; the two oddest occurrences at the Pico House were footsteps on the third floor (the PHW were on the second floor at the time, and no one was upstairs) and an overpowering and nasty smell that came from nowhere. Horrible smells make me nervous, as some consider them to be signs of a demonic presence . . . but I won’t go that far; and NO, it was not the result of indigestion or unlady-like emissions.

The team had split into two parties when my group heard the footsteps. The other group was in the basement area, usually never open to investigations. It was there that Kimberly caught something strange on audio. I usually don’t say what it is I hear, but in this case I will say that I hear more than the other ladies. There is a voice under Marsha’s, whispering something unintelligible, and there is a clear response to Marsha’s question at the end. However, I also hear talking between these two points, although I can’t make out the words. It’s endlessly fascinating to me the fact that something speaks in so many of audio clips that is clearly not one of us, yet (it) speaks (what? who?) in whispers and barely intelligible words. Why is that? It adds to the mystery, but also to the frustration. I always feel like I’m not supposed to know anything for sure, but simply intuit the information given. Is this for our continued spiritual development? I’m still thinking about that issue.

Below are some of my husband’s amazing pictures of the Pico House. You can find more of his photography at flickr.com/grendlx.

At the end of this post you will find the audio clip with the deep, disconcerting whispers. Please listen and provide feedback!

Kirsten A. Thorne



  1. Kimberly Demmary says:

    That was such a great night. The LAPD team was so nice. They are a great group of guys. In the EVP I can hear the creepy drawn out “yyyeeeesss” at the beginning and the “nooo” at the end. Also I love the pictures. It looks like such a lovely sunny morning but really taken in the middle of the night. Amazing camera talent!

  2. Grendl says:

    It’s really just a tripod and time exposures 🙂

  3. Erin says:

    I also got touched twice that night. I got no hard evidence but had several personal experiences. The footsteps above us was awesome! To bad no one had their recorder running. Such a fun night with a great group!

  4. Lizzanpower says:

    What a great night that was. So much history at that place. I want to go back and investigate again.

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