Spirits of the Church: Judge the Evidence

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

The following pictures and audio clips were taken from a church in Brea that has a long history of paranormal activity. There have been many reports of shadow people moving about the Main Sanctuary, odd noises (bangs, taps) from the Organ Room and other areas of the sanctuary, objects disappearing and reappearing in the Nursery, and perhaps more disturbingly, reports from investigators that they were touched, their clothing pulled, and in my case, almost strangled by a necklace I was wearing during an investigation (see that full story at soulbank.org). At the January 22, 2011 investigation, Jen experienced the following (in her words): “We were all in the preschool/daycare area. I was sitting in a chair by the closet and I was leaning forward. Marsha asked if we were wearing funny clothes and then I felt the back of my shirt lift up completely. I jumped because it completely startled me!  Only Erin was next to me, but way too far out of reach.
The other experience was when we were all going back into the sanctuary.
 I walked down the right aisle and saw the candle table. I decided to get the matches there and to light one. As I lifted up the matches, I felt something cold to the right of me and even felt like someone was there. I turned because I thought it was Marsha or Kirsten, but then did a 360 turn when I noticed no one was there & that they were way behind me. Then I felt the back of my hair lift up. As Marsha was approaching me, she thought she saw my hair go up. I’m not sure if it was “paranormal”. To me it was!” Jen was fortunate to be the recipient of such direct contact.

We all find that the church has unusual activity in terms of physical contact with investigators. Something–someone–is quite intent on making a statement regarding clothing and jewelry. Perhaps an elderly, female member of the church finds our dress inappropriate. Erin has had strong impressions of an elderly female in the church; we would all like to find out more about who she might be. Although we cannot state with certainty who is lingering in the church, we are closer now to identifying some patterns of activity. This is one of the most interactive sites we have ever investigated. The contact seems very personal and directed towards responding and reacting to us. Therefore, it seems that we are experiencing an intelligent haunting versus simple, residual activity.

Another incident occurred at the top of the original church, in a small apartment only accessible by ladder. Ty and Dan were the first people to enter that room in over 50 years, according to Claudia. They found a paneled room with an old T.V. (1950s era), a phone from the same time period, and a few random toys in a box. The place appeared utterly lost in time. Ty was using the iOvilus, an iPhone application that generates words using a complex algorithm. When Ty asked what this room was used for originally, the iOvilus said the following: “an remarkable apartment”. The odds against this appropriate answer are astronomical. Later, Ty asked how the T.V. ended up there. The response: “Carried”. Again, an appropriate response to the question. Ty and Dan also witnessed the “spirit” use the iOvilus to express that the session was “dull,” and all activity ceased after they both heard taps move across the wall and apparently out the door.

We need more time in the church in order to make more sense of the identities of what appears to be genuine spirit activity. In the meantime, we will continue to present our findings to all of you, in the hope you will assist us in figuring out this most amazing mystery.

 Check our other posts on this page regarding activity in the church and please study the following pictures and audio clips to see what conclusions you draw from the images and audio (although not all of what you will see here is necessarily paranormal).

Claudia, our trusty guide and paranormal enthusiast, took the following pictures several months ago at a different investigation. We are aware of the controversy surrounding “orbs”, and we do not represent these as necessarily paranormal. The photo I personally find most interesting is the figure at the front of the Main Sanctuary. Claudia does not believe that anyone was there when she took the photo.

Kimberly took the following three pictures. We do not see anything “paranormal” in them (maybe you will!), but we think they portray the mood and atmosphere of the church:

These pictures are Kirsten’s:

From the left: Liz, Marsha, Kirsten and Erin. It’s getting late . . . .


A note to our readers: we do not usually tell people what we think we hear in audio clips. We want those listening to weigh in on what they think they hear. If you wish to know our interpretation of the following clips, please leave us a message on this site (on this post) with your email address or send us a private message on Facebook, and we will send you our thoughts on the content.

EVP 2 Demm Brea 1 22 11_Daycare Center

EVP 3 Demm Brea 1 22 11 Main Sanctuary

EVP 4 Demm Brea 1 22 11 Main Sanctuary

Brea Thorne 1 22 11

  1. grendl says:

    We need to amend this report to include the curious ITC exchange in the attic apartment.

  2. Kimberly Demmary says:

    I really love the EVP where the Cars base responds to my knocking. It’s very entertaining but it can also show how things can be purely coincidental.

    • parawife says:

      Ty, I have included the ITC session–please let me know if you wish to add or edit anything! And Kimberly, yes–that clip is very educational for paranormal investigators!

  3. It was a bad idea to listen to these before going to bed! Especially the last one…I don’t have the best hearing but I thought I heard…some kind of question cause it went up in pitch like a question, or like the way a valley girl talked.

    Congrats to another successful spirited stake-out, Paranormal Housewives!

  4. Kimberly Demmary says:

    Holy Cow! The figure at the front of the church is creepy. Can we get a closer or zoomed in look at that?

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