The Question of Evil

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

There is a persistent question that torments me every time I visit a certain place: do I believe in the disembodied existence of evil? If the answer is yes, then everything I do as a paranormal investigator and everywhere I go must be reexamined. If the answer is no, then I am free to engage the energies in Unit X without worry or concern for the fate of my immortal soul.

Two of the PHW (Marsha and Kirsten) visited this undisclosed location (most of you are well aware of this place, so it hardly seems necessary to be so mysterious about the location, but I do so for our own protection) and were terrified. One would think that abject horror at the activity in this place would be enough to keep us out forever and ever–yet, am I sure that this “activity” is even paranormal, much less possibly “demonic”? Do I believe in such things as devils and evil spirits? More than anything in the world, I would love to answer that question. The truth is, I don’t know what I believe, and all of the ghost hunting in the world has not forever changed my opinion.

In the particular unit that Marsha and I visited, we were with a small group and the sun had not yet set. The usual night terrors were not present; I thought that we must be safe there, since it wasn’t dark. In retrospect, that is an entirely illogical assumption based only on childhood fears of things that move around in closets after midnight. When we first entered, all was quiet. After a few questions, the K-2 meter started to light up like a Christmas tree. It seemed responsive, flashing at appropriate moments to answer our questions. Our phones were off, we had done the requisite EMF check, and there simply was nothing to explain what was happening. Watching the K-2 hit red in response to us was thrilling, exciting and strange. All of this was fairly innocuous and very interesting . . . and then all hell broke loose.

There is geothermal heating in these units, so the pipes bang. Usually, the pipes bang in a rhythmic fashion, fairly predictable. It adds some atmosphere to the place, and sometimes the banging is loud enough to startle us; but what we experienced that evening was far beyond normal and seemed to us to be the insane banging of something angry and very, very dark. When the noise started, it seemed to be in response to our queries. There is one point, however, when Marsha talks about the injustice of the place and “how angry you must be to be kept here against your will,” and the noise is absolutely deafening in response. In fact, the walls are vibrating and the floor appears to be moving under us from the sheer force of the insane smashing of metal against metal. This is happening right over our heads and all around us. Incredibly, we remain calm and continue asking questions, the answer to which seems to be fury and rage.

It isn’t until later, after I decide I must leave to deal with the very non-supernatural effects of drinking too much designer water, that Marsha has a huge surprise for us. She listens to her audio on the way home. What she hears keeps her and her husband up most of the night, talking about the wisdom of ever returning to our favorite haunt.

“I’ll kill you” . . . followed my “mother*****” and “coward” (the “coward” remark comes right after I declare I must leave, so it appears directed to me). We discuss this later in great detail.

What is frustrating about EVPs is that not everyone will hear the same thing. Marsha had several people listen to the clips, and about 50% of us heard what she did. It was easiest to hear through her car speakers, where for me, what this thing was saying was quite clear. The debate centered around this question: if something is capable of saying such things to us, and able to vibrate the building with such unbridled fury through the smashing of metal pipes, what in the world could it do to us in the future? Should we ever go back? WHAT IS COMMUNICATING WITH US????

We spent too much time on the question of whether or not everyone could hear the EVPs. The fact of the matter is, if half of us heard it clearly, that’s enough. Enough to make a decision . . . yet, if you don’t know what is speaking to you, how can you make any kind of decision? We are dealing here with belief: do you believe in demons? Do you believe that very bad dead people can talk to you in very impolite ways? Do you think, really and truly, that the soul can create a physical manifestation that could conceivably hurt you? Don’t assume that because we are paranormal investigators that we automatically believe the aforementioned. We do, and we don’t. It depends what day you ask us. It depends on our mood, what we have recently read, the conversations we’ve had, whether or not it’s daylight or dusk. Should we have made a decision by now? How can we? Do we have enough proof? Will we ever?

The rational mind takes over sometimes, even when it seems that the rational mind doesn’t understand what is happening at Unit X. It states: the pipes only appear to be “answering” questions. In fact, we are only interpreting a random and natural pattern in ways that suit our need to “make contact”. The EVPs are matrixing. We take random sound patterns and create from them sentences and words. That what our brains are trained to do–find order and patterns in random, chaotic noise. There is nothing supernatural going on–just a group of friends having fun freaking themselves out in the dark. As for the K-2 meter, well, who knows what it is responding to–atmospheric energy that surely has a natural source; we just don’t know what it is yet.

I won’t say that the other side of this argument is irrational. In fact, I think that the other side is possibly more rational. We know what a response is. We can’t attribute to chance or misinterpretation phenomena that happen again and again, consistently behaving in a responsive fashion. The audio literally speaks for itself–what are the odds that 50% of those that hear it, know exactly what it says? Most of all, do we trust our experience of a place, or do we continually look for reasons to doubt what is obvious contact with something or someone? I say “obvious,” because that is how it feels. Do we trust our feelings, our intuitions? Every time I do not, the result is negative. I don’t have solid, scientific proof for everything in my life that requires a decision. For example, I cannot submit to a lab test the moment I knew that my first marriage would not survive, or the moment I knew that my second marriage would last until death do us part (and maybe not even then) yet I can assure you, those are facts that I knew. If I consciously choose to ignore my intuition and my “occult knowledge”, something bad usually happens: divorce, betrayal, job loss, unhappiness, illness or emotional trauma.

So what do we really think? I don’t mean to speak for Marsha, but I’m sure she would agree with me based on our lengthy discussions that there is something evil in Unit X. I can’t identify it as human or not, but it reacts to what we say and do. It’s not a mindless, repetitive, residual haunt, but an intelligent and very upset energy. I say “energy,” because I have no other words to describe what compels it to affect the surrounding environment, including us. Is an “energy” devoid of ethics or morals? It certainly does not lack intention–and “it” intends harm, therefore “it” possesses a moral component. Whether or not this energy is actually capable of hurting us is an open question; but do we really want to continue testing its power? What is evil if not energy directed towards harming others? If we understand evil that way, then we are in the presence of it in that place.

I will leave you with the audio from that night. You can listen for EVPs, but I include the clip because it demonstrates what I believe is intention and communication through the banging of the pipes–however, you may disagree, and if so, please let us know in the comments. I may also include the clips that caused such controversy–but since I have already discussed what we believe they say, there is limited value above and beyond pure curiosity. Let me know if you want to hear them.

August 14 Unit 26 clip 3

  1. Marissa says:

    Very well written summary of the events. I listened to the audio at the bottom. Even without being present and even if I did not have the back story. I would have taken all that I heard as negative. Every time it would get quiet for just a second and one of you would try to speak, it would start up again like it was cutting you off. Very creepy. And to answer your question…YES, I do believe that there are negative and evil spirits out there. You cannot have good without the bad…even on the other side…

    • parawife says:

      Marissa, yes, what you say reminds me of a quote that I heard in “The Last Exorcism”: “You can’t have good without evil; you can’t believe in Jesus Christ without believing in the Devil”. Stuff like this keeps me up at night, and I guess our days investigating this place are over. At least, until we can convince ourselves that what happened wasn’t “real”. That will be very hard to do. Thank you for your comment!!!

    • parawife says:

      I will see what I can do about posting Marsha’s audio–we still have to figure out her software–so stay tuned!

  2. Wow! I have to admit I didn’t expect the pounding sounds to be so loud. As I read your post I was thinking that it sounds like you were playing it up a bit. Like someone who had some type of activity and was scared or excited over it.

    Then when I heard it I got creeped out. I think I would have actually been scared there. I must say that I have NEVER felt even a tiny bit scared at any of the places I have investigated before or even when I had any personal activity going on at my house.

    This…this was different. It gave me a very creeped out feeling. I’m sure I would have been with you and wanted to leave too.

    I would LOVE to hear the EVP myself to see what I heard. Please post it or email it to me if you would. I’m very interested in this.

    Thanks so much

  3. grendl says:

    That banging can get crazy. I posted a video clip on touyoob once and people complained that I had added sound effects. I hadn’t added anything.

    But this is another magnitude of violence.

    Have you considered a hobby or field of study involving volatile chemicals or explosives? At least you could protect yourself with gloves and goggles.

    • parawife says:

      Ah, there is no protection from pissed off spirits. Upsettingly enough, I actually want to go back to see if this happens again. Curiousity can kill the kat, I suppose, but it could also lead to more definitive answers.

  4. Sarah says:

    I have really been grappling with these same queries of late. Not that I haven’t been for years now. However, being a physicist as well as an investigator, my focus of research tends to shift away from questions of a more…I don’t know – “spiritual” vein? Its all inseparable in the end though, isn’t it?

    For whatever reasons, most conversations these past couple of months with colleagues have led to the topic of demons, possession, and of “dark, conscious Things.” It was brought full circle very recently when I may have witnessed Something influence/take over/possess an individual in a violent and terrifying manner.

    I have been asking myself should I return to the place this happened? My longing to know will always win out.

    The audio you have shared here is quite surprising in it’s volume and intensity.

    • parawife says:

      Sarah, thank you for writing. I’m thrilled to hear from someone working in the sciences who is also an investigator. Your perspective is sorely needed in this field of inquiry, where we all tend to mix a pseudo-scientific method with more intuitive and “spiritual” approaches (for lack of a better word). What we end up with is often incomprehensible or confusing. We so badly need to throw some light on this topic of demons/dark energies/possessions and so forth. What, exactly, is happening? Perhaps the answer lies in more research, and a better understanding of the history of “dark, conscious Things.”

  5. Sarah says:

    Thank you for the response. Applying science and following steps of scientific methods, (observation of phenomena of interest, formulation of hypothesis etc.), which, of course, I do, I strongly feel will eventually shed light on these subjects slowly and surely. This, coupled with new and continuing experiments in various fields.

    I may, or not, have an advantage with my background being more able to suss out xenonormal phenomena – but more often than not I come away feeling like I have hit a wall, or I am piecing together a puzzle with half the pieces missing. I’d probably upset colleagues in the scientific community by saying we must be so careful to not discard the most important “tool” of all – ourselves. It is paramount that we use and cultivate this inherent capability of “intuition” or “occult knowledge.”

    In pondering your statement that perhaps the answer lies in research and a better understanding of …of what? Evil? Energies? Dark, conscious…Things? Where to begin and how to separate the informational wheat from the chaff?

    Your thoughts and questions have only intensified my longing to know, to concretely seek answers. In the past week I have returned twice to the location of the possible “possession” incident. I have also paid a visit to the location you refer to here. I don’t have any more answers than when I last posted, but am tenacious in my seeking them.

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