The Paranormal Housewives Take Idyllwild By Storm!!!

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

What do you get when you take the Paranormal Housewives to a two-bedroom cabin in Pine Cove (three miles north of Idyllwild)? Well, Patty the paranormal snow-woman gives you some idea. I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in weeks–Friday night, in spite of the fact I was not drinking vodka-spiked cranberry juice (yeah, I know that there’s a word for that drink, but I can’t remember it), I was close to hysterical. You know, at that point where you are laughing so hard you’re afraid you might burst into tears. I suppose I could blame it on the altitude–Pine Cove is about 6500 feet up–but I think it was the very special dynamic among the five of us, and the fact that we were viciously competitive at games like Uno (I don’t think that Marsha will EVER sit next to Erin for that game again) and Taboo.

Kimberly is not a fan of word games. Neither is Erin; we forced her to play Boggle, and she was plenty unhappy about it–but I would like to remind her that she won twice, and I didn’t win at all. Marsha and I were thwarted in our attempts to play Scrabble, and I managed to distract everyone from playing memory games or strategy games like chess or that unpronounceable game that sounds like “Chatteragua”. I learned that Liz is the easiest person to play board games with, as she doesn’t threaten anyone’s life if she loses. Other than Liz, watch out: the PHW are damn competitive.

We drank more tea than a small town in China and ate enough snacks to pack three pounds on me in two days. We ate at the Red Kettle so often that by Sunday, the waitresses knew our life stories. We had a fascinating conversation with Roberto at La Casita, and we made some great contacts at The Strawberry Creek Inn and The Strawberry Creek Bunkhouse (thank you to Kathleen and Rodney!). It’s not simply the fact that we have lined up some great investigations; it’s more about the people that we met. Some of the kindest, most genuine people I know live in Idyllwild. I have to thank Don at the Antiques Emporium for starting up the jukebox and allowing all of us to play his beautiful, fully restored pinball machines. Everyone was helpful, interested in our group, and open to our mission as paranormal investigators.

Erin, as I’m sure our readers know, is having a little girl in April. We gave her a modest baby shower (not only did I not wrap her gift, I left the receipt in the Target bag) Friday night, and even though I would have liked to decorate and make it a surprise (trust me, there are NO surprises when five women share a small cabin), she still seemed very happy with our little party!

There was a lot of pink going on. I’m not a huge fan of baby showers, but this one was really sweet.

We learned a great deal about each other. Much of what we learned I can’t share here. Some of what I discovered is scandalous . . . and there is so much more I hope to ferret out the next time we have a retreat!!! What I came away with from the weekend is a renewed appreciation for who these women are, for the struggles and hardships that we have all endured, for how resilient and strong we have become over the years, and most of all how each one of us is a positive force in the world of our families and friends, and in the larger community. I think that is what we hope to do, expand our positive energy into the community–not just as “ghost hunters,” but as people, as women on fascinating journeys.

I also learned that’s it’s OK to become completely hysterical during an Uno game and use a chamber pot. OK, enough said.

Liz and Kimberly. I love Kimberly’s shirt!!

Yup. That’s Marsha and me. We’re starting to feel the effects of the altitude . . . among other things.

Love and peace to you all in the New Year!!

Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D.

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