Two Fascinating EVPs from a Church in Brea

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last month, the Paranormal Housewives conducted an investigation at a church in Brea, CA. The church has a history of paranormal activity that even the pastor acknowledges, since a voice whispered in his microphone in front of the entire congregation! At least two deaths have been reported there, one of a man working on the roof who fell to his death.

The night we were there, a great number of unexplained events occurred–the problem hasn’t been that there is too little to post here, but too much. For me, the most amazing incident occurred as I was resting in the front pew and something (or someone) decided to nearly strangle me with my skull necklace before flipping it up and under my shirt. I had five witnesses to this event. Two of the PHW had cameras that malfunctioned at that moment, and there was not enough light to capture what happened on video. We have the entire recording of the necklace incident, which I plan to post later.

What most impressed me while I was listening to the audio of that night was what happened right before and after the flipping of the heavy, skull necklace. Marsha says that her iOvilus, previously completely silent, “went crazy”. Then she comments on how cold the sanctuary is, a fact that others note as well. After everyone calms down about the necklace, Kimberly and I caught the same EVP. I include them both below.

For a full story on the necklace incident, see


Main Church_8

As always, we would love to hear your responses to these EVPs. More are coming!

  1. Joanne Kennedy says:

    It sounds like a whisper of someone saying “Oh my God”.

  2. Ed says:

    It’s way to distorted, can’t make out anything.

    • parawife says:

      It’s very hard to reproduce this clip with the same level of sound quality that it had before it was compressed and uploaded to this site. What you’re listening for is a voice that whispers at the beginning, then says something in the middle, and then repeats the same word at the end. Good luck!

      • Ed says:

        Why was the file compressed? Most sites don’t compress audio for better quality.

      • parawife says:

        When you clip audio from any software program and turn it into a “real audio” or quicktime file, the sound quality is lost. How, exactly, that happens is beyond my technical experience to explain. The site itself isn’t doing this, it’s the programs we use that WordPress allows.

  3. Victor says:

    I heard whispering in between the footsteps and it sounds like “Oh, my God” … and where’s the kitchen? “Oh, my, God.”

    My question is, What happens after you confront or find something paranormal? How long can someone hang around and make us “air breathers” feel uncomfortable? I get the impression that nothing can make paranormal activity just “go away.” If a person was insane when they died, we won’t be able to talk with them logically. Fascinating, now let’s be careful out there!

    • parawife says:

      Where’s the kitchen? If that voice said that, it was DEFINITELY not one of us, because we all knew where the kitchen was, having just come from there. Thank you for listening!

    • parawife says:

      Whoops, Victor, I didn’t see your whole message and so I did not completely respond to it. No, nothing really makes this activity “go away,” which is why we don’t try, generally speaking. Yes, if they were insane before death, there is no reason to think that all mental capacity has been restored after death. I try to keep myself away from the most negative sites, realizing that I was spending too much time with souls that were unhealthy for me. Better to simply surround oneself with the right company, alive or “once alive”.

  4. Gary Canavello says:

    I used to direct a choir at night there and saw a complete and solid apparition of a young man, with dark hair, a plaid flannel shirt, and green khaki pants go into the men’s restroom. I was no more than 5 feet away when we entered the restroom door, the light had not been turned on by this young man. When I turned on the light and asked him why he didn’t turn on the light, there was no one in the room. My friend was directly behind me and asked me where the man was that was in front of me. I said, ” you saw him too?” He said yes, and the hair on our arms was straight up.

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