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We often post things on our website about our paranormal experiences. In order to truly understand the Paranormal Housewives you need to know that for us we are first and foremost mothers. Today I’m going to write to you all about my oldest son Tyler and the experience I had with him yesterday.

 It is the morning after a long, intense investigation. I got home around 1:45 am. I am awakened to little, tiny voices saying,  “Mom, wake up. Hello, come on mom get up.” Oh, God. Where is my husband? Oh yes, here he is right next to me. Maybe if I wake him and beg him to let me sleep in just a little longer…but no. I can’t do that to the kids I say to myself. Sweet little angels. I had made a vow to myself in the very beginning of my ghost hunting days that if I can’t muster up the strength to wake up with my kids the next day, I would never go out again. Mommyhood is and always will be my number one priority in life. So I’m up out of bed, trying to make my way out of my room and into the kitchen where my coffee pot is waiting for me. My husband is very thoughtful about making sure I have fresh coffee the morning after a night of ghost hunting; did I mention I have the best husband in the world? I tell the kids they can pour themselves a bowl of cereal while I drink my coffee. So the morning went on as usual, no major incidents until about 11:30 am, when I hear Tyler yelling. Tyler is my 10 year old son. I walk into the living room and see Tyler so upset that his face is red! I asked him what was wrong, and he rolled his eyes, stomped away and kicked a toy lying on the floor! I quickly yelled for him to stop, and he stopped abruptly and turned towards me. He flung his head around and faced me with this look in his eyes that was so angry. I tell him in a sort of stern voice to come over and tell me what is going on. He walks over to where I am sitting and leans against the wall, looking at the floor. In an instant, I realize that he is ashamed of the way he behaved. I ask him why he is so upset and he explains to me that his brother stole his turn on the Playstation 3.

 I spent the next 3 hours talking to Tyler about what really upset him deep down to have caused so much anger. There were a lot of things said and out of respect for his privacy, I won’t go into detail; just try to remember what life was really like for you at the age of 10. Keep in mind my son is the oldest of four kids, so he does get the short end of the stick sometimes. One thing I will tell you is that we talked about how he is right smack in that place in his life where he needs to make some very difficult choices. Tyler will either choose the road I have paved for him and led him down by talking out our problems with respect for one another, or go down another path of self-destructive behavior. I made it clear that this is something he will have to choose for himself and for God. I have all the confidence that he will make the right choice. At the end of our conversation I tell Tyler that he still needs a punishment for yelling at his brother and kicking something across the room. I tell him he will write a 1 page report about what his family means to him.  Tyler started crying and put his face in his hands. I was so puzzled, I think I sat there waiting for him to calm down for about 10 minutes (no joke, 10 minutes!) then finally he looked up and said, “How am I supposed to fit ALL that into 1 page?” I swear to God, time stood still for me. I was in complete shock! Here next to me sat this young man who was so handsome and sweet and full of goodness. He rubbed the back of his neck and his hand looked so big! My son, my sweet boy is growing up right before my eyes. I’m doing it! I have to say I do take pride in being a part of who my son is becoming.  I’m so proud of this young man. I am proud to be his mommy.

Marsha Covert-Garcia

  1. Patricia says:

    Your story is so inspirational to parents. They story is so moving. You are so compassionate and yet with a strong hand at leading a family. Your are a great Mommy!
    Thanks for taking care of your little Angels. Pat Herrera

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