The Paranormal Housewives at a Church in Brea

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here we are in all our glory: from left, Liz, Jennifer, Erin, Marsha, Kimberly and Kirsten.

And THIS is what happens when we are overtired and I’m starving: (from left, Kirsten, Kimberly and Erin)

I include this shot just to demonstrate how creepy a photo can be when you are working with long exposures in the dark without a tripod. Not paranormal, but cool looking anyway.

This one is the infamous necklace which almost strangled me and then flipped up and under my shirt in front of all the girls.

AND TONIGHT, my dear readers, the Paranormal Housewives are headed to an as yet undisclosed location for an investigation which promises to be quite unsettling. It’s the place I had one of my three all-time creepiest paranormal experiences. More to follow!

  1. Gary Canavello says:

    re: the full apparition at Brea Church. If you talk to the pastor there, Rick Marshall, he will tell you it is James Cunningham, the son of a pastor in the sixties, who when working on the sanctuary roof, his son James had an epileptic seizure, and fell off the roof and was killed. There was a woman in the left corner as you enter the sactuary that was hit by a car on Imperial Hwy. and died leaning up against the santuary wall. This was noticed by a physic woman that did a session there one night. She had vibes of a tragedy in the corner, and said something terrible had happened there. That is when we found out about the woman hit by the car. I will never forget the night that I saw James in front of the restroom. I saw him 2 more times in the choir loft. Many members of the congregation there have seen him.

  2. thupancic says:

    I had heard about James. I didn’t know about the woman who was hit by the car. The odd thing is, why would James still be hanging out at the church? My theory, although I can’t prove it, is that people are simply afraid to move on. Hanging out at the church is like refuge or sanctuary. I wish though, for James’ sake, that he could move on. I have that odd photo in the choir loft that I think I posted. Still can’t explain it; could be James.

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