One of the questions that people ask me the most is this: Are you a sensitive? Or: Are you psychic?

You all know me pretty well if you’ve been reading this blog. You probably already know how I’m going to answer this question. I usually like to look at the question itself, examine its underlying assumptions, and figure out what the person actually means when asking such a question.


“A sensitive” assumes that there exists a category of people who pick up spirit activity and receive impressions (via visions, emotions, and auditory channels or occasionally via smell or touch). There are people who do this very well; Erin receives ‘pictures’ in her mind that provide her with clues and symbols about who is communicating and/or why. Jennifer has often said that she ‘feels’ people and is guided by her emotions. Marsha tends to base her impressions on both emotions and images, combined with data gathered from audio and devices designed to measure changes in the environment. I began this journey relying only on audio, photo evidence and whatever our devices were pointing to; however, I changed over time. Now, it seems that all manner of impressions come pouring in, mixed and confusing, but mostly affecting my emotions in ways I still do not understand.


We are ALL sensitive, but not all of us in the general public are good at it. Most people ignore or downplay their impressions, thinking that others will judge them as ‘crazy’ or weird if they describe something that they couldn’t know via ‘normal’ means. The Paranormal Housewives have become very adept at picking up activity from the conscious and unconscious entities that have passed into another state of being. We have different strengths, but when we walk into a house now, it takes only a few minutes for the pictures, the sensations and the emotions to come flooding into our conscious minds.


When outsiders criticize paranormal investigators, it’s because they’ve lumped us in with cheating mediums, storefront psychics, crystal-gazers, and all manner of New Age weirdness. The negative reactions have followed me at work and in other areas of my life, but those reactions are based on faulty logic and negative associations. So, I thought I might take a moment to explain what paranormal investigators do, why we do it, and our understanding of what we’ve found.


  • We don’t assume that every time a device registers a change in the environment, we’ve ‘found a ghost’. Alterations in temperature and the electromagnetic field are noted as possible indicators that something anomalous is happening in the environment. We will later check to see if those changes correspond to personal experiences, odd voices on the audio or anomalies in photographs or video.
  • We take our impressions seriously, all of them, whether they are emotional, visual or auditory in nature. We write these impressions down to see if they can be corroborated later or if they correspond to changes in the environment that we recorded before, or if they back up voices caught on audio.
  • We don’t declare a site “haunted”, but rather “active.”
  • We don’t pretend to know with certainty who might be creating the energies, impressions, or data. We can make educated guesses, but we will not certify the identity of an energy—or consciousness–that is usually only capable of limited communication.
  • We combine all techniques and don’t define ourselves as “scientists” or “psychics”. What we do is more of an art than a science. Our work requires creativity as well as careful analysis of data. We don’t pigeonhole ourselves as specialists in only one area of paranormal investigation.
  • We’re not terribly fond of tons of gadgets, preferring to focus our attention—in an almost meditative way—on the spiritual manifestations of the site. However, we are open to any gadgets that might assist us in understanding the nature of the activity.
  • We don’t investigate sites with intense negative energy. We don’t perform exorcisms, explore anything demonic or open ourselves up to anything that seeks to harm others. If we encounter something evil or harmful, we protect ourselves and our families from exposure to it and find a team that specializes in that area of paranormal investigation.
  • We always seek the light of understanding in all that we do. If we are able to help a distressed spirit, we will do all in our power to do so. If there is lingering trauma in the environment, we pray or find other ways of clearing the negativity, sadness, or fear that remains there.
  • We can’t always help. We don’t pretend to be able to send anyone to the Light who does not wish to go there. We don’t have the power to send someone away. People possess free will, both here and in the afterlife. An individual’s decision—either a person in the flesh or in the spirit—is more binding than anything we can do as a team.

We don’t profit from investigations. If someone needs help, we will find a way to help that person. That will always be free.

However, if you want to feed us dinner or make us cookies, that would be just fine.

Jennifer Storey

One last thought: you, reading this, are ‘sensitive’, too. Have you ever felt the hairs rise on the back of your neck when you enter a certain building or home? Have you ever known that you were in danger before you were actually in danger? Have you ever been thinking of someone only to have that person immediately call you? Have you ever sensed that something was wrong in the environment and you decided to move away? Have you heard of police officers who develop a sixth sense or “gut instinct” regarding a case? You can call it intuition, sensitivity, instinct or sixth sense, but it is all the same thing. We can pick up information that goes far beyond what the material world provides us. We can either honor that knowledge and information and use it to protect, help, guide or learn, or we can ignore it and make our worlds smaller and much less interesting.

Whatever it is you do to find the Light is alright. If you need us, you know how to find us.

With love and respect,

Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

possibly paranormal marsha at jail

The Spirits at the Estate Sales

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estate sale 4

My husband and I are rather obsessed with estate sales. They offer bits and pieces of one’s personal history that we interact with at a very material level. For me, there is that desire to know someone through their personal belongings and the ambiance of their house. It’s a bit voyeuristic, to be sure; but I also feel that it gives me the opportunity to know someone who is no longer physically present in his or her home. These glimpses into someone’s life broaden my understanding of who we are and what defines us; for some, their possessions and decor create a personality. For others, the stuff that accumulates in their house has little to do with their identity. As a paranormal investigator, these estate sales provide me with a wealth of information on life after death, or simply on life: what it was, what it is now, what it might be in the future.

Estate Sale 3

A week or so ago, Ty and I saw the sign at the same time: Estate Sale on Ruston!!! I almost killed us getting there, because we didn’t want to miss that treasure, that unknown item that was waiting for us under a pile of old Playboys. Ty was out of the car before it stopped moving, and I jogged to the front door. That’s when my intuition and “sixth sense” went into overdrive. The emotions in the house—not of the living, this was a professional estate sale run by people unrelated to the former occupants—were very heavy, a mixture of sad, shocked and angry. As usual, I attempted to brush this off as a typical reaction to an estate sale. The feelings intensified as I walked upstairs.

I didn’t like how I felt. I started to creep around like an uninvited guest. When I arrived at a small bedroom, I found Ty looking through the male decedent’s clothing. I had a weird moment of dissociation and time slip, and then felt the full blast of emotion that investigators experience on active investigations. The male in the room (the invisible one, not Ty) did NOT want us rummaging through his clothing. He was angry about the whole situation, but he especially did not want us touching his personal things. I felt that he was particularly upset with me, didn’t like women much, and had much more sympathy for and interest in Ty. He had something downstairs that Ty would like, but he didn’t give a crap about what I might like.

I told Ty about all of this. The other odd area was the little bar downstairs. I made a note of that, as well. We left that bedroom, headed into the garage, and Ty found some treasure that he hadn’t seen before. He purchased various and sundry office items, and we left. The encounter upstairs left me exhausted and drained, but we soldiered on to the next estate sale.

estate sale 2

As soon as we walked in to the next house, it was obvious that this was a warm and happy place. Everything seemed to glow with a soft, white light. In spite of the fact that this was an estate sale, I was sure that the lady of the house was still alive. Turned out, she was; she had moved to assisted living. Her son had passed away before her, and her husband; yet, she remained in the house as a loving and happy presence. I sat down on the master bed and started to talk to the estate lady about my previous experience. A lady and her daughter listened in. The conversation went like this:

Me: “I just went to an estate sale that really creeped me out.”
Lady with daughter: “Do you mean the one on Ruston?”
Me: “Yes, that’s the one!”
Lady: “Oh my God, I hated that place. The upstairs bedroom had such bad energy! And the bar area was really bad!”

This declaration sparked a long conversation with the estate seller, her daughter, and the lady with the kid. Turns out, we had ALL experienced the same thing at the same house; this led to a fascinating story about the estate lady’s experience at a sale in Camarillo, where she watched boxes move around of their own accord, and was physically attacked by the spirit of the bipolar and violently angry lady that had died there. She left the place with a black eye and no profits. No one wanted to spend any time in the house, so she sold nothing.

I talked all about the Paranormal Housewives and what we do, and this led to a small crowd of people all sharing their stories about living in haunted houses and seeing ghosts. The daughter of the estate lady said that she had recently lost her father, and at that moment their song—the one he dedicated to her–came on the radio. She felt him in the room, and so did I. She wanted to know if I could contact him for her, and the lady with the daughter wanted something similar; I explained that the PHW don’t really do that, because I believe that each individual can do that for themselves. But that’s another topic for another post . . .

What was supposed to be just another Saturday shopping for treasures from the past turned into an intense and profound discussion on the afterlife, spirits, energies in homes, and the love of a father for his daughter from beyond this world.
This is why I investigate the “Other Side”—it is right next to the world of things, but teaches us that the real hidden treasures are not in a box that someone left behind, but in the hearts of the people that they loved, and will love forever.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

Estate Sale 1

SCARE FEST 2014!!!!!

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photo (20)

I walked into Scare Fest last Saturday (August 8th, 2014) at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles and lost my mind. I was so excited, that I literally started shaking, like a two-year-old that had consumed far too much sugar and hadn’t taken my nap.

photo (13)

photo (16)

Scare Fest showcases vendors selling everything from Steam Punk jewelry to movie-quality props and masks, bakeries that sell zombie cakes, production companies specializing in horror movies, comics, odd antiques, Gothic art, sculptures, vintage Halloween items, creepy clothing, and pretty much anything else dark or scary that you can imagine. All of this is punctuated by scary monsters, vampires and walking corpses who attack you from behind while you shop, making for a very ‘interactive’ experience.

photo (17)

photo (24)

photo (27)

photo (29)

photo (28)

In addition to all of this merriment, there is an entire floor dedicated to seminars, talks and theater performances by Zombie Joe’s Urban Death troupe. This is theater in the “Grand Guinol” style, and it deserves another post. It was highly disturbing. Yes . . . highly disturbing.

photo (32)

Yes, my husband loves me a lot. He stayed all day, even though he wasn’t feeling terribly well. We are planning our tenth wedding anniversary (we were married on Halloween, of course) and this was the perfect venue. Why do I love Halloween so much? I suppose because there is a spirit of unbridled creativity with no rules, boundaries or limits. You can be whatever you wish to be, and you can explore the dark side of your nature. In the process, there is a kind of purification of your fears. It’s liberating and exciting. Christmas forces us all into happy land, and we don’t always feel that we belong there.

But we ALL belong to Halloween; you can indulge every human emotion and nobody looks askance.

Make sure to go next year, everyone! ALL the Paranormal Housewives will be there in 2015, probably with our very own booth!!

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

Jennifer Storey

Kimberly Demmary

CampingSantaBarbara2014 239

CampingSantaBarbara2014 246

We (Jennifer Storey, Kirsten Thorne and Kimberly Demmary) have visited King Camp Gillette before, usually invited by our very generous and dear friend Rob Wlodarski. What I find interesting about this site is the element of the unexpected. Mr. Gillette’s main office is almost always active, setting off various devices and allowing us to collect some wonderful EVP; however, on this last visit, it was–pardon the pun–dead quiet. I’m pleased when this happens, because it means that our expectations and desires are not controlling or even influencing the outcome of the investigation. When what we want to happen is contradicted by what actually happens, it validates the notion that paranormal phenomena are independent of us, even if at times there is interaction.

Mr. Gillette’s bedroom is an unusual area with mixed feelings. Since he passed away there, one would expect lingering activity or impressions, and that is indeed what we sense–however, on this particular occasion, it appeared that we had picked up on family secrets, as suggested by various ‘ghost hunting’ applications that were all pointing in the same direction. I don’t take these applications terribly seriously unless they are consistent in their message or general theme; this time, they were indicating that dark events played themselves out in that room. I don’t wish to be more specific, since we did not receive any corroborating EVP or psychic impressions.

And then . . . there’s the basement. The basement contains strange rooms used for storage, heating and cooling equipment, rooms with cement floors and giant drains, and entrances/exits that seem to lead nowhere. The effect is disorienting and disquieting for me. The very long, very dark hallway intensifies the sensation that someone is following you or just ahead of you. This is usually the area where we collect the most data. We were hearing whispers, footsteps and odd noises which we assumed must be coming from other investigators. I searched the basement and the upstairs rooms, and nobody was above us. The other teams were outside when we captured the following audio:

In the above clip (Jennifer’s), ‘someone’ is joining our conversation. At four seconds and at fourteen seconds, a whispered voice is chiming in as we discuss our interest in another site. Notice that I pick up on this voice a few seconds after we capture it on audio.

Kimberly caught this audio. This is a male voice in an area where there were no men at all. Remember, I had already ‘cleared’ the area when Kimberly caught this. It’s difficult to make out what he is saying, and of course, why he is saying it.

Also during this time, we are hearing walking up and down the hallway. This was an active area, it appears, in the past; I don’t know who would have been using the area besides kitchen or cleaning staff. We are probably picking up on the typical sounds of a busy day back when the Ranch was home to many parties and events. In that case, we are most likely hearing a ‘stone tape’ replay of the past.

As always, these investigations into the life an old building remind me that everything we do, everything we think, everything we are, remains in the world we leave behind. It also makes me think that perhaps we never leave anything behind, we simply move to the dimension next door, where perhaps we have no idea why three women are asking probing questions in the dark with strange, little devices.

Thank you to Rob and Jerry for allowing such experiences to occur, and for supporting the PHW–and so many other teams–in our quest to unravel life’s biggest mysteries.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PHW/PhD

Suicide Bridge Marsha May 2014

Photo credits: Jennifer Storey for Colorado Bridge, Erin Hayes-Potter for JAWS

The PHW planned a couple of events this last May: an investigation with Gerald Reynolds at the Colorado Street Bridge (known colloquially as the ‘suicide bridge’ in Pasadena) and a screening of “JAWS” at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The investigation at the Colorado Street Bridge was fascinating. Gerald used a promising application for paranormal investigations, the “Echovox”, which I have subsequently downloaded. It seems to imitate the function of the classic “ghost box” or “Frank’s Box” with the very clipped, quick fragments of words (or phonemes, for those of you into linguistics, like yours truly) picked up from across the AM radio frequency spectrum.

We had some information on a death that occurred at the bridge, someone that Jennifer knows. The story is too sensitive to discuss in public, as there is a private investigation ongoing. Suffice to say that we heard relevant information from the Echovox quite clearly, and it was compelling evidence that someone was attempting to tell a story or correct a story. I have a great deal of audio to review from that site!

It is interesting to note that of the four investigators that night (Kirsten, Jennifer, Marsha and Gerald), three of us suffered some degree of uncharacteristic anxiety over the next several days. The intense emotions imprinted upon the surroundings and the possible need to communicate with the living regarding the circumstances of one’s death affected almost all of us. One of us felt as if someone had followed her home, impressing her mind with images of people jumping or falling off the bridge.

Suicide Bridge Jen and Kirsten May 2014

This has become something of an occupational hazard for the PHW. We regularly visit sites that leave us feeling drained, anxious or dealing with emotions/thoughts that do not always seem to belong to us (if you’re interested in this topic, I wrote a post on this pseudo-channeling issue on This is quite serious business, so please don’t be offended by our “fun” photos–we try to keep the mood light in between EVP sessions so that we don’t have to deal with depression later; this is one way we protect ourselves from the energy of these traumatized areas. We certainly mean no disrespect!

Suicide Bridge Marsha 2 May 2014

Jennifer arranged a ‘just for fun’ outing with Marsha and Erin (I was sick) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where they were treated to “Jaws” and lots of merriment.

Jaws PHW May 2014

JAWS movie PHW May 2014

Here’s a super pretty picture of Jennifer, just because!

Jen New Photo

Yours truly in the paranormal and the normal and the abnormal,
–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

Angels In Our Midst

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Editor’s Note: The Paranormal Housewives were asked to audition for a show about angels. As part of the process, we were each asked to write something about our experiences with angels or angelic encounters. Marsha wrote this beautiful and very moving piece in response to the request. She wanted to share it with everyone who follows us, and I am honored to reproduce it here. –Kirsten

MARSHA for blog post

Hello there; my name is Marsha Covert and I am a co-founder of the Paranormal Housewives.

I feel so honored to be a part of this project, so thank you in advance for taking the time to hear my story. I have always been a believer in angels and spirits. I have a pretty religious background. I was raised Mormon and baptized by my grandfather.I’d like to add that I’ve always felt a spiritual connection with my late grandfather. He was the only man living–or deceased, for that matter–that has ever made me feel safe. This may sound crazy to some people, but I continue to have a relationship with my grandfather even though he’s been dead for 15 years. I believe that my grandpa is my guardian angel.

I’d like to share a story with you. It’s the story of my daughter Samantha Rose. I don’t mind sharing this story with you, because in doing so her memory continues to live on. Samantha Rose was my daughter; I fought so hard for her. When I was pregnant with Samantha, she was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome. I was 5 months pregnant when she was diagnosed, and it was devastating. The doctors told me there wasn’t much that they could do to help her. She had swollen limbs and fluid around her heart. The doctors told me I could have an abortion, but there was no way I could do that. You see, I already loved her. I had already connected with her. She was my baby. And she was sick.

I made up my mind to do everything in my power to help her live. The pregnancy was very difficult. Samantha didn’t move too much in utero. I asked the doctors if my baby was in any pain, and they told me they couldn’t know for sure… that was the most difficult part: Not being able to comfort her. When I was 8 months pregnant, I was lying in bed and I started to feel erratic kicking and convulsing coming from my stomach. I called my doctor and she asked me to go immediately to the hospital; that was a very long ride. When I got there, they performed an ultrasound and that’s when I got the horrible news: my daughter was dead. They could not find a heartbeat.

I felt my heart fall through my chest. It was surreal. It was the most devastating moment of my entire life. I had prayed to God to please keep her safe. I had prayed to God to please let her be born healthy. I had begged for a miracle, and now she’s dead? So, in that moment when the doctors told me they couldn’t find Samantha’s heartbeat, I put my hands over my face. I closed my eyes and felt the world fall away.

When I opened my eyes, my grandfather was standing in the middle of my hospital room holding my daughter in a pink blanket. He didn’t say anything to me. He just looked at me and gave me his crooked smile. And I knew, I just knew, that he was there to greet my daughter on the other side. The entire experience lasted for about 20 seconds. The most miraculous thing happened: instead of feeling completely hysterical and full of sorrow, I was given the miraculous gift of comfort, knowing that my baby was safe with my grandpa in heaven. My grandfather’s appearance gave me the strength to get through the rest of that day; and when Samantha was silently born into this world, I had the strength to hold her, to dress her.

Holding a baby in your arms that doesn’t move is gut wrenching. The doctors were very respectful, and I think they were mildly surprised at how calm I was during and after the delivery process. That was all thanks to my grandpa. My angel.

I hope that by hearing my story you too can believe in angels. They say that everything in life happens for a reason. In the Mormon religion, we were taught that the whole purpose of life here on Earth is to make choices. God sent us here to make choices. Some of us make good choices, some people make bad choices. Based on those decisions we make it to heaven or not. I was taught that God’s most beloved spirits on Earth are often born with physical or emotional handicaps, rendering them unable to make bad choices and run the risk of not making it back to heaven. Maybe Samantha was just really special….

I hope that by hearing my story, you will think of Samantha. Part of the reason I feel so compelled to learn the truth about those who have passed from this world is because I am able to learn about who they were. I get to honor their memory.

–Marsha Covert-Garcia


I start this post with an audio clip that demonstrates just how responsive this Orange County haunted house truly is. The three knocks make it clear that this is an intelligent entity or entities.

But first, a little history on the Howe-Waffle house:

“Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle was one of Orange County’s first woman doctors, delivering over 1000 babies during her 38 years of practice. She was known for her kindness and devotion to her patients.

She and her husband, Dr. Alvin Howe came to Orange County in 1878, settling in the Westminster area . She taught at the old Bolsa School in Santa Ana to earn enough to complete her medical education. When she was ready to do so, she took her baby daughter with her to Hahnemann Medical College in Chicago. She graduated in 1886, returned to Santa Ana and began her practice that same year.” (from

Here are, in order, Marsha’s, Erin’s, and Kirsten’s impressions of that night’s investigation:


I had a great time investigating the Waffle House. As soon as I walked inside the front door I was immediately aware of the warm, welcoming energy. The house is beautiful and has been so well preserved over the years; it was a real honor to be able to investigate there.

I would have to say the attic was the most active for me. I can remember feeling as though someone were right there with us wanting to communicate. As a matter of fact, the best EVP clips we recorded were in the attic. It seemed like the activity heightened when we spoke of a little boy. We asked if there were any children present, and we got a tap in response. I almost got the feeling he was playing with us! But I have to ask myself… would God really let a child linger in an empty attic for all eternity? If I’m honest with myself, I don’t think God would allow that. So how or why does this energy remain? Are we beckoning them from the other side when we ask for a spirit to communicate with us? Is it possible the little boy passed away there and that a piece of him will always just BE there?

There are theories that suggest when we pass away we split into two. Our soul goes to heaven and our spirits stay here. I have to say that rings very true to me. I can’t prove that this is what happens, but it makes sense. I’m looking forward to investigating the Waffle House again. I think it’s going to take more than just one session to really figure what is going on there.

Parawife Marsha


The Dr. Howe-Waffle house was a very interesting place to investigate. The
house is fantastically restored. As soon as I walked in, I wanted to live there! I
felt several spirits immediately upon entering. It was like there was a
hustle and bustle in there! Our first stop was the attic. In the attic, I was
very aware of two spirits: A man and a boy. They were associated with each other but not
closely related. I was amazed by the amount of physical I experienced. I
was touched on the feet and ankles, my butt, and I was pushed…not
forcefully, but gently over a longer period of time. I caught several EVP on audio
while up in the attic.

Next, we went to the maids’ room. Although we were only in this room for a
short while, I felt a lot of spiritual energy right at the beginning…then
(of course) it moved out of the room we were in. I heard several things out
in the hall and caught a voice that sounded like it came from the hallway as

We went into the bathroom next, because as we were walking out of the maids’
room, I heard something in the bathroom. We were only in there for a few
moments because again….the energy shifted out of the room. It was like we
were chasing it.

Dr. Waffle’s bedroom and the main hallway was next. We spread out and
set up our equipment. Unfortunately, I caught nothing on audio
even though I was anticipating this area to be very active…and it was for
other people….just not on audio. There were several people that had
personal experiences in this area, but I was not one of them. This was the
least active area for me.

The last area was downstairs in the dining room. This was very active with
audible voices, sounds, thumps, dishes and footsteps. I smelled different
smells and felt moods shift. The man that was in this portion of the house
definitely did not want us there, but we weren’t going to back down. We came
for some answers!

I cannot wait to go back to this wonderful house. It’s very active and I
know that whenever we go back we will catch something else!

Parawife Erin


What I found most interesting about the Howe-Waffle house concerned the shift in mood in the main parlor. I experienced odd noises and impressions in the attic, but nothing I haven’t encountered in other haunted houses. The dining room/parlor was en entirely different reality for me.

We all noticed that the energy in the room was male, and we also felt–about the same time the temperature dropped dramatically–that this male presence was not happy about a loud group of women expressing themselves freely and dressed in a scandalous manner. This was rather amusing, and we were teasing him about it, when suddenly it became serious.

I started to feel very, very sick. I was dizzy, nauseous, faint and having some trouble catching my breath. This occasionally happens on investigations when a spirit is angry or upset, but this was an unusually strong reaction on my part. Right around the time that we were asking Mr. Howe why he left his wife in Santa Ana, in addition to bringing up the sensitive abortion issue, we started noticing dark shadows, cold spots and noises from the parlor and kitchen. On one of our audio clips, you can hear a male voice say a very nasty word in response to our prodding.

There were several EVP clips from that area. We caught a woman’s voice, isolated words, breaths, and one odd sound we can’t identify at all. This was quite an experience for me, since during the time we were recording the EVP, I was physically experiencing the emotions that those voices were conveying to us all. I find it amazing, shocking almost, to what extent all of us were on the same page concerning the spirit activity in the house. To have that activity and those impressions validated on the audio clips proves that what is happening at the Willella Howe-Waffle house is very real, and can be very disturbing.

—-Parawife Kirsten


Not to overwhelm our readers, but there were quite a few EVP in most areas of the house. I will post them a few at a time in separate posts in the hope that we will hear more feedback that way.

Here is the infamous “dirty word” clip that I mentioned earlier. It’s quite clear, but if you aren’t sure what this angry man is saying, I’m happy to tell you what all of the Para Wives heard!

The “surprise” is clear in this clip:

Here the woman’s voice is clear:

In this clip, we were noticing the odd smell of vomit. During this session, I catch an extremely odd noise. Do any of you know what this could be?

Here is talking all around Erin:

OK, my dear Readers, there will be more audio clips to follow. I hope you have some comments and/or questions for us.

Is the Howe-Waffle house haunted? Hmmmm . . . let me see . . . that would be a definite YES!

–Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D./PHW