Suicide Bridge Marsha May 2014

Photo credits: Jennifer Storey for Colorado Bridge, Erin Hayes-Potter for JAWS

The PHW planned a couple of events this last May: an investigation with Gerald Reynolds at the Colorado Street Bridge (known colloquially as the ‘suicide bridge’ in Pasadena) and a screening of “JAWS” at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The investigation at the Colorado Street Bridge was fascinating. Gerald used a promising application for paranormal investigations, the “Echovox”, which I have subsequently downloaded. It seems to imitate the function of the classic “ghost box” or “Frank’s Box” with the very clipped, quick fragments of words (or phonemes, for those of you into linguistics, like yours truly) picked up from across the AM radio frequency spectrum.

We had some information on a death that occurred at the bridge, someone that Jennifer knows. The story is too sensitive to discuss in public, as there is a private investigation ongoing. Suffice to say that we heard relevant information from the Echovox quite clearly, and it was compelling evidence that someone was attempting to tell a story or correct a story. I have a great deal of audio to review from that site!

It is interesting to note that of the four investigators that night (Kirsten, Jennifer, Marsha and Gerald), three of us suffered some degree of uncharacteristic anxiety over the next several days. The intense emotions imprinted upon the surroundings and the possible need to communicate with the living regarding the circumstances of one’s death affected almost all of us. One of us felt as if someone had followed her home, impressing her mind with images of people jumping or falling off the bridge.

Suicide Bridge Jen and Kirsten May 2014

This has become something of an occupational hazard for the PHW. We regularly visit sites that leave us feeling drained, anxious or dealing with emotions/thoughts that do not always seem to belong to us (if you’re interested in this topic, I wrote a post on this pseudo-channeling issue on This is quite serious business, so please don’t be offended by our “fun” photos–we try to keep the mood light in between EVP sessions so that we don’t have to deal with depression later; this is one way we protect ourselves from the energy of these traumatized areas. We certainly mean no disrespect!

Suicide Bridge Marsha 2 May 2014

Jennifer arranged a ‘just for fun’ outing with Marsha and Erin (I was sick) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where they were treated to “Jaws” and lots of merriment.

Jaws PHW May 2014

JAWS movie PHW May 2014

Here’s a super pretty picture of Jennifer, just because!

Jen New Photo

Yours truly in the paranormal and the normal and the abnormal,
–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

Angels In Our Midst

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Editor’s Note: The Paranormal Housewives were asked to audition for a show about angels. As part of the process, we were each asked to write something about our experiences with angels or angelic encounters. Marsha wrote this beautiful and very moving piece in response to the request. She wanted to share it with everyone who follows us, and I am honored to reproduce it here. –Kirsten

MARSHA for blog post

Hello there; my name is Marsha Covert and I am a co-founder of the Paranormal Housewives.

I feel so honored to be a part of this project, so thank you in advance for taking the time to hear my story. I have always been a believer in angels and spirits. I have a pretty religious background. I was raised Mormon and baptized by my grandfather.I’d like to add that I’ve always felt a spiritual connection with my late grandfather. He was the only man living–or deceased, for that matter–that has ever made me feel safe. This may sound crazy to some people, but I continue to have a relationship with my grandfather even though he’s been dead for 15 years. I believe that my grandpa is my guardian angel.

I’d like to share a story with you. It’s the story of my daughter Samantha Rose. I don’t mind sharing this story with you, because in doing so her memory continues to live on. Samantha Rose was my daughter; I fought so hard for her. When I was pregnant with Samantha, she was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome. I was 5 months pregnant when she was diagnosed, and it was devastating. The doctors told me there wasn’t much that they could do to help her. She had swollen limbs and fluid around her heart. The doctors told me I could have an abortion, but there was no way I could do that. You see, I already loved her. I had already connected with her. She was my baby. And she was sick.

I made up my mind to do everything in my power to help her live. The pregnancy was very difficult. Samantha didn’t move too much in utero. I asked the doctors if my baby was in any pain, and they told me they couldn’t know for sure… that was the most difficult part: Not being able to comfort her. When I was 8 months pregnant, I was lying in bed and I started to feel erratic kicking and convulsing coming from my stomach. I called my doctor and she asked me to go immediately to the hospital; that was a very long ride. When I got there, they performed an ultrasound and that’s when I got the horrible news: my daughter was dead. They could not find a heartbeat.

I felt my heart fall through my chest. It was surreal. It was the most devastating moment of my entire life. I had prayed to God to please keep her safe. I had prayed to God to please let her be born healthy. I had begged for a miracle, and now she’s dead? So, in that moment when the doctors told me they couldn’t find Samantha’s heartbeat, I put my hands over my face. I closed my eyes and felt the world fall away.

When I opened my eyes, my grandfather was standing in the middle of my hospital room holding my daughter in a pink blanket. He didn’t say anything to me. He just looked at me and gave me his crooked smile. And I knew, I just knew, that he was there to greet my daughter on the other side. The entire experience lasted for about 20 seconds. The most miraculous thing happened: instead of feeling completely hysterical and full of sorrow, I was given the miraculous gift of comfort, knowing that my baby was safe with my grandpa in heaven. My grandfather’s appearance gave me the strength to get through the rest of that day; and when Samantha was silently born into this world, I had the strength to hold her, to dress her.

Holding a baby in your arms that doesn’t move is gut wrenching. The doctors were very respectful, and I think they were mildly surprised at how calm I was during and after the delivery process. That was all thanks to my grandpa. My angel.

I hope that by hearing my story you too can believe in angels. They say that everything in life happens for a reason. In the Mormon religion, we were taught that the whole purpose of life here on Earth is to make choices. God sent us here to make choices. Some of us make good choices, some people make bad choices. Based on those decisions we make it to heaven or not. I was taught that God’s most beloved spirits on Earth are often born with physical or emotional handicaps, rendering them unable to make bad choices and run the risk of not making it back to heaven. Maybe Samantha was just really special….

I hope that by hearing my story, you will think of Samantha. Part of the reason I feel so compelled to learn the truth about those who have passed from this world is because I am able to learn about who they were. I get to honor their memory.

–Marsha Covert-Garcia


I start this post with an audio clip that demonstrates just how responsive this Orange County haunted house truly is. The three knocks make it clear that this is an intelligent entity or entities.

But first, a little history on the Howe-Waffle house:

“Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle was one of Orange County’s first woman doctors, delivering over 1000 babies during her 38 years of practice. She was known for her kindness and devotion to her patients.

She and her husband, Dr. Alvin Howe came to Orange County in 1878, settling in the Westminster area . She taught at the old Bolsa School in Santa Ana to earn enough to complete her medical education. When she was ready to do so, she took her baby daughter with her to Hahnemann Medical College in Chicago. She graduated in 1886, returned to Santa Ana and began her practice that same year.” (from

Here are, in order, Marsha’s, Erin’s, and Kirsten’s impressions of that night’s investigation:


I had a great time investigating the Waffle House. As soon as I walked inside the front door I was immediately aware of the warm, welcoming energy. The house is beautiful and has been so well preserved over the years; it was a real honor to be able to investigate there.

I would have to say the attic was the most active for me. I can remember feeling as though someone were right there with us wanting to communicate. As a matter of fact, the best EVP clips we recorded were in the attic. It seemed like the activity heightened when we spoke of a little boy. We asked if there were any children present, and we got a tap in response. I almost got the feeling he was playing with us! But I have to ask myself… would God really let a child linger in an empty attic for all eternity? If I’m honest with myself, I don’t think God would allow that. So how or why does this energy remain? Are we beckoning them from the other side when we ask for a spirit to communicate with us? Is it possible the little boy passed away there and that a piece of him will always just BE there?

There are theories that suggest when we pass away we split into two. Our soul goes to heaven and our spirits stay here. I have to say that rings very true to me. I can’t prove that this is what happens, but it makes sense. I’m looking forward to investigating the Waffle House again. I think it’s going to take more than just one session to really figure what is going on there.

Parawife Marsha


The Dr. Howe-Waffle house was a very interesting place to investigate. The
house is fantastically restored. As soon as I walked in, I wanted to live there! I
felt several spirits immediately upon entering. It was like there was a
hustle and bustle in there! Our first stop was the attic. In the attic, I was
very aware of two spirits: A man and a boy. They were associated with each other but not
closely related. I was amazed by the amount of physical I experienced. I
was touched on the feet and ankles, my butt, and I was pushed…not
forcefully, but gently over a longer period of time. I caught several EVP on audio
while up in the attic.

Next, we went to the maids’ room. Although we were only in this room for a
short while, I felt a lot of spiritual energy right at the beginning…then
(of course) it moved out of the room we were in. I heard several things out
in the hall and caught a voice that sounded like it came from the hallway as

We went into the bathroom next, because as we were walking out of the maids’
room, I heard something in the bathroom. We were only in there for a few
moments because again….the energy shifted out of the room. It was like we
were chasing it.

Dr. Waffle’s bedroom and the main hallway was next. We spread out and
set up our equipment. Unfortunately, I caught nothing on audio
even though I was anticipating this area to be very active…and it was for
other people….just not on audio. There were several people that had
personal experiences in this area, but I was not one of them. This was the
least active area for me.

The last area was downstairs in the dining room. This was very active with
audible voices, sounds, thumps, dishes and footsteps. I smelled different
smells and felt moods shift. The man that was in this portion of the house
definitely did not want us there, but we weren’t going to back down. We came
for some answers!

I cannot wait to go back to this wonderful house. It’s very active and I
know that whenever we go back we will catch something else!

Parawife Erin


What I found most interesting about the Howe-Waffle house concerned the shift in mood in the main parlor. I experienced odd noises and impressions in the attic, but nothing I haven’t encountered in other haunted houses. The dining room/parlor was en entirely different reality for me.

We all noticed that the energy in the room was male, and we also felt–about the same time the temperature dropped dramatically–that this male presence was not happy about a loud group of women expressing themselves freely and dressed in a scandalous manner. This was rather amusing, and we were teasing him about it, when suddenly it became serious.

I started to feel very, very sick. I was dizzy, nauseous, faint and having some trouble catching my breath. This occasionally happens on investigations when a spirit is angry or upset, but this was an unusually strong reaction on my part. Right around the time that we were asking Mr. Howe why he left his wife in Santa Ana, in addition to bringing up the sensitive abortion issue, we started noticing dark shadows, cold spots and noises from the parlor and kitchen. On one of our audio clips, you can hear a male voice say a very nasty word in response to our prodding.

There were several EVP clips from that area. We caught a woman’s voice, isolated words, breaths, and one odd sound we can’t identify at all. This was quite an experience for me, since during the time we were recording the EVP, I was physically experiencing the emotions that those voices were conveying to us all. I find it amazing, shocking almost, to what extent all of us were on the same page concerning the spirit activity in the house. To have that activity and those impressions validated on the audio clips proves that what is happening at the Willella Howe-Waffle house is very real, and can be very disturbing.

—-Parawife Kirsten


Not to overwhelm our readers, but there were quite a few EVP in most areas of the house. I will post them a few at a time in separate posts in the hope that we will hear more feedback that way.

Here is the infamous “dirty word” clip that I mentioned earlier. It’s quite clear, but if you aren’t sure what this angry man is saying, I’m happy to tell you what all of the Para Wives heard!

The “surprise” is clear in this clip:

Here the woman’s voice is clear:

In this clip, we were noticing the odd smell of vomit. During this session, I catch an extremely odd noise. Do any of you know what this could be?

Here is talking all around Erin:

OK, my dear Readers, there will be more audio clips to follow. I hope you have some comments and/or questions for us.

Is the Howe-Waffle house haunted? Hmmmm . . . let me see . . . that would be a definite YES!

–Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D./PHW





(See anything odd in this photo of Frank Hotchin?)

Earlier this month, we investigated the LAFD Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center, which is home to the LAFD Leadership Academy. This history of the center dates back to the 1940s, when it served as a training center for members of the military. It is notable for having a piece of the World Trade Center on the grounds from the terrorist attack of 9-11 and for several unconfirmed suicides that are rumored to have occurred there. It is located, in part, on the remains of an old graveyard. Hundreds of families were “relocated” in order for the city of Los Angeles to build more lucrative public housing; later, the remaining families were forced to leave at gunpoint so that Dodger Stadium could start construction. There was also a local cemetery that authorities had promised to move, along with the bodies buried there. Most historians agree that although the headstones were moved, most–if not all–of the bodies remained behind.

The various functions of the buildings are lost in the mists of history, rumor, speculation and innuendo. It is difficult to know what actually happened at this site. Some say that it used to house military personnel with known histories of mental disorders or criminal tendencies; others say that there is a hanging tree where several men tied ropes around their necks and jumped to their deaths. Many of the stories surrounding the site cannot be corroborated, but reflect a general unease with the buildings’ past. There are several reports of paranormal activity from the people who currently work there, ranging from feeling as if someone is watching them, to actually seeing someone wandering through the shower area when no one is present.

Marsha, Erin and Jennifer have written up their thoughts on the site, and without further ado, here they are. Let’s start with Jennifer’s account:


“What a wonderful place with so much history. Right when I walked in, I could tell it was my kind of place! We were ready for some major action and it seemed like it was going to start any minute. I couldn’t wait to start, when ALL of my equipment including my audio recorder, K2, camera and laser died on me. I then just decided to pull out my small notebook and write whatever impression that came to mind, even if it seemed dumb or crazy. Most of the impressions happened in the ‘pool’ room. I imagined this lady in a white dress (1940s style) with shoulder pads and random red triangles, angry and yelling at us. I got the feeling she felt guilty and angry at herself and felt like being stuck in this place was not enough punishment for her. After writing this down, I got an intense cold sensation on my legs and became teary eyed (my usual sign of nearby activity). I was drawn to the pool room as well as the shower/dressing area. A couple of the firemen and girls were touched, but I didn’t feel anything or hear anything in there except late-night LA Marathon joggers passing by! It was like the spirits had so much to say, but couldn’t find a way to communicate it or to show us. It’s hard to hear when there is so much outside noise!

We then started to make our way back into the main hanger-like warehouse. I casually looked to the right into a doorway, when suddenly I saw what looked to be a man in a white t-shirt walking by. It was so fast–I could only make out a quick visual impression of a t-shirt. After I yelped and ran after the figure, we went into the room where I had seen it enter. You could tell that this room was even heavier and more full of energy than the others. I feel like if we had stayed a bit longer, we would have experienced amazing things, but alas our time was already up. Hopefully next time I can bring my sleeping bag and stay for awhile! I can’t wait to go back!”

Erin’s account:


“This place was HUGE! We only had a short amount of time, so we were only able to explore a very small portion of the rooms where I had felt had activity. We first went into the very top room. I wrote my impressions down. Here is what I got: Male, heavyset, short, straight, dark hair, clean shaven, not married, had a heart attack but not in this building, and he likes to come and spend time in this room. I also an impression of ‘doors’, Which didn’t make sense at the time; but later on in the investigation, we heard several doors slamming but did not find the source for that sound. An interesting thing about this room is that when we asked for the spirits’ name, the Ovilus said “identity” and when we commented on the train sound, the Ovilus displayed “voyage”.

We then went to the pool area. This place felt creepy! We did have a bit of a challenge with the runners going past the building. They were very loud! I also wrote my impressions down for this room: A male, but female (so either a transgender or feminine male); fringe (like on a costume), cows, drinkin’, mid 20s, laughing and then a woman with poufy dark hair, white, long-sleeved button-down blouse, with big breasts, tucked into a longish tan or grey skirt, yelling at us to get out. I recorded twice in this room. The first time was about 10 minutes, and then I stopped to play back something we thought we heard. Then I started my recorder again. I stopped it when we left the room and started it again in the basement area. Both the second pool recording and the one from the basement area are gone. This is when I feel that we really started to get the most activity.
I heard a moan that my recorder did not pick up. I felt the temperature drop and things move behind me, even though I was sitting really close to the wall.

When we started to leave this room, Jen saw someone in a white t-shirt in the basement area. We–of course–ran in there and immediately started feeling something weird. We all heard a woman talking, but it sounded muffled [we caught this in the audio clips below]. I then started feeling like someone was walking around the room that was not one of us. We also all heard several doors slam (here is where the correlation from the first room’s impressions come in, and we also have this on audio below). I went out to investigate with Leif and Jen, but could not find the source of the noise. Soon after this, we had to leave.

This was a fantastic investigation, and I can’t wait to go back to get to the spots we weren’t able to investigate the first time around!”

Marsha’s impressions are interesting because they dovetailed with the images and emotions that were coming to me. She and I were both in the car, at the site, waiting for the other team members, involved in a discussion that we can’t fully reveal publicly (sometimes, you can’t openly discuss your impressions when they might lead to an investigation of a different nature):


“I will start this with a dream I had from 1995, a dream that I haven’t thought of in so many years, but still seems so fresh in my mind. I have been puzzling over why this dream stands out so clearly in my memory, and I think it’s because of the utter fear I had during the dream and the emotion I felt when I woke up. The fear itself is what woke me. The dream took place in a jail. It was a woman who was incarcerated, or about to be, and she was so scared. She wanted to escape because she knew she wasn’t safe. At the time of my dream, I didn’t know of what she was scared.

She had some sort of a relationship with an officer, and they planned an escape or a getaway. My dream starts out with a brown-haired woman waiting for the officer to pick her up. She gets in his car; he was driving a white pickup truck. He pulls over and opens the door for her, signaling for her to hide as far under the dashboard as she could. He told her to stay there because he doesn’t want anyone to see he has a second person in the car. She obeys and stays hidden. Some time passes, and she tries to sit up normally in the front seat, but he stops her, saying, “no, it’s not safe yet. Just stay hidden”. She obeys. Time passes and she wonders why it’s taking so long to pull over. She notices the man driving, and he seems different. She starts to get nervous. She asks him if she can come out now and he says no, but more forcibly than before. He seems distant and he won’t look at her. She knows something is wrong.

Finally, he pulls into a driveway and tells her to get out of the car, because he needs to make a quick stop. She steps out of the car and notices how beautiful the house is. The driveway has a long curve and there is a lot of vegetation in the front yard. The house has a huge window, spanning almost the entire length of the front. The man escorts her inside by holding onto her arm, (as an officer would, if he were escorting you to jail) and they go inside. It wasn’t until they were inside that the fear returned full force, and she knew something was wrong. There was plastic covering the entire floor, and there were 5 to 7 other officers standing there waiting for her. She knew they were going to kill her: Not just hurt her, but kill her. She knew she was going to die. So she turned to the man that brought her and said, “are you going to kill me?” and he said, “well no, not yet anyway.” That is when I woke up.

I can remember feeling so scared and so sad. It seemed so real; but you know, as time goes by, we forget things that don’t seem to make much sense to us at the time, and I didn’t think about that dream for over 20 years; until we were scheduled to investigate. The night before our investigation, I had the same dream again!!! But still, I didn’t really connect the dots. When Kirsten and I were driving to the location the night of our investigation, I mentioned this woman and my dream and how something weird was going on because I kept thinking of her all that day. It still wasn’t that big of a deal until we were investigating the ladder room, and I became overwhelmed with the impression that there was a female spirit there with us, and her name was Donna. She was desperate to communicate with us. I felt that she was so desperate, that she was confronting us and pulling her hair in frustration. So I asked if there was a woman there and if her name started with a ‘D’. I waited a moment and then asked if her name was Donna; that is when Kirsten had an emotional response because she “knew” her name was Donna, and she was receiving the same impressions that I was. I’m sure we have audio as evidence how convincing Kirsten was in these moments [yes, we do, but I'm yelling so loud that it makes listening to it rather difficult!]. Experiencing impressions is no proof of the paranormal, so like a good investigator, I began my research into Donna and tried to figure out how we could help her. That is, after all, my ultimate goal, to heal the universe one soul at a time. So, I researched the name ‘Donna’ and ‘jail’ and ‘police’. Bam! That was all it took and out pops a picture of a woman named Donna Gentile. Here is a link for more information on Donna. I will continue my research and update you all in a few days with more facts on this case.”




AUDIO CLIPS: Listen with headphones and the sound turned up!

Ty in Pine Cove

Erin wrote the following email after I asked her to help me figure out who broke into my cabin (see for the full story). When she wrote this to me, she had no idea what had happened and had no knowledge that I had written a post about the break in:

Hi Kirs!

OK so I have been thinking about what happened in the cabin and here are my impressions:

I think it was a couple. A man and a woman. They are in their mid to late 20′s. They are not related but I’m not sure if they are boyfriend/girlfriend. I think they have slept together though. I got more impressions on the woman and a few on the man.

The woman: She was not thin….but not fat. I guess she was kinda like me. It feels like she usually has enough food but I think she eats crappy….like a lot of taco bell. I don’t think she is homeless but I do think she “crashes” at people’s houses…so she doesn’t really have a home. I get a child with her….but not with her. Like she has a child but that child lives somewhere else. Somewhere safe. She has long dark wavy hair and I think she is Hispanic. I see darker skin but not black.

The man: He is thin and has greasy gross brown hair. He hasn’t showered in awhile but he doesn’t care about that. He has an agenda but I’m not sure what it is. If he was the only person that had broken into your house your house would be THRASHED!

I feel they broke in for 2 different reasons. They broke in to find items of value that they could sell or pawn for money (check the pawn shops both local and any within a 50 mile radius) and the other reason I can’t quite figure out. I get the drug feeling but you don’t have drugs in the house so I’m not sure what the drug connection is. Also the woman made sure that the place wasn’t ransacked. She has a conscience. She feels bad but her addiction to drugs I think overwhelms her feeling bad. I think the items in your house (Family pictures, religious icons etc) made her feel worse so she wanted to make sure that nothing was too screwed up. I also think there was a spirit (one from your Marmora house) there that maybe spooked them…or made them feel uneasy about being in the house. I don’t feel they stayed long.

That’s really all I get. I know it’s kind of general and confusing. I was hoping I could get more!!

Here is my post on the break in and burglary. I wrote this before I had read Erin’s email. Note the similarities:

Last night, I saw her. She was with a man wearing a hood, his face dark. They were in their thirties, or perhaps late twenties. Something was wrong with the lower half of her face; either she was missing teeth, or her jaw was caving in. Her lips were very thin, her nose slightly beaked at the tip. Her face was very pale. She wore a light-colored sweatshirt, not enough to keep her warm. She wasn’t thin, but was losing weight. She was slightly taller than me. I can’t see her eyes. I can’t see her hair. She is telling her partner, who doesn’t give a damn about our property and would happily take an ax to all of it, she is telling him to leave things alone, to not make a mess, to not touch things they don’t need. She sees the Virgin Mary on the wall; she feels bad, she feels watched. He doesn’t care; he doesn’t see anything or feel anything. Her job is to keep him in check.

He is the one responsible for kicking the door, for prying the locks, for tossing the rock through the window. She stands back, her hands in the pockets of her sweatshirt. He keeps his hood up. All I can see of his face is a broken nose, the face of a boxer. He is very, very dark. Something in him broke and died a long time ago. I’m afraid of him. She is taking things they need. I can’t see what they are taking, but I know that they have a definite and specific purpose. This isn’t random; this is part of a larger need, a project, a plan. Upstairs, she is frightened. She hears something, or she sees something, but whatever sends her away is powerful. I don’t know if he feels it, too, but they leave very quickly. It’s night. They used a flashlight to see into drawers and storage spaces. They didn’t find everything that they wanted; but they had to leave.

I see her face all night. She is addicted to methamphetamine. She lost teeth and has jaw problems from the effect of the drugs. When I wake up, the first thing I say to Ty is: I saw her. She’s an addict. So is he, but it’s more in control. She is losing all hope. They are cold and living somewhere with no heat. It’s winter; she’s desperate. He’s working on something. He needs . . .

The glass. The tempered glass in the door to the wood-burning stove. That’s it. I look up the shopping list for meth production. First item needed: Tempered glass. I’m thinking, thinking that something else was missing from the kitchen and the bathroom, and then it hits: cough syrup, gone; Sudafed, gone; all drugs in the bathroom cabinet, missing. In my altered state over the weekend, I noticed that there were gaps in the medicine cabinet and in the kitchen shelves, but I couldn’t place it. It hits me. The blender is gone. I look at the methamphetamine shopping list: tempered glass, blenders, Sudafed, aspirin, cough syrup . . . my hands feel light and shaky, my head is floating off my shoulders, the world is unreal.Kirsten in Pine Cove

I made a list of the commonalities between Erin’s vision of what happened and my lucid dream about the incident. Here they are:

1. Couple
2. Late 20s
3. Not related; boyfriend and girlfriend
4. More information on woman that man; man ‘blocked’, or hard to see/read
5. Woman not thin, not fat, carrying some weight in hips/thighs
6. Not homeless, but moves from place to place
7. Child connection, but weak; child not living with her
8. They have an ‘agenda’
9. He would have trashed the house if she hadn’t stopped him
10. They are looking for items to sell, pawn
11. Drug-related motives
12. Woman made sure the house was not ransacked or damaged
13. Woman has a conscience; feels guilty
14. Addiction issues
15. Religious icons and family pictures made her feel terrible about what they were doing
16. They were scared by something spiritual or paranormal; ghost from Marmora pushed them out, or spirit of family member(s)
17. They didn’t stay long

There were some differences. Erin’s physical description of the man and woman didn’t match mine. The similarities had to do with motive, life situation, feelings while in the house, and addiction issues. Even if some of these common threads can be attributed to guess work or coincidence, taken as a whole, the evidence that Erin and I were ‘seeing’ the same thing is overwhelming.

I do not yet know from the police whether or not we have hit the nail on the head. Whatever we have done is life changing for me; more proof that something very mysterious is happening within our group. We are not simply picking up spirit activity, we are able to visualize past events and coincide in our descriptions of a scene. This is amazing; if we can ‘see’ the past, then everything I thought I understood about how time, information and consciousness work has been turned upside down.

It’s one thing to read about people with these skills; it’s quite another to be in a group of women who actually possess these abilities.

–Kirsten A. Thorne, PhD/PHW

SILVER CITY!!! Thank you, Jay, for inviting us to host a fun-filled and spooky investigation at Bodfish’s famous Silver City Ghost Town.
This was an important trip for us, for many reasons. We bonded more completely as a team, shared some fascinating paranormal experiences (especially in Jen’s haunted building at the ghost town–the Marshall’s office, I believe) and ate very, very well. Here are some pictures from our adventures:


Mentryville: The Past Re-Imagined

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Marsha’s Report on the Mentryville Investigation with Rob Wlodarski and team
The house was so beautiful! Even though it was really hot outside, it was totally worth it!
When I first saw the Mentryville house, it was love at first sight. The house is so beautiful with its wrap-around front porch; it just felt so welcoming. As I stood on the front porch, Rob started telling us a story about the families that used to live there, and I was able to stand on the front porch of that stunning house and imagine what it would have looked like a hundred years ago with the children playing in the creek and maybe the women preparing lemonade on the front porch.

As soon as I walked into the house, I did my initial walkthrough and an EMF sweep in each room. I was unable to detect any EMF field anywhere in the house. I always find it’s important to do an initial EMF sweep before we begin our investigation; that way, we know which rooms have a natural EMF field. Knowing where the EMF fields are located before the investigation starts is helpful for two reasons: if we are conducting an EVP session in an area where we know that there is a pre-exisiting EMf field, then we are aware of the possible side effects that we may experience in that area. Also, if we are communicating with someone and we get an EMF read on one of our devices, it’s possible that it’s not paranormal due to the pre-existing EMF field. However, on the flip side, I think that any sort of energy source present at the time of an investigation at an active location can be useful in helping the spirits to manifest or communicate easier.

The most interesting paranormal experience that I had occurred in the upstairs master bedroom. We were all conducting an EVP session and had been sitting there for about an hour and a half with nothing happening for me… as most investigators know, we can spend hours sitting and waiting for just one, little thing to happen, so when Rob asked a question and I heard a female, disembodied voice respond to his question, I was thrilled! I wasn’t able to make out what she said, but soon after I heard her voice through the equipment on the floor. One by one, each motion detector started going off as if somebody were walking by us and right through the center of the room. I love having a personal experience backed up with scienific evidence. I honestly can’t wait to go back.

–Marsha Covert Garcia